Short scene, Enjoy! – Ben and Adam – You’re not listening.

The scene that follows stars my main characters Ben and Adam from the story I am writing for the MMRomance Loves Landscapes anthology.

I used a weekly prompt from the Gay Authors websites.

I used the first line prompt “Did you say the crocuses are blooming?” Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

Prompt 313 By Cazpedroso

“Did you say the crocuses were blooming?” Adam said as he looked up from his council work.

Ben was sitting in an easy chair in the corner of Adams home office feeding three month old Thomas. Adam turned his attention to his mate and as always he felt his desire stirring and it was only when he heard ben laughing that he snapped out of his reverie.

Ben placed Thomas in a travel play pen that was set up near his chair and sauntered over to Adam. He stepped behind him and started to massage the stiff muscles of Adams shoulders.

“Actually I said the crocuses are blooming and the rest of what I said was that they are blooming in the park and it would be nice to take Thomas out tonight and get some time as a family.”

Adam had melted into his mates touch and his work was quickly being forgotten. He thought about how hard he had been working recently, he had been trying to catch up on the work he missed when Ben was pregnant. Although being a vampire he could work fairly fast when he needed to, even he could only do so much work in any given time. Ben was a witch healer and he tried to help but there wasn’t much he could help with when it came to vampire council business. Ben concentrated on running their house and looking after Thomas.

Adam felt a pinch in his side and looked up to find Ben looking down on him with mock anger, “You’re not listening again” he growled at Adam playfully nipping at Adams ear and causing him to jerk.

In a flash Adam had Ben pinned to the table, a glance at their son told them that he had fallen asleep after his snack, so Adam flipped on the baby monitor in the room and threw Ben over his shoulder. With a burst of vampire speed he had them in their bedroom and a laughing Ben used a quick spell to strip them both of their clothes.

Adam placed Ben gently on the bed and starting laying kisses down his body, starting at his face and ending at his hard shaft. Without any warning he engulfed Ben’s shaft in his mouth down to the root. Ben’s hips jerked once before Adam had him pinned to the bed and at his mercy. When he knew Ben was getting close he pulled off much to his mate’s distress.

He reached for the lube that was kept on the bedside cabinet and flipped open the lid. Staring into Ben’s eyes he slowly stretched Ben’s tight opening till he was writhing on the bed begging to be taken.

Adam slicked himself up and wasted no time slowly easing himself inside Ben. He quickly set a fast pounding rhythm, after the slow build up neither of them lasted long and Ben was first to trip over the edge.

The feel of his come spreading between them and the way his tight hole contracted was enough to send Adam over the edge with him.

After they had both recovered a little Adam eased off his smaller mate and headed to fetch a cloth from the bathroom. He tenderly cleaned Ben, even taking the time to kiss the scar across his abdomen were he had given birth to their son.

As he was leaning in for another kiss when they heard a snuffling coming from the baby monitor and knew their time had run out.

Ben got up and held out a hand for his mate, he reversed his earlier spell and their clothes reappeared on them.

“That really is a handy spell” Adam noted straightening his shirt a little.

They headed back to the office and Adam scooped up their son just as he was going to let out a yell.

“Hi little man, you want to go to the park do you?

Ben came up beside him, “I have food packed in a basket for me, vampire milk mix for him and bottled blood for you. Unless of course you want it straight from the source?” He added at the end with a seductive grin.

Adam growled playfully to cover his growing desire and Thomas laughed at his parents antics as Ben pretended to cower and hide behind Adam, then poke his head out to play peek-a-boo with Thomas.

“Alright let’s go troops” Adam said and they all headed out the house towards the edge of the community.

They found their favourite picnic place and Ben laid out a blanket. When he turned to get the other things from the basket he saw Adam lying on his back with Thomas lying on his chest.

They were surrounded by purple crocuses and it looked like they were lying on a purple blanket.

Yes Ben thought the crocuses were blooming and so was their love for each other.


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