Short scene to make you laugh – Andrew and Jamie – Please Dear

The scene that follows stars my main characters Andrew and Jamie from the story I am writing for Gay Authors.

I used a weekly prompt from the Gay Authors websites.

I used the first line prompt “Are you sure there is nothing that can be done?” Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

Prompt 307

“Are you sure there is nothing that can be done?”

Jamie looked at the tattered doll his five year old daughter Beth was holding up to him for inspection.

The head had been torn off and at least half the stuffing was gone, both arms were ripped and one foot was hanging by a thread.

“Darling how many times have I told you to keep the dog out of your bedroom by keeping the door shut when you’re not in there?”

Beth started to pout but Jamie shook his head, “I’m sorry but you’ll just have to take this as a lesson; you wanted the dog after all.”

As though she knew she was being spoken about their two month old boxer puppy, trouble, came bounding into the room something red in her mouth. Hot on her tail was Andrew Jamie’s mate,

“Come back here you wretched dog that is my best shirt”

Jamie had to laugh as Andrew used his vamp speed to catch the dog but when he got his shirt back it was ruined.

Beth looked at Andrew “You know daddy you really shouldn’t let the dog in your bedroom if you don’t want her to chew on things.”

She said it so seriously that Jamie ended up doubled over with laughter. Andrew glared at him “What is so funny” He demanded.

Jamie shook his head and took deep breaths but he couldn’t speak without laughing.

Andrew harrumphed, after looking over his ruined shirt he held it out to Jamie “is there anything you can do?” he asked, then stared in bewilderment when Jamie started laughing even harder.

After a quick discussion about Trouble, the things she had chewed and how Jamie was refusing to repair any more damaged items, Jamie sent Andrew and Beth to take Trouble for a walk.

While they were gone Jamie relented and used magic to fix both the toy and the shirt. He sighed to himself and admonished himself about being a soft touch but still smiled when he looked over the finished items and remembered his mates face when he had bought the red shirt for him Andrew had looked so good in it they had made love for hours. The doll had been a gift from Casey for Beth and he knew his twin would be upset if he found out the dog had got hold of it.

After he had finished he sat down and pressed play on the DVD player. Instead of the expected the film, what played was a montage of separate recordings taken at his and Andrews joining celebration.

It showed their first dance and the toast Casey had made in their honor. It also had random interviews with a lot of the guests, they all gave their best wishes to the happy couple and said they could see how in love he and Andrew were.

As he heard the others returning he wiped a tear from his face and turned the player off.

He gave the repaired items back to their owners and Beth gave him a huge hug before running upstairs to her room to play. He turned just in time to be caught in Andrews’s arms and leant over an arm for a deep kiss.

“I knew you wouldn’t want me to lose that shirt!” he said with a twinkle in his eyes that Jamie recognized.

Before he could think to protest Andrew had carried him upstairs and had laid him on their bed while he locked the door.

“God’s I love the fact you carry me” Jamie sighed happily relaxing on the bed as his smaller mate turned from the door and after shedding his clothes he stalked towards the bed and crawled towards Jamie’s body like a panther stalking its prey.

Andrew leaned over his large muscular witch mate and took great pleasure in kissing him till he was melting into the bed. He slowly stripped Jamie of his clothes and starting at his feet trailed kisses all the way up his body till their lips met again in a hungry kiss. He slipped his fingers down Jamie’s body and found his mates tight opening which he rubbed softly.

“Yes please” Jamie cried softly “I need you in me now”

Reaching for the bedside cabinet he found the lube and returned his fingers to Jamie’s hungry hole.

As one finger breached Jamie’s tight ring his mate went mad, writhing on the bed begging to be fucked and fucked hard. Andrew held off wanting to ensure Jamie was properly stretched and by the time he had three fingers thrusting in and out Jamie was reduced to just one word chanting it over and over “Now, now, now” He chanted.

Andrew was only too delighted to comply and after slicking up his hard shaft he gently but firmly slid into the tight heat of his mate’s body.

They quickly set a fast pace and Jamie was first to cry out as he covered them both with his release.

The clutching sensation of Jamie’s hole around his cock were enough to take Andrew soaring over the edge and he bit down on Jamie’s neck sinking his fangs in as he climaxed hard inside his mate.

The feel of Andrews bite was enough to send Jamie flying over the edge again and by the time they had both caught their breath they both felt tired but very happy.

Just as they were getting dressed again, after cleaning up, there was a knock at the door. They opened it to find Beth standing there holding another of her favorite teddies in her hands in tatters and

Trouble was hiding behind her legs.

“Is there anything you can do?”


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