Short excerpt from Loves Landscape story

This is a short scene from my loves landscape submission. I have now finished all the edits and will post a link as soon as it is published.

Story Extract:

As usual, Adam arrived early, no doubt hoping to find Ben only half dressed, just out of the shower. This time when Ben heard the doorbell, he opened and looked out the bedroom window to ensure it was Adam and not a neighbor, before calling down, “The door’s unlocked, Love.” The endearment slipped out before he could think better of it.

When he heard the front door open and shut, he then called out, “I’m upstairs. Can you give me a hand with something?” He hoped his voice was steady because his heart was beating double-time. This was the first time he had tried something like this.

Adam opened the bedroom door and stopped in shock on the threshold. Ben was lying on the bed with not a stitch of clothing on. His hard cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling, and he was watching Adam’s reaction with a very vulnerable look in his eyes. Adam started to grin, and with startling speed he pounced on Ben for a hot and steamy kiss.

When they came up for air, he asked with a smile, “Now what can I help you with?”

Ben grinned with him while running his hands over every bit of Adam’s hard body that he could reach. “Well you see, I have this hard problem I thought you could help me solve before work, but first you have too many clothes on,” he replied, trying without much success to keep a straight face. His giggling turned to gasping as he saw Adam shedding his clothes, and he got his first proper look at Adam’s body.

Adam was big all over, his whole body was rippling with muscles, and there wasn’t a spare inch of fat on him anywhere. He also had tribal tattoos all over his left shoulder, and there was a sun tattooed on his right shoulder.

Ben moaned at the sight, and he felt himself getting harder than he could ever remember being.

He moaned again as he felt Adam’s hands find his hard cock and start to stroke it with strong, slow strokes. His head fell back, and his body arched into Adam’s expert touch, while he felt kisses being feathered across his face and down his neck. He felt Adam’s fangs lightly scrape his neck, and he cried out at the sensation that shivered down his spine at the contact.

“Yes, please bite me,” he pleaded, as he writhed beneath Adam’s caresses. He felt Adam pause. “Please remember I work for Jamie. He had told me all about the effects of being with a vampire,” he added, and before he took another breath he felt a sharp pain in his neck. Then he experienced an orgasm so huge his vision went black for a few moments, before all the colors came rushing back. He screamed his pleasure at the top of his lungs as he felt Adam sucking gently on his neck, drawing Ben’s blood into himself.

As soon as Ben stopped shuddering, Adam withdrew his fangs and licked over the spots to ensure they healed. Adam panted to catch his breath. Just tasting his mate’s blood, and hearing him cry out in completion, had been enough to make him come just as hard as Ben had. He searched Ben’s face worriedly, until he saw Ben’s sated smile and the look of pleasure in his eyes.

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