Short scene – Adam and Ben – Love in the woods

The scene that follows stars my main characters Adam and Ben from a story I am writing for Gay Authors ( but have not posted yet)

I used a weekly prompt from the Gay Authors websites.

I used the list of words prompt:


Muddy footprints

Glass of wine


A Squirrel

Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂


Prompt 235

Ben woke up that night to find a bouquet of multi-colored tulips at the foot of his bed tied with a big red bow. Attached to the bow was a note that read:

Meet me at the edge of town on the south side xxx

Ben grinned when he recognized Adams handwriting and the feel of Jamie’s magic, which explained how the flowers got into his bedroom.

He hurried to shower and dress before heading out.

Ben arrived at the specified location to find a set of muddy footprints heading into the forest. Also in the mud was an arrow made of sticks pointing the way.

He set off to follow the trail and walked for about ten minutes before he came to a small clearing in the trees.

Candles had been lit and placed in a circle around a large blanket on the ground.

On the blanket was all his favorite finger food, cocktail sausages, scotch eggs, fruit slices and more. In addition there was an open bottle of wine set in a bucket of ice off to one side.

Plates, glasses and eating utensils had been set out as well but there was no sign of Adam.

Ben stepped closer to the blanket looking around for his vampire mate. The sound of a squirrel in a nearby tree made him jump and he nearly squealed like a girl when two arms suddenly encircled him from behind.

Adam turned him round and lifted him off his feet to draw him into a possessive and passionate welcome kiss.

“I missed you my mate and I have wanted to do that since I left you yesterday” Adam said, when they came up for air.

“I missed you too” Ben replied, as Adam set him down and they both took seats on the blanket.

Adam piled Ben’s plate high with food and then sat back with a glass of wine to watch his mate eat what he had provided.

Ben ate as much as he could and tried to have some of everything. When he had finally eaten his fill he leant back of his elbows with his glass of wine set nearby.

“That was delicious. But you know you don’t have to get so much food all the time, considering you don’t eat.” Ben said as patted his stuffed stomach.

Adam merely smiled and shrugged, thinking his mate was underweight and needed someone to look after him and feed him up.

After a few moments silence Adam noticed Ben’s hand slowly moving closer to his. He daren’t move in case he scared the small witch and made him move away again. As their fingers touched he finally moved to join their hands and he felt the nervous tension flowing off of Ben.

“May I hold you?” Adam asked, hoping he wasn’t pushing things too far.

He was rewarded with a nod from Ben and when Adam opened his arms Ben moved to let himself be embraced.

Adam relished the feel of finally having his mate in his arms, he dropped a kiss onto Ben’s head and relaxed back onto the blanket taking Ben with him.

Once they were lying so Ben was curled up on top of Adam, both of them relaxed and just enjoyed the comfort of the others presence.

They lay together under the moonlight as the candles burned down in their holders and the sounds of the forest surrounded them.


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