Short scene – Adam and Ben – The Birth

The scene that follows stars my main characters Adam and Ben from a story I am writing for Gay Authors (but have not posted yet).


I used a weekly prompt from the Gay Authors websites.

I used the first line prompt “Try it again and I will kill you”

Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

Prompt 332

“Try it again and I will kill you,” Ben screamed as he lay writhing in agony on the bed.

Adam rung his hands as another contraction hit his mate and he felt the pain Ben was in through their bond. He tried holding one of Ben’s hands but his mate just pulled his hand away and glared at him.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard footsteps on the stairs and Casey entered their bedroom. He was glad that they had moved in with Casey for the final month of Ben’s pregnancy, it had been suggested by Jamie so they would be near help when it was needed.

Casey got straight to business, Adam watched as he held his hands over Ben’s rippling stomach and started muttering words fast.

Images started to appear over Ben’s form and then started shifting too fast for Adam to see. When the images slowed down Adam saw he was looking at a fuzzy 3d picture of a baby laying curled up on its side. As the baby in the picture moved Ben let out a shout of pain and arched his back off the bed.

Casey quickly whispered a few words and Ben slumped on the bed apparently unconscious.

“What have you done” Adam shouted, panicking.

“I’ve put him to sleep to stop the pain and so Jamie and I can get straight on with the birth. Hold on” Casey added as he laid a hand on Ben’s shoulder and grabbed Adam’s hand.

The room blurred in Adam’s vision and when it cleared he was standing by an examination bed and Ben was laid out on it.

Jamie came in as they arrived and a few muttered words between the twins and all their clothes, including Adam’s, were replaced with scrubs. Ben’s clothes had been stripped off him and his swollen stomach was rippling with the movement of the baby, Ben however didn’t even twitch a muscle.

“Please tell me what’s going on!” Adam pleaded, he was starting to feel like a spare part, “He’s not due for another three weeks and he hasn’t told me what to expect. He said he didn’t want to give me time to worry too much.”

Casey seemed to take pity on him and started to speak as Jamie took over muttering the spell to bring back the image of the baby.

“Sorry Jamie and I are used to working silently. To answer your questions, the baby has decided it wants to be born now, so now it is being born. The timing is fine as Ben has been taking vitamin supplements to keep him and the baby strong. As for the how, I assume you have heard of a c section?” when Casey paused Adam nodded, “Good, well that’s what we’re going to do, but we’re going to use magic to heal as we go. Just stay to the side of the room and be ready to take your baby as it is born.”

With those words Casey turned his attention back to Ben and Adam found himself dismissed.

Adam moved to the side of the room as Casey had requested, he watched as Jamie placed a finger on Ben’s left hip and slowly started drawing towards the other side. Adam swallowed hard when he saw that as Jamie moved his hand Ben’s skin was parting, he wanted to turn away but forced himself to keep watching.

Casey was muttering fast and as the incision opened in the wake of Jamie finger only a dribble of blood escaped to run down Ben’s skin. When Jamie had reached Ben’s right hip he used his hands to reach into the incision and when he brought his arms back out he held a wriggling baby, covered in a thin see through membrane.

Casey reached over and started pulling the membrane off, starting at the baby’s head. As its head was uncovered Adam heard the wonderful sound of the baby’s cry echoing in the room.

Jamie switched the baby to one hand and reach over to a side table that held a pink blanket and a blue blanket. Picking up the blue one he wrapped the baby and came over to Adam.

“Congratulations, you have a boy” Jamie said with a smile, as he placed the baby in Adams arms.

Adam clutched the baby in shaking hands, afraid he was going to hurt him or worse drop him.

“Hello, Thomas” he said, with tears in his eyes, he and Ben had discussed what names they would use for which gender.

Thomas opened his eyes and Adam gasped at the warm rush on love that wash through him at the sight of their son’s blue eyes.

He looked up when he heard a sound from across the room. He saw Jamie and Casey had closed the incision and Ben was starting to wake up. He had been redressed in his clothes and was blinking his eyes open when Adam made his way over.

“Hey Love, are you in pain?” Adam asked via their mind-link, thinking Ben may be too tired to talk.

Ben gave a weary smile “Not pain so much but I ache all over and I am really tired”

Ben’s gaze moved to Thomas and his grin grew.

Adam smiled and placed Thomas next to Ben in the bed, he looked down at the two most important people in life and knew he would do anything to protect them.

Casey cleared his throat and both men turned to him.

“I’m sorry to say that Ben and the baby will have to stay here for the rest of tonight but you can move back up to your room before sunrise if all the observations come back okay.”

Adam and Ben nodded and the twins slipped out the room.

Adam joined his mate on the bed and they lay there staring down at their miracle, who seemed to have got bored watching them and had gone back to sleep.

Just before he fell back to sleep himself Ben said “I meant what I said ‘Try it again and I will kill you’”

Adam chuckled to himself as he watched over his mate and their son as they slept.



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