Jamie and Andrew – Chapter five

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Chapter five – How do you seduce a vampire??

Jamie stared at Casey, “you really think I’m his mate?”

“Yes I do” Casey replied “but I don’t think he realizes it”

Jamie thought about it for a while and the more he thought the more he found he liked the idea. He had wanted to settle down for a while but had yet to find anyone who seemed to fit with him long term.

He remembered the first time he saw Andrew; he had just opened the clinic at the guards headquarters for the night and Jackson brought Andrew in as part of his orientation of the building. He had immediately been captivated by the young vampire, his long black hair had been pulled back into a long braid and he seemed to find the floor very interesting as he didn’t look up at any time through the introductions. He found that he wanted to find out more about this man so he started getting to the guards clinic early and making sure he was around the staff room when Andrew arrived.

He would try talking to him but Andrew made it difficult, he would only answer a direct question and seemed to find the first excuse he could to get out the room. Jamie had always been a man that took no for an answer and would move on to the next challenge, however, this time he found himself trying harder and harder to get Andrews attention.

He started getting Andrews evening blood for him and having it waiting for him when he arrived, he made regular visits round the offices doing a blood delivery using the excuse that he was trying to ensure all the vampire administrators were taking care of themselves and not working too long without a break. Andrew was always polite and cordial but he could never draw him into conversation. Looking back now he could see that Andrew was almost scared of him, he was pushing too hard.

“What so you suggest Case?” he asked his brother, speaking out loud now as he thought Andrew would probably be asleep by now.

“I suggest you start very slowly, from what I know and have observed he is starved for a loving touch. Start small, he seemed to like the kiss on the cheek you gave him as an afterthought before you left his room”

Jamie thought back and realized he had not even thought about it when he had given the kiss. “You mean treat him almost like I would you or any of our close friends, a hug on meeting, a pat on the shoulder, that sort of thing?”

“Yeah, now you’re getting the idea. Just monitor his reactions and back off if you need to, but I don’t think you will have to.”

Jamie headed for his bed with a new sense of purpose and a plan in mind. Andrew would not know what hit him come the night time.


Andrew woke after sunset to find Jamie sitting by the bed reading a book apparently so engrossed in it he had not noticed Andrew waking. Andrew cleared his throat “Hi Jamie” and Jamie gave a start and looked over.

“Hey there you’re awake again, I don’t know how you can tell me and Casey apart when we’re not side by side, other people can’t” he gave Andrew a big smile and patted his hand that was on top of the blankets “There’s a bottles of blood in the kitchen, I thought you may want to get out this room for a while, maybe even get a wash?”

Andrews face brightened immediately at the thought of getting out the room and even more at the prospect of a wash. He nodded and Jamie helped him to ease himself out the bed and slowly test his stiff muscles. Once out the room Jamie headed in a different direction than last time, “Where are we going?” Andrew asked hesitantly.

Jamie smiled, “We’re heading for a different bathroom, this one has a few extras.”

After they walked past a few more doors Andrew found himself looking into a huge bathroom.

“The shower is walk-in and has a seat so you will not have to worry about your stiff muscles stopping you from enjoying it for as long as you wish too.” Jamie said grinning, “Now can you undress yourself or shall I help you? I am really good at it and I promise to behave myself!”

Andrew went a deep shade of red and Jamie laughed as he was ushered out the door.

Andrew stripped and sat on the shower seat. He reached for the shower controls and moaned appreciatively as the warm water starting pulsing down on his sore muscles. Vampires may heal quickly but they still had to suffer the aches from severe wounds and replace lost blood.

As Andrew tipped his head back his thoughts drifted to Jamie and the brief kiss they had shared last night.

Andrew remembered the feel of Jamie’s soft lips as they touched his, he also remembered the shock that had gone through him as they touched. He couldn’t think what had caused the feeling, it made him want to grab Jamie and push him down on the bed, then make him submit to him.

He laughed at himself even if he had done that, then what?

Why would Jamie want an unexperienced virgin?

He had heard about Jamie’s reputation, he liked to flirt with everyone and was always out on a date with a different man, usually a witch and usually very good looking. He knew Jamie was way out of his league.

When he opened his eyes and began to wash he saw what thinking of Jamie had done. His shaft was standing to attention and felt harder than he could ever remember.

Bringing to mind the feeling of Jamie’s lips again Andrew began to stroke himself slowly. He imagined that it was Jamie’s hand on him, kissing him and whispering dirty things in his ear. His other hand slipped down to massage his heavy balls while he tried to keep his moans of pleasure as quiet as possible.

His orgasm caught him by surprise, bursting out of him and painting the shower wall opposite him. It left him feeling week and out of breath but satisfied.

Realizing how long he had been in the shower he quickly washed and rinsed himself before drying and getting redressed.

When he opened the door he found Jamie leaning against the wall reading a book, he blushed wondering if Jamie had heard him.

Jamie looked up and smiled as he tucked the book in his back pants pocket.

“Shall I give you a proper tour now you’re feeling better, Sir” he said grandly holding his arm out to Andrew.

Andrew grinned with him and took his arm, ignoring the now expected shock that went through him at the contact.

They started in the clinic where Jamie showed him everything including all the store cupboards and offices. He continued to act as crazy as usual and had the staff laughing as he introduced them with names such as “This is Lady Ella, she a senior nurse” and “Ah here comes Lord Ben, our newest nurse”.

Everyone took his antics in good humor and they finally left the clinic and headed for the main house. After a tour of the dining room and a small games room that held a pool table they ended up in the large kitchen. Jamie headed for a small marked fridge and got a bottle of blood.

He poured it into a glass and put it in the microwave to take off the chill. He then presented it to Andrew with a florid bow saying “Your food Milord”

Andrew couldn’t help himself he burst out laughing and found he couldn’t stop.

Jamie started at the laughing vampire before him, he had always though Andrew was cute but when he let go and laughed like that he beautiful. All he could think was I must make him mine.

Casey came into the kitchen holding two empty cups “What’s so funny?” he asked as he placed the cups into the dishwasher.

Jamie tried to look innocent while Andrew tried to explain around still laughing.

“What you doing now Bro?” Casey asked looking at Jamie.

“Nothing, nothing at all. I’m just looking after our guest”

“Well take him down to the training room and help him loosen those stiff muscles, he’s being released before sunrise. Oh and he’s your new bodyguard”

Jamie and Andrew both stared at Casey in shock.

As Andrew started spluttering out questions Casey looked at his twin. “Remember you wanted to spend more time with him? Well I called Jackson and set it up so his office will be moved to an empty space adjoining your clinic at the guard’s headquarters. His nights off will be changed to match yours.” He said through their mind link.

Jamie’s face cleared and he turned to make himself a sandwich to hide the grin that was spreading on his face, as Casey explained it again out loud for Andrew.

“I’m not a guard, I’m only an admin assistant” Andrew protested.

“We know that but you have the perfect excuse to be in and around the HQ. Normal guards may pop in and out but the admin staff are there all night dealing with things. You can swing past here and pick up Jamie on your way to work and drop him off on your way home. He usually walks but that’s not safe at the moment. Your days off I’ll leave up to you to arrange between yourselves but you have to be together if Jamie leaves the house as he can’t be on his own in the community. Andrew you will be resuming work tomorrow and I thought you may want your own clothes so that’s why I’m releasing you before sunrise tonight. Jackson dropped off a new car for you, I’m afraid your one is a right off between the impact and the water damage”

A flash of pain going across Andrews face had Jamie laying a hand on his shoulder.

“That car was all I had left of home. I saved to buy it and it was the first thing I bought myself.” Andrew screwed his eye shut to try and stop the tears and was shocked when he felt himself being drawn into warm arms. When he opened his eyes he found Jamie had pulled him against his warm chest and was laying his chin on the top of his head. He turned into the warmth and soaked up the scent of Jamie feeling himself relax.

Jamie pulled back after a few minutes and Andrew saw Casey had slipped out at some point. He couldn’t understand it he didn’t usually let anyone touch him but Jamie kept doing it and he found he wasn’t panicking like he normally would.

“Come on,” Jamie said interrupting his thoughts “let’s get to the training room and see what you’re made of”

He led the way down to the basement of the house and Andrew saw it had been converted into a fully functional gym complete with two of every type of exercise equipment Andrew could name and a few he couldn’t.

“Casey set up this place for the two of us so that we are never far from the clinic and anyone can come get us if they need to”

The two of them settled on adjacent treadmills so they could continue talking as they warmed up. From there Jamie led Andrew through a few free weights, always watching to make sure Andrew didn’t overdo it. Vampire Andrew may be but he was still a young vampire and as he had found out when fighting age meant strength to vampires.

Andrew was feeling better all the time, they stopped after half an hour for a quick drink, him blood and Jamie water, then exercised another half an hour of various resistance machines. They jogged around the room slowly to cool down and then stretched before heading for the adjoining shower.

Jamie looked at Andrew and considered asking him to share a shower so he could ‘make sure he hadn’t done any damage’ but he thought that might be pushing his luck, so he sent Andrew in first with strict instructions to be careful and call him if he needed help.

After they had both showered and changed into clean clothes kept in the gym they headed back to the main lounge and picked a few DVD’s to pass the time with. They were halfway through watching Die Hard two when Casey found them sitting comfortably side by side on one of the couches laughing at what was on the screen.

“Glad to see you two are getting on so well” Casey said slyly causing Jamie to blush “but Andrew needs to go home to sleep in his own bed so he can be in his own clothes for work tomorrow.”

Both men were sad to part ways but Jamie knew it was for the best and he would see Andrew again that night for work. They saved their spot on the DVD and headed for the driveway to see what car Jackson had chosen for Andrew.

When they saw it Andrew looked at it in shock, “How did he do that?” he asked a slight catch in his voice.

Jamie frown “Do what it’s a nice car I suppose but he could have got you anything, you know a convertible or even a range rover to deal with the snow if it gets deeper. This is a normal estate car, it will have problems if the snow gets deeper and won’t have as good traction on the river road if the river floods out as a range rover would have.”

Andrew shook his head “I don’t care about any of that, Jackson has found an exact duplicate of my old car. The only difference is this is new and my car had a few scrapes and dents on it. I will have to remember to thank him when I get home.”

Jamie smiled and wondered how much input Casey had had into what car Jackson got. For all their arguing Jackson and Casey still spoke regularly and they did listen to each other even if they didn’t always agree.

Jamie watched as Andrew got the car running and told him when he would pick him up later. Within a few minutes he was gone and Jamie was left staring at an empty driveway.

Casey came out to find him and sent him to bed; he climbed the stairs in a daze and found himself going to the bedroom Andrew had used because that is where he had slept mostly while Andrew had been there. He walked over to the still unmade bed and picked up the pillow absently fluffing it. As he put it back he caught Andrews scent on it and found himself calming. He stripped off and got into the bed. Hugging one pillow while resting his head on another he drifted off to sleep and had really good dreams for day.


Across town Andrew was wondering around his house and for the first time since arriving he didn’t feel settled there. He wanted to go back to Jamie’s house and curl up in the warm bed he had been using with Jamie sleeping nearby in the chair. He shook his head at himself; of course Jamie wasn’t going to sit with him forever that was stupid. He forced himself to strip and get into bed. After the intense workout he and Jamie had done he was asleep quickly.


The next night Andrew picked Jamie up and was treated to non-stop questions from the witch on the drive to work.

Finally Andrew had enough when Jamie’s questions started getting into his love life (not that there was anything to tell) “So Jamie” He said turning in the seat slightly so he could see Jamie’s expression while driving “Are you going to tell me about your first time. When, where, who and how was it?” He saw the shocked expression on Jamie’s face, but before he could congratulate himself he saw Jamie’s face change to open and trusting.

“Of course, I’ve been asking you questions only fair you get to ask too. Although what made you think of that question beats me” He said with a leer at Andrew, who rolled his eyes, “Right my first time, let’s think. When: I was eighteen, where: unfortunately it was the back seat of a car, corny I know. Who: was my then best friend Ray and it was fumbled, uncomfortable and we swore never to try again as we were better friends than lovers. The two lovers I have had since then got better but the feeling was never there and I’m still looking for that perfect someone to settle down with. He needs to be able to put up with me being a healer. My boyfriends both dumped me for the same reason, I worked nights, I was on call and I would be late for dates or have to cancel at short notice. The longest latest three months before he told me to choose him or healing.”

By the end of Jamie’s short explanation Andrew was starting in shock at him while still trying to pay attention to the road, “You’ve only had three lovers, what about all the dates I hear about you going on? You’re the hot topic of gossip between the female vampires in the admin section of HQ all the time. I’m always hearing about which witch (no pun intended) you have hanging off your arm at any given time.”

It was Jamie’s turn to stare at him, “People think I’m always on dates?” He asked shocked “I go out on a Saturday night only as that one of my nights off, the other is a Thursday and I spend it catching up on emails and my share of any chores. I go out to the bar with a few friends, drink a few beers and catch up on what’s going on during days when I’m asleep. I don’t have a different date each time either, I have five friends who I go out with and as I don’t have a car they take turns being the designated driver and picking up the rest of us to make sure we all have a way home if we’re too drunk to walk. Yes most of my friends are witches but I have a few vampire friends, Rachel is one and Timothy is another. You probably know Tim he’s Rickman’s second on the council. He’s a lot more fun than Rickman but of course being a vampire I can’t out drink him. You vamps are so lucky that you can drink all you like without getting drunk.”

Andrew was trying to process what Jamie had said, only three lovers and no dates for a while by the sound of it. He couldn’t believe how wrong Jamie’s reputation was or was it just the women’s way of exaggerating things because Jamie was out of their reach being gay?

“I’ll be sure to correct them next time I hear them” Andrew promised impulsively before he thought about the fact that that would mean he had to talk to his colleagues instead of avoiding them. But he discarded that thought when he saw Jamie’s smile.

“Thanks, although I don’t mind being thought of as a bit of a party guy, I am not a slut and never will be” he almost added that he only has eyes for Andrew now anyway but thought that would definitely be pushing his luck.


A five hours later Jamie was most of the way through his clinic but he hadn’t had a break. There seemed to be a virus going through the vampires of the community. This was very unusual as vampire didn’t usually get sick. Usually at this clinic he was there for the guards if they managed to hurt themselves while out of patrol and for the witches that had chosen to work nights instead of days and couldn’t get as far as the clinic on the outskirts of town on their breaks.

He had contacted the clinic to find Casey had the same problem there. Casey thought the virus had a magical origin and he gave Jamie the spell that he had found in their mothers spell book that seemed to cure the virus but left he person rather weak. Casey had also warned him that the spell took a lot of energy to perform but Jamie had refused when his brother offered to send him a volunteer nurse, as all the regulars were busy. His experience with the volunteer nurses was not good, they were usually inexperienced and sloppy, which meant he had to expend more energy sorting out their mistakes than if he had just done it himself in the first place. Also he could hear the fatigue in Casey’s voice through their link. His brother had been up all day and now he had to work at night too as he had more experience with strange viruses and vampires than any of the regular staff. Jamie had told his brother to make sure he rested and returned to his work with the new spell in mind.

What Jamie had not expected was the influx of patients when the guards started coming in in twos and threes, then threes and fours. Soon he was treating them in groups as this slightly reduced the risk to himself but it was still draining.

He finally sent the last group on their way after seven solid hours of work, he tried to contact Casey through their mind link but got no answer so he called the clinic and was told his brother had finally been sent to bed by Ella, one of the senior nurses who had taken on their mothers role of watching out for them when their mother had died. He thanked the person on the phone and went to update his records before he went to find Andrew. He went to sit at his desk just as his vision greyed. The world went black and he fell to the floor hitting his head on the way down on the corner of his desk.


Andrew heard a bang come from the office adjoining his and rushed to get in there wondering what had happened since he knew the last patients had left and Jamie should be alone.

He cried out when he saw Jamie lying on the floor with blood running down his face. He knew not to move him but beyond that he was clueless. He heard footsteps then there was a crowd of administration staff gathering round them all shoving and shouting, this pulled Andrew out of his panic and some of his first aid training from when he had joined the community came back to him (all vampires needed to know basic first aid according to Casey as they were working and living with witches that could get hurt or ill at any time). He saw Tim in the crowd and grabbed him, “We need something to stop the bleeding, then get rid of this crowd and get hold of Casey” he rattled off the things in quick succession.

Tim immediately yanked a clean square of cloth out of his pocket and handed it to Andrew, then turned and started ushering people out the door of the office telling them they would all be told how Jamie was but they need to give him space to be treated.

Andrew was holding the cloth to Jamie’s temple and was glad to see the blood flow slowing down. With his free hand he grabbed the phone from the desk and dialed the clinic.

“I need Casey at the guard’s headquarters now” He stated to the person who answered without bothering with a greeting. The person on the other then told him Casey was unavailable and could he tell them what the problem was instead.

This infuriated Andrew “I’ll tell you what the problem is Casey’s brother is laying bleeding and unconscious on the floor of the guard’s clinic and you’re wasting precious time arguing with me. Get Casey here NOW” and with that he slammed the phone down cracking the casing in the process.

Tim came back in the room at the noise and bent to help Andrew hold the cloth to the wound, but as he reached for Jamie Andrew let out a low growl that had Tim moving away quickly and taking up a position at the door to make sure no one else tried to barge in other than Casey.

Both Andrew and Tim jumped when Casey appeared in the middle of the room out of thin air. He was only wearing sweat pants and t-shirt and had obviously just got out of bed.

“What happened?” He demanded as he got down on the floor by Jamie and ignored Andrew’s growl except to slap him on the back of his head “I asked you a question Andrew! What happened?”

Andrew shook his head to clear it and quickly told Casey that he had found Jamie like this after hearing a bang from the office. Casey glanced around and saw the blood on the corner of the desk; he shook his head in resignation “He is just drained from using too much magic. I told him to call for a back-up volunteer nurse if he needed help. It looks like he passed out and caught his head on the desk.” He muttered a spell and removed the cloth from the wound. The wound had closed over and looked to be at least a day old already. “I can’t do more than that as I’m tired myself and I need my energy for the transport. I’m taking him home, Andrew you can meet us there if you wish too. I know you and Jamie are friends and you can see for yourself he is fine.” With that Casey laid a hand on Jamie and they both vanished.

“Well that was a surprise”! Tim said from the doorway, but Andrew didn’t answer he was already heading for his office to grab his things so he could get to the clinic.


He arrived at the clinic and left his car parked across the driveway.

“Where is Casey?” he demanded of the first person in uniform that he saw.

“He is in the main house” the person replied and before he could say any more Andrew was heading for the connecting door.

Much to the nurses surprise he put in the code that he seen Jamie use the night before and quickly disappeared inside. He stopped on the other side of the door and took a deep breath, the house was too big to try looking for Jamie so he opened his other senses and he soon picked up the scent he associated with Jamie. He followed it up stairs and found Jamie in the same bedroom he himself had been in.

Casey looked up from his post by the bed “what took you so long?” he asked, and then waved away any answer “never mind I need to go back to bed, which means you’re in charge of watching him. Just make sure if he wakes up at all you give him water to drink to keep him hydrated and keep talking to him as he’ll probably be disorientated and may panic” with that he went to walk out the room but was stopped by a question Andrew just had to know the answer to.

“Why is he in this room? Why isn’t he in his own bed?”

Casey looked back from the door “this is where he slept today after you left. I found him here when I went to wake him up for his shift. He was hugging the pillow just as he is now.”

Before Andrew could ask anything else Casey slipped out the door and closed it behind him. Andrew sat in the vacated chair and picked up a book that had been left on the bedside cabinet.


After what seemed like hours but was actually only about an hour and a half Jamie started to stir. Andrew jumped up to grab the glass of water Casey had left with a straw in it so Jamie didn’t have to sit up to drink.

Jamie opened his eyes but didn’t seem to see anything, he accepted the straw when Andrew held it to his mouth and drank when he was told to. When Andrew set the glass back he knocked the pillow Jamie had been holding and it fell off the bed. The effect was immediate, Jamie’s eyes went wide and his voice came out as a whimper. Andrew leant close and realized it was his name Jamie was saying and then he remembered what Casey had said about talking to him.

“Hey Jamie” he said taking Jamie’s hand and keeping his voice quiet and calm “I’m here no need to panic now” Jamie calmed instantly at the sound of his voice, he couldn’t say why he had said what he had but he was grateful it had worked and Jamie seemed better. He tried to move his hand but Jamie wouldn’t let go, Andrew could have easily broken the hold but he worried that may agitate Jamie again so he sat on the edge of the bed hoping Jamie would fall asleep and he could free his hand and return to his chair and get some sleep. What he didn’t plan for was the minuet he sat on the bed Jamie’s arms came around him and pulling him down so they were lying together. He heard Jamie’s sound of contentment before he heard the deep breaths that meant he was asleep again. Andrew was at a loss, he knew if he moved he would probably wake Jamie up again, in the end it was decided for him as his body gave into sleep between one thought and the next. Wrapped in Jamie’s arms he felt safe and comfortable for the first time he could ever remember.


Jamie came awake slowly, he didn’t want to let go of the dream he was having. He was dreaming that Andrew was in his bed sleeping next to him and he ached with the knowledge it may never come to pass. He finally opened his eyes then shut them and tried again. When the image before him didn’t change he silently reached out for his brother “Casey what happened? How did I get home? And how did I manage to get Andrew into bed?”

At the last comment he felt his brother’s shock and got the message he would be there as quick as possible. A few minutes later Casey came in the room and saw the scene before him. “You make a cute couple” he sent to Jamie not wanting to wake Andrew and spoil the moment.

He quickly filled Jamie in on the night before and scolded him for not being more careful about how much magic he used.

“What if Andrew hadn’t been there? How long could you have laid there before someone found you? You need to take more care; you’re not super witch you know!”

“I know I’ll be more careful I promise” Jamie replied “now how did Andrew get here? And by here I mean in bed with me”

Casey shrugged “I told him to follow from the HQ to here and then I left him on guard duty with instructions to give you water if you woke and to talk to you if you panicked. I didn’t tell him to get into bed with you. You’ll have to ask him about that yourself”

As Casey was talking Andrew started to stir, after sharing a brief look with Jamie Casey slipped out the room so as not to embarrass the young vampire.

“Well hi there handsome” Jamie greeted a sleepy Andrew with a bright smile.

At first Andrew looked confused then he started to look panicked and as Jamie had expected he tried to get up. Jamie was having none of that and made sure to hold him tighter, he knew Andrew could break free if he really wanted to but was banking on him not wanting to hurt him in the process of trying. To his relief Andrew settled back on the bed and Jamie pulled him back onto his chest.

“Casey already told me how I got home. You going to tell me how I got you into bed and of course tell me how to do it again when I’m conscious next time?”

Andrew winced slightly and took a breath before answering “you woke for some water and I knocked a pillow off the bed. Before I could pick it up you had grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the bed instead. Then you wouldn’t let go”

By the end of his explanation Andrew was blushing and Jamie loved how he looked when he was all red.

“Well since Casey tells me you came to my rescue and now you had to put up with my snoring all day the least I can do is say thank you.”

Without any warning Jamie leant down and kissed Andrew. At first Andrew stilled not knowing what to do but then his body took over and his mind shut down. He melted into Jamie and when Jamie’s tongue sought entrance he opened his mouth. As they kissed his instinct to take charge rose again and he put his hands on Jamie’s shoulders to push him back on the bed. Jamie went willing and helped to pull Andrew on top of him.

At the feel of Jamie under him it was like a dam had been burst, Andrew attacked Jamie’s mouth with more passion and when he felt Jamie’s hardness rubbing against him, he ground down with his own till they were both groaning in pleasure.

A knock at the door startled them both apart and they lay catching their breath and rearranging the top sheet to ensure their arousals were not obvious before calling out for the person to come in.

Jackson came into the room and stopped when he saw the two of them in bed. A smile spread on his face “it’s about time you two got together!” he stated and then turned to Jamie ignoring Andrews shocked expression. “I heard what happened and wanted to check you were ok” he said to Jamie.

Jamie smiled and assured Jackson he was fine and there would be no lasting damage done.

Jackson was turning to leave when Andrew spoke up “what did you it’s about time we got together?”

Jackson turned back to the bed “anyone can see your mates. Just one example is your reaction to any other man going near Jamie; you scared Tim last night when he tried to help”

Andrew frowned trying to figure what Jackson meant, meanwhile Jackson had taken a step nearer the bed and had raised an eyebrow at Jamie. Jamie guessed what he had planned and nodded slightly. Jackson leant down and hugged Jamie tight, as soon as Jackson’s arms made contact with Jamie Andrew let out a loud growl. Jackson stepped back smiling having made his point.

“I’ll leave you two to talk” he grinned and quickly left the room.

“Well that was the most I’ve ever seen Jackson smile at one time” Jamie said as a way of breaking the silence that followed Jackson’s departure.

Andrew seemed to jump and focused his eyes on Jamie “did you know?” he asked.

Jamie thought carefully about his answer “I had my suspicions. I spoke to Casey after that first kiss; he made me look at why I was pursuing you so much. Usually if someone says no I shrug my shoulders and move on to someone else to hassle. But with you I just couldn’t seem to leave you alone. I feel relaxed and happy when I’m around you, I don’t like it when I’m apart from you. When I touch you or especially when you kiss me like you just did, I feel things I’ve never felt with any other person. Casey was the one to laugh and point out what everything I was saying added up to. He also pointed out that if I carried on as I was I would scare you away, so he told me to treat you as I would any of my close friends and slowly bring you round to more that way. I didn’t intend that the first time I get you into a bed I would be unconscious.” By the time Jamie had finished and was hanging his head to avoid Andrews eyes Andrew didn’t know whether to be angry, embarrassed or happy.

After a bit more thought he settled on embarrassed, as Casey had worked out what he and Jamie hadn’t and happy as he had never thought to find a mate and it explained his reaction to Jamie. Slowly he reached out to touch Jamie’s hand which caused Jamie’s head to snap up. “You should know I’ve never had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend. Until you I have never even been kissed, what I’m trying to say is I would understand if you wanted someone more experienced. I’m sure…”

Jamie interrupted Andrew babbling with another kiss, when they both came up for air he said “I love the fact that I will be the one to teach you all about pleasure and love. We can take things as slowly as you want and you can call a halt to anything, anytime if you’re uncomfortable. Deal?”

Andrews smile lit up his face “deal” he said and pushed Jamie forcefully back on the bed for another kiss.

Things were going just fine until there was another at the door; both men growled in frustration and laughed as they made sure their clothes were straight before calling out to the person to come in.

Casey came in and stopped dead at the sight of them in bed and both looking very flushed.

“Well I don’t need to ask if you’re feeling better then, do I?” he said to Jamie.

“I came to tell you that I have covered your shift for tonight and Jackson still wants Andrew to keep an eye on you so he is off as well. Jamie you need to rest tonight so no leaving the house”

“Yes mom” Jamie said sarcastically, but really he was pleased about this turn of events as it meant he had a whole night with Andrew.

Casey looked between the two of them and rolled his eyes before setting off for bed.

Andrew immediately reached for Jamie and pushed him down on the bed, before Jamie was all the way down Andrew had Jamie’s shirt undone and off. He leant over and started laying kisses over Jamie’s chest and running his hands over every available patch of skin.

Jamie’s head fell back, the sensations going through him were too many to name. he had never felt this way about anyone before, hell if anyone else had tried to push him down on a bed or any other surface he would have pushed back and made sure he was on top and in control at all times. With Andrew it was very different, he wanted to be under Andrew and make him happy, he felt no fear in allowing Andrew top as he knew Andrew could be trusted with everything, even his heart….


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