Jamie and Andrew – Chapter six

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Chapter Six – What can go wrong now???

Andrew woke up with Jamie wrapped around him.

He smiled as he remembered the previous night when he had found out Jamie was his mate.

They had made out for a while then finished watching a DVD in the living room. They had decided to wash and dry Andrews work clothes so that he could stay with Jamie for the daytime and Andrew had been awed when Jamie had led him to his bedroom instead of where they had slept yesterday. Jamie’s room was big and had an en-suit bathroom. The bedroom walls were a pale shade of orange with a lilac border. There was a small couch in one corner with a round coffee table in front on it.

The majority of the room was taken up by the king size bed; it had a black wrought iron bedframe with silky red sheets over what looked like a nice soft mattress.

Jamie had laughed at the look on Andrews face and promptly pushed him onto the bed.

After a quick wrestling match Andrew had Jamie pinned naked to the bed. he could see how tired his mate still was and so he rolled them so Jamie was snuggled up next to him with his head on his chest. It wasn’t long before Jamie’s breathing even out and he was asleep.


The next night Andrew woke first and lay there watching Jamie sleep; he couldn’t believe this handsome male wanted him. Jamie looked so relaxed and innocent asleep, Andrew knew his mate probably wouldn’t appreciate that description but it was true. Jamie must have sensed he was being watched because he started to stir and snuggled deeper into the crook of Andrews’s neck. Slowly he opened his eyes and Andrew loved the way Jamie’s eyes seemed to light up from within when they met his.

Andrew felt Jamie’s waking hardness pushing into him so he slowly started to move causing Jamie to gasp as he turned and their shafts met rubbing together until they were both leaking enough to ease the way and cause less friction.

“Faster, Harder” Jamie begged trying to move against Andrew but Andrew had him pinned tight and he was setting a slow pace.

“No my mate, I want to make this last as long as possible. But by all means keep begging I may relent”

Jamie opened his eyes long enough to try and glare at Andrew but Andrew gave a sudden thrust causing Jamie’s eyes to shut tight again as his head kicked back and a moan left his lips.

“Moaning is good too”

By this time Jamie was beyond coherent speech, Andrew could feel his body vibrating from the pleasure and he could feel Jamie’s struggle to reach that final pinnacle.

Suddenly Jamie bucked once then opened his mouth in a silent scream as he came hard between their bodies. Andrew drew in two quick breaths before he reached his own climax and added his cum to what was already over them.

Jamie finally got the strength to weekly slap at Andrew arm “Don’t think I didn’t hear that moaning comment, just you wait till I can think again, I’ll show you who’s going to be begging and moaning!”

Andrew went to fetch a wet cloth from the bathroom and helped Jamie clean up so they could cuddle a while.

Just as they were dozing off again Jamie’s alarm sounded through room and made Andrew jump so violently that he had to grab Jamie so he didn’t fall out of the bed. This caused Jamie to laugh so hard he had tears running down his face. He finally managed to mutter the counter spell to stop the noise and they both headed for the shower.

They managed to shower without getting into anything as they both needed to get to work. They had just finished dressing when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in Casey” Jamie called out without asking who it was.

“Hey J, just wanted to make sure you were fit for work tonight. Did you get enough sleep?”

“Yes I got plenty of sleep and I am fine for work. Don’t worry; I think Andrew will be keeping an extra eye on me this time.” Jamie flashed a smile at Andrew, who was nodding at Casey to show his agreement.

Casey rolled his eyes “Ok but you take it easy and if anyone comes in with that virus you call the clinic and ask for back up.” With that he left the room and closed the door behind him.

They chatted all the way to HQ and were holding hands as they entered the building. All conversation stopped as they entered the staff room and they looked around in confusion at the silence till they noticed everyone was watching them.

“What’s everyone staring at?” Andrew asked perplexed at people’s reaction, while Jamie tried to pull his hand away as he thought he knew what was going through people’s minds and he didn’t like it.

Andrew refused to let his hand go and he looked around the room, his gaze fell on Rosie the woman who held the office by his “Come on Rosie what’s up?”

“Well it’s just you two look very cozy together considering you normally run out the room every time Jamie enters it” She looked pointedly at their joined hands.

Andrew blushed “Well that was before I realized Jamie was my mate. Now I am quite comfortable with him” He turned and smiled at Jamie then pulled him into a hug.

Their colleagues crowded round to congratulated them but one voice was suddenly heard above the others, “You’re going to mate with that witch whore?”

Everyone stopped and turned towards the voice. The crowd parted to show a male vampire named Simon watching the couple with disgust and disbelief written all over his face.

Andrew stepped in front of Jamie and faced the hostile vampire, “Since when is it any of your business who I mate with?” He asked coldly.

Simon looked from them to the others in the room “Come on, everyone knows this witch’s reputation around the community. He has a different man on his arm every weekend. He was out this last Saturday with his latest conquest”

“No he wasn’t” Came a loud voice from the doorway. Everyone swung round to see who had joined the group now. Standing in the doorway was Tim, Rickman’s second on the council. He walked into the room and stood beside Andrew shielding Jamie.

“Jamie was out with me last Saturday and as you all know I am happily mated” He looked directly at Simon “I hope you’re not trying to say I am cheating on my blood bonded mate? Especially since you know that is an insult to me and my mate.”

Simon looked from Tim to everyone else in the room and after seeing he had no support he stormed out the room.

Andrew turned to hold Jamie and bury his face in Jamie neck. He had never stood up to anyone before but when Simon had insulted Jamie his instinct had been to defend and protect his mate. Now it was over he just wanted to crawl away and hide.

Jamie’s arms came around him “Come on babe, don’t spoil your performance by hiding now” the words were spoken directly into Andrews ear as Jamie laid kisses down the side of his face. He took a deep breath and lifted his face to look at his amused mate.

He rolled his eyes at Jamie’s expression before turning to face the crowd again. Tim was looking pleased and no one seemed to be laughing at him.

Tim stepped forward “Just so you know I was telling the truth, Jamie was with me last Saturday and we met up with the gang at the pub…” he trailed off when Andrew waved a dismissive hand at him.

“Jamie already set his reputation to rights with me, not that anything he has done before we were together matters anyway.”

Rosie stepped forward again “Well ignore Simon anyway, he’s just jealous. He’s been looking for his mate for over two hundred years and never found the person. We are all happy for you both. It has been fun watching Jamie trying to get your attention though. It will be a shame to lose that entertainment” She started laughing when Andrew blushed.

“But” She continued after a moment “I can see some better entertainment coming our way” she was looking over Andrews shoulder at Jamie who was trying to look innocent “You do know he loves playing jokes?”

Andrew glared at his mate but couldn’t maintain the expression in the face of Jamie’s twinkling eyes. They both grinned at each other “I think I can give as good as I get” Andrew replied to Rosie without turning.

“Well as much as I would love to stay and see what else happens tonight I have business here and then I need to get back to the Council Building” Tim drew everyone’s attention as he handed a folder to Andrew “Rickman asked me to drop this paperwork off to you on my way in tonight. He said you’d know where it all went and could you please copy and file it all?”

“I’ll have it done as soon as possible tell him.”

After a few more questions from their colleagues the couple finally managed to get to their work.

The work in the clinic was slow so Jamie set up a small desk in the corner of Andrew’s office and tried to catch up on paper work. Instead he spent most of his time watching the young vampire slog through piles of work.  At midnight he went to the staff room and retrieved his lunch and a bottle of blood for Andrew.

Back in Andrew’s office Jamie stepped up behind Andrew and started to massage his stiff shoulders. Andrew sighed and melted back against him causing Jamie to smile. He started laying kisses down the side of Andrew’s neck and then gently nipped at the edge of his ear.

Between one breath and the next Andrew was out of his chair and had Jamie pinned to the desk.

He kissed him with a sudden hungry passion before trailing kisses across to Jamie’s ear.

“Never bite a vampire unless you want the favor returned tenfold” Andrew panted in his ear.

“Well I did bring you a bottle of blood but if you want it straight from the source” Jamie replied breathlessly. He then tipped his head back exposing his throat to Andrew in invitation.

Andrew jerked back in shock.

“Jamie do you mean it?” the hunger and strain was clear in his voice. He wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs deep into his mate’s neck, but he knew that once he had a taste he would want more and he couldn’t take it if Jamie changed his mind after.

Jamie looked deep into Andrew’s eyes as he answered.

“I want nothing more than for you to feed from me. I offer my blood freely and without any condition. I know this will start the bond because we are mates and I hope to complete the bond when we’re ready, but until then!” he tipped his head back again and waited.

Andrew didn’t hesitate, he used his vampire speed to run and lock both the doors and then pinned Jamie back tightly against the desk with his hips. He ran his hands over as much of his mate’s body as he could and then put his lips by Jamie’s ear.

“Do you know the spell Casey used to strip me to my boxers when I was hurt?” He asked in a voice full of controlled desire. He saw Jamie’s lips curl into a smile before they started moving in a silent spell.

All their clothes disappeared and reappeared folded neatly on Andrew’s chair.

“Oh I can see you’re going to push your luck often my mate” Andrew purred before resuming running his hands over Jamie’s now bare skin.

He ran his hands down Jamie’s front and wrapped his hand around the hard leaking cock he found there, relishing the indrawn breath and the moan of pleasure this got.

Jamie’s hips started pumping involuntarily so Andrew used his free hand to hold him still.

“Do you know what effect a vampire bite has on their mate? Even without the blood bond, a bond has already started to form” Jamie’s only answer was a whine of frustration; he grabbed Andrew by the hair and pulled him down to his neck.

Andrew ran his tongue over Jamie’s thundering pulse point causing Jamie’s erection to jerk in his hand.

Without warning Andrew struck sinking his fangs deep into Jamie’s neck.

Jamie jerked once then wrapped his arms around Andrew to pull him tighter to him.

Andrew fought to control how much blood he took. The first taste of his mate’s blood was like a fine wine and he wanted to drink his fill. But he knew that if he took too much it would leave Jamie too weak to work for the remainder of the night.

He sucked slowly drawing out the pleasure and enjoying the slow burn going through his system.

After a few minutes he started to stroke Jamie harder and faster causing him to gasp. Jamie opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out, he then jerked once in Andrew’s hold before coming hard, hitting Andrew in the chest. Andrew removed his fangs and licked the wound closed. He then grabbed his own cock and started a fast hard rhythm. He came after only a few strokes and sprayed his seed over Jamie’s spent cock and thighs. He had to grab the desk to stop himself from falling into Jamie as his vision greyed for a few seconds.

“Oh God!” Jamie gasped, pulling Andrew close for a long kiss, not caring a bit about the taste of his own blood or the fact they were getting stuck together. “That was fucking fantastic”

Andrew laughed at Jamie’s words. He reached over and snagged his boxers from the clothing pile then used them to clean them both up so they could dress.

He then sat Jamie down at his desk and made him start eating his lunch, while he went to unlock the doors.

Jamie ate his lunch slowly with one hand while he used the other to keep trailing a touch over the bite on his neck. Each time his fingers brushed the spot an echo of pleasure shivered through him.

He heard Andrew unlock the doors and then come to stand behind him.

“Are you ok?” Andrew asked as he ran a hand over Jamie’s head, the concern was evident in his voice.

Jamie looked up at him and then pulled him down for a slow loving kiss. “Ok doesn’t even come close. I have never felt anything like that before but” he tossed a sultry look at Andrew “I have a feeling I will be feeling it a lot now”

Andrew grinned and was leaning in for another kiss when a knock sounded at the door.

Andrew answered the door and found Jackson outside.

As Andrew showed Jackson into the office Jamie cleared the last of his lunch off the desk.

“Jackson, nice to see you. I was just having lunch with Andrew but I’ll let you two have some privacy”

He was just about to head through the door when Jackson spoke “No Jamie I think you had better hear this too.”

Jamie returned to stand by Andrew who took his hand and squeezed it in reassurance. Jackson took the guest chair in front of Andrew’s desk and indicated the other chair to them. Andrew sat and pulled Jamie down into his lap. The scene should have been funny, although Andrew was taller than Jamie, Jamie was more muscular and it was hard for Andrew to wrap his arms around his mate. But Jamie needed the comfort of his mate because from the look on Jackson’s face this was not going to be good news, so Andrew wrapped around Jamie as much as possible and waited to hear what had happened.

When they were all settled Andrew noticed the unopened bottle of blood on the desk.

“Please help yourself if you’re hungry” He said to Jackson indicating the bottle.

“Isn’t that your lunch? You need to eat regularly you know”

“Oh” Andrew blushed “I had my lunch thanks!”

Jamie’s hand went automatically to his neck and Jackson noticed the movement and smiled when he realized Jamie had been Andrew ‘lunch’.

“I see” he said as he took the bottle and the couple blushed. He drank down half the bottle in one go and then set it down.

“Right, I thought you may want an update on the Samuel situation”

Andrew flinched at the mention of Samuel’s name and Jamie frowned at his reaction but before he could comment Jackson continuing.

“We managed to bribe a few people in Samuel’s community. Samuel is telling everyone that Andrew is his mate and that we as a community are keeping him against his will. As you know it is an offence to deliberately keep mates apart and he is playing on that to get his community up in arms against us. I should also warn you Andrew that your parents are on their way here. They should be here within a week. They have assured their community that they will bring you back with them”

At this Andrews breathing sped up.

“Don’t worry” Jackson hurried to reassure the young vampire “They can’t force you to leave. They can however request to see you and to see for themselves that you are not being kept here by force. You are over 18 and here under my sponsorship, they will be leaving empty handed and with a sharp lesson in parenting if I have anything to do with it. What you two do to prepare for their arrival is of course up to you”

Jamie caught the unsaid suggestion that if they completed the blood bonding Andrew parents would have no leg to stand on.

“My parents kicked me out with nothing but the clothes on my back because they found out I was gay. But now that my potential mate is an Elder it’s ok! All they are looking at is the social standing they will gain from me being bonded with an Elder”

Andrew was shaking with rage. He was no longer the shy vampire Jackson and Jamie had met. He was now a vampire that was ready to defend his mate, even if it was against his own parents, trying to take him away from Jamie.

Suddenly he felt Jamie shaking and realized that his mate was crying quietly and trying to hide his face in Andrew’s chest. Andrew met Jackson eyes and Jackson nodded silently before slipping away.

Andrew slowly stroked Jamie’s head and down his back trying to calm him down.

“No one is ever going to take me away from you or you away from me. You are my destined mate, some vampires wait and look for years and never find their mate. I am 21 years old and I have you now. I will never let you go”

At his last words Jamie looked up and Andrew leant in to give him a soft kiss. The kiss soon deepened and when they separated they were both flushed and panting for breath.

“Your place or mine? I don’t want to be separated from you right now” Andrew said holding Jamie tightly.

“Mine is nearer” Jamie answered in a voice rough from his crying he leaned in to kiss the side of Andrew’s neck.

“Now” Andrew growled.

He lifted Jamie to his feet and then waited while Jamie locked up the clinic and made sure everything was put away for the day.

They didn’t speak as they headed for Andrew’s car but they didn’t let go of each other’s hands until they had to.

Back at the house they quickly filled in Casey on what was happening, and then they headed for Jamie’s room and relaxed in bed watching a DVD.

Jamie fell asleep halfway through cuddled up to Andrew’s chest with an arm tightly round him to ensure he didn’t move away in the day.


At work a few nights later Jamie was at his usual desk in the corner of Andrew’s office. He found that doing his paperwork in with Andrew was relaxing and people knew where to find him as the clinic had an adjoining door. This particular night Jamie was having a problem with his concentration, Andrew had been being very secretive recently and when Jamie confronted him about it all Andrew had said is that he was working on a surprise.

This had helped the worry but Jamie was now very curious instead and was finding it hard to concentrate without knowing what was going on. All Andrew would say was not to plan anything of their next night off together.

Tomorrow was their next night off and Jamie was so wound up that he finally pushed his work aside with a huff.

Andrew who had been watching his mate from his desk started laughing. He knew his mate was insanely curious but he wasn’t budging. He had given Casey the keys to his house and in the morning Casey would set everything up while he and Jamie slept.

“Finished your work, Love?” Andrew asked trying to smooth out his expression.

“Yes thank you, DEAR” Jamie said in a snooty voice, dragging out the last word sarcastically.

This made Andrew laugh even harder until he suddenly felt ice cold water fall on his head. He looked up and saw a small upturned glass suspended in midair above his head.

With a pop the glass disappeared and was replaced with a full one. Andrews eyes widened in mild panic (that water had been very cold).

“No please, I’ll stop laughing honest”

The glass disappeared and he looked at his mate who was doubled over with laughter.

Jamie suddenly found himself pinned backwards over the desk he had been using with Andrew rubbing his wet hair on him.

“Get off, get off” Jamie cried, trying to wiggle free.

When Jamie was good and damp Andrew let him up.

“I believe it is time to head home” he said with a smirk.

Jamie glared at him then muttered under his breath. Two things happened, firstly Jamie was instantly dry and secondly another glass of water appeared and tipped itself over Andrews head.

“Yes let’s get home” Jamie said between giggles, as he headed out the door at a fast run.

Andrew gave chase but made sure to stay behind Jamie to continue the game, he liked to see his mate laughing and having fun.

As he approached a corner in the corridor he heard a thud and a yelp. He put on a burst of speed and rounded the corner to see Simon pinning Jamie to the wall by his throat. Jamie was gasping for air and clawing ineffectually at Simon’s hand.

“Let. My. Mate. Down. Now” Andrew said in a cold voice that spoke of suppressed fury.

Simon’s head spun to look at Andrew and his eye’s went round when saw the rage on Andrew’s face.

“This witch ran straight into me” He spat as he let Jamie fall to the floor in a heap.

Andrew immediately crouched at Jamie’s side trying to hear what he was saying.

“I apologized immediately but he wouldn’t listen. He said he was going to snap my neck” Jamie croaked in a low whisper.

“He’s lying of course” Simon scoffed, starting to look a little wild around the eyes “He would say anything to get back at me for calling him a whore, which he is”

“You know he is my mate and yet you still put your hands on him in anger. I will be reporting this to Jackson and you know what the punishment will be” Andrew said, without turning from Jamie who had started coughing and was in obvious pain.

Simon went pale (even for a vampire) and started to shake “You don’t need to involve Jackson. He’ll go mad. He is mad. I’ll apologize and stay out your way. I promise!” He was babbling by the end.

“If I don’t tell Jackson then Casey will when he finds out. I am assuming Casey already knows and is on his way?” He raised an eyebrow at Jamie who nodded to show he had already mind-linked with Casey to get him there.

Andrew turned to Simon “You should remember that twins can mind-link the same as mates can and I’m sure Casey will want a word with you”

As he spoke Casey and Jackson came barreling down the corridor. Casey pushed Andrew to the side and knelt by his twin to assess the damage. He immediately started chanting a soft spell and the lines of pain faded from Jamie’s eyes as the bruise on his throat started to fade from purple to yellow.

Meanwhile Jackson had pinned Simon to the wall with a glare

“Explain Andrew!” he demanded not breaking eye contact with Simon.

Andrew quickly filled Jackson in on what had happened and all that had been said, including what Jamie had accused Simon of saying before he got there.

Jackson turned to Casey “Can he talk?” he asked referring to Jamie.

Casey shook his head “No his throat will be sore till at least tomorrow, magic can only do so much. But I can talk for him”

Jackson nodded “What happened when you ran into Simon?” he addressed the question to Jamie but turned to Casey for the answer.

Casey repeated everything Jamie told him through the mind-link. “I came round the corner too quickly and ran straight into Simon. I apologized immediately but Simon pinned me to the wall by my throat. He said that I was a witch whore and that I was not good enough to mate a vampire. He said he was going to snap my neck and put me out of my misery. Then Andrew came round the corner and the rest you know”

Andrew was getting more and more angry listening to Casey account of what Jamie was saying. He turned on Simon “You know Jamie is my mate and yet you still threatened him. He has done nothing to you but be kind and generous. Why?”

Everyone turned when the sound of someone clearing their throat was heard from a nearby doorway. Rosie was watching them all timidly but she looked determined and took a deep breath before speaking.

“I can help with some of things you’ve all been speaking about” she said quietly and moved nearer to Jackson who turned to fully face her so he could hear her. But he did pin Simon to the wall with a hand on his chest to ensure he didn’t move.

At Jackson’s nod Rosie continued: “Simon knew exactly what he was doing and Jamie is telling the truth as I heard the thud of Jamie running into Simon and came to the door to see what was going on. I heard Simon telling Jamie he would break his neck. Also Simon has been bitching about Jamie and Casey since he arrived in the community. He says that the twins are both witch whores who use magic to seduce unwilling men, and then wipe their memories with more magic to stay out of trouble. He says they should be run out of town or even better they should be put down so no one has to suffer any more with their presence” By the end of her statement she had shrunk back against Casey who had turned slightly from Jamie to put an arm round her. Jackson and Andrew both looked like they were ready to explode.

Simon had been glaring at Rosie and when she finished he started ranting at her “You bitch. I should have been quicker to snap that whore’s neck and then I could have come after you too. You will regret the day you stood against me. Samuel has promised to get me made an elder as long as I keep that wimp Andrew away from anyone who could take his innocence while he’s here. Samuel will be coming to get him and will be taking me with him when he goes back to his community…”

He trailed off as he suddenly realized what he was saying and that everyone glaring at him with varying degrees of anger.

Jackson had gone red with rage and his hand was now round Simon’s neck and getting tighter. Andrew was trying to rise as well to get to Simon but Jamie was clinging to him and it would hurt Jamie to try and move him.

“You would think to insult and threaten two men who are essential to this community. They have saved more lives than you will ever know and you would want to harm them or cause them to leave us. Lastly you would work for an enemy of our community, to help him harm another of our community. One that is here under my sponsorship and protection, one who I would treat as my own son. For this crime against our community I find you guilty and unworthy of living, so …”

With his last words he changed his grip on Simon’s neck and snapped it with one sharp movement. As Simon went limp Jackson took a silver knife out of an inside pocket of his jacket, with one efficient thrust he drove it into Simon’s heart and Simon turned to dust.

Casey looked up briefly before muttering a spell causing the dust to lift up and float to the nearest bin before dropping in.

“No need to give the cleaners more work!” he stated before turning back to Jamie. “I’ll take him home. You and Andrew can meet us there but he will be put to sleep as soon as I get him on a flat surface.”

With that statement Casey placed his hand on Jamie’s shoulder and they both disappeared with a small pop.


Later Andrew was sitting on the couch with Jamie’s head in his lap. As Casey had promised Jamie had been asleep on the couch when he had arrived with Jackson close behind him.

Jackson had insisted on going over any conversations Andrew had ever had with Simon. When he was finally satisfied he had got everything Andrew remembered about the other vampire he had left to ensure he got home before sunrise.

Casey had gone back to bed as soon as Andrew had arrived saying if he and Jamie kept getting him up early he was going to start getting Jamie to cover some of his shift so he could sleep. Before he left Casey told Andrew that everything for the next night had been organized and that he would make sure Andrews house keys were on the kitchen side so he could pick them up tomorrow.

Andrew had watched a DVD with Jamie asleep on his lap until it was nearly sun rise, he had then carried Jamie to bed passing Casey going to work on the way. He laid in bed with his mate cuddled to his side and thanked God that he hadn’t lost Jamie that night.



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