Jamie and Andrew – Chapter seven

Here is the next Chapter to my story that I am currently posting on the Gay Authors website. It stars Jamie and Andrew.

I have decided to also post the story here with a new chapter every week.

Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories www.gayauthors.org and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

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Chapter seven – How to seduce a witch!!!

Jamie woke the next evening with a dry throat but otherwise none the worse for wear.

He looked up at Andrew, whose chest he was resting on. His mate looked so young when he slept. Over the last week Jamie had grown to love his mate and he knew Andrew would protect and care for him. He also knew that in return he would protect and care for Andrew with everything he had.

He started laying kisses on Andrew’s chest and slowly moved down towards his stomach and the half hard length that waited him there. Andrew moaned but didn’t wake up until Jamie took his whole length in his mouth at once.

Andrew shot awake and his hands latched onto Jamie’s head fisting into his hair. Jamie used his hands on Andrew’s hips to encourage him to thrust into his mouth. Andrew was hesitant at first but his body’s needs soon took over and he started moving harder and faster, going right to the back of Jamie’s throat.

He stiffened and Jamie swallowed quickly as his mouth was filled with his mates cum.

When he had swallowed all there was he kissed his way back up Andrew’s body. As he reached Andrew’s face he found himself being flipped onto his back. Andrew quickly kissed his way down Jamie’s body, even licking up the puddle of pre-cum Jamie’s hard cock had left on his belly.

When he reached his goal he started by licking from the base to the tip, paying special attention to the glands. He then moved down and started sucking on Jamie’s balls, pulling one and then the other into his hot wet mouth.

This may have been his first time doing this but recently he had been doing a lot of research on the internet and he wanted to try everything he had seen at least once.

Finally he attempted to take as much of Jamie’s cock into his mouth as he could.

Jamie was fisting his hands in the sheets in an effort to keep control and not let his hips move. But as Andrew took the head of his cock deeper into his mouth it was too much. Jamie thrust up once and came hard. Andrew only choked once then managed to swallow all of his mates offering.

When he finally moved back to face Jamie he found his mouth taken in a steamy kiss.

Jamie then looked deep into his eyes before pulling his head down to his neck.

“Why not have breakfast in bed?” Jamie whispered in Andrews’s ear.

Andrew smiled to himself before licking across Jamie’s neck where his previous bites could still be seen. He sank his fangs in slowly then drew long pulls on Jamie’s intoxicating blood. Jamie started to moan and writhe under Andrew as pleasure seeped from the bite down through his body.

By the time the pleasure reached his groin Jamie was achingly hard and leaking again. Andrew reached down and started to stroke him hard and fast, while also increasing the intensity of his bite on Jamie’s neck.

Jamie’s mouth opened in a silent scream as he came hard for the second time that night.

“There’s more where that came from, my mate” Andrew purred into Jamie’s ear as his mate panted to catch his breath.

“Are you going to tell me what this surprise is then?” Jamie asked when he could talk again.

Andrew smiled “First we need to shower, then we need to dress and then you need to eat…” Jamie jumped on him and pinned him to the bed.

“Are vampires ticklish?” he asked with an evil grin, before he began to tickle every part of Andrew he could reach.

Andrew curled into a ball to try and protect himself and to block Jamie’s hands.

“I give, I give” He gasped laughing. He could have gotten away from Jamie very easily if he had wanted to but he felt using his vampire strength would have been cheating.

“I won’t tell you what the surprise is but I will tell you that it is at my place. Now you need to eat”

He got out of bed intending on going to the kitchen to get Jamie food and serve him in bed like Jamie had him. As he approached the door he saw a note pinned to it address to him. He pulled in down and unfolded it to read:


            What better way to start a romantic evening than by serving him in bed. So I took the liberty of preparing Jamie’s favorite food. Just lay this card on the bed, touch your finger to it and repeat the words written on the back out loud.

                        Have a great night

                        Casey xx

Andrew grinned and sauntered back to the bed. Jamie watched as he laid the card on the bed, placed on finger on it and read the words on the back out loud. The card started to glow and then rose into the air to hover over the bed. It slowly started to transform into a sliver tray. On the tray was a small vase with a single red rose in it. Also on there was a glass of orange juice, a plate of waffles and some syrup.

“You got help from Casey I see!” Jamie said as he reached for a note that had appeared taped to the glass of orange juice.


            Enjoy the food and the rest of your night.

I assume Andrew has already eaten or if not will do so when you’re finished eating

            Love C xx

Andrew and Jamie laughed over the note while Jamie devoured the food and downed the drink.

“Right, last one in the shower has to wash the winner’s back” Jamie shouted jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom.

Andrew put on a burst of vampire speed and easily beat Jamie to the bathroom and even had the water running ready for them.

“That’s cheating” Jamie complained as he brushed his teeth at the sink before moving to join Andrew in the shower.

“So is taking off while still talking” Andrew shot back with a raised eyebrow and pulled Jamie under the water and gave him a steamy kiss.


Jamie kept up a constant stream of questions, trying to get more information on the surprise, during the entire drive to Andrews’s house.

When they arrived he dragged Andrew up to the door and waited impatiently for Andrew to unlock it.

As soon as he had the door open Andrew swept Jamie into his arms. Jamie gave a yelp and wrapped his arms round Andrews’s neck.

“What are you doing?” he squealed.

“Just hold on and enjoy the ride” Andrew laughed as he pushed the door open the rest of the way.

He was pleased to hear Jamie’s gasp of pleasure and surprise as they crossed the threshold of his home. Magical lights had appeared leading the way along the main corridor towards the bedroom. On the floor was a trial of red rose petals, creating a red carpet for them to walk on.

Andrew slipped Jamie’s shoes off and set him down on the petal trail. He then gave him a soft nudge to get him to move forward and follow the trail laid out for him.

As Jamie set off Andrew quickly toed off his own shoes and followed his mate to see his reaction to the rest of the surprise.

As Jamie entered the bedroom he felt more of Casey’s magic flare to life. Small lights floated in the air creating a candle light atmosphere that highlighted the red silk sheets that adorned the big bed in the center of the room.

Jamie moved slowly into the room in a trance. Next to the bed, which was also covered in a light smattering of rose petals, was a round table that held a platter of fruit, a bottle of champagne with two glasses already filed and a chocolate fondue.

Andrew came up behind his mate and led him gently towards the bed and the chocolate. After he had Jamie sitting on the edge of the bed he dipped a strawberry into the chocolate and held it to Jamie’s lips. Jamie’s eyes met his and he saw tears shining in them before he closed them and opened his mouth for the food.

Andrew slipped the fruit halfway into Jamie’s mouth and tapped his chin to get him to bite.

As he chewed Jamie opened his eyes again and met Andrew’s gaze. He saw a whole host of emotions, the upper most were uncertainty and what he thought looked like…love.

As Andrew watched a single tear escaped Jamie’s eye and he wiped his thumb tenderly over Jamie’s cheek.

“What’s wrong Love?” he asked, worried he’d made a mistake with this surprise. Maybe Jamie thought it was too soon?

“I love you” Jamie blurted out before he could change his mind and chicken out.

He then watched as Andrew’s face lit up with joy.

Andrew felt the elation flow through him and he threw his arms round Jamie’s neck causing both of them to fall flat on the bed.

“I love you too! Andrew gasped as he covered Jamie’s face with kisses.

Jamie laughed with happiness and drew Andrew into a long kiss that quickly turned passionate.

When they broke apart Andrew looked into Jamie’s eyes and taking a deep breath for courage he said “I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please will you bond with me?”

Jamie smiled and answered without hesitation “I will gladly bond with you and I will be honored to be by your side forever”

Andrew gave a small yell of triumph before pushing Jamie back onto the bed and claiming another hot kiss.

“I need to touch you please!” Andrew said in a voice full of need and restrained control.

Jamie grinned then muttered their by now favorite spell. Their clothes disappeared and reappeared folded neatly on the floor by the door.

Jamie relaxed back on the bed, he moved his hands over his head and spread his legs. He let all the love he felt for his soon to be bonded mate show in his face, as he said “I’m yours now and forever, please take me and complete the bond”

Andrew stared down at his perfect mate. His man was big, strong and what everyone thought of when they thought of an alpha male. Yet here he was willing to submit to Andrew because he knew that to complete the bond Andrew needed to be inside his mate. They had spoken about this time coming and Jamie knew Andrew was a virgin, however Andrew also knew that Jamie had never let anyone inside him either. Therefore at this time they were both virgins.

Since Andrew knew all this was new ground for both of them he vowed he would take it slowly.

He started by picking up some more fruit and dipping it in the chocolate, but instead of feeding it to Jamie he trailed the fruit over Jamie’s body leaving a trail down his chest. He then leaned forward and started licking the chocolate off working his way down until Jamie was giggling from the feel of Andrew’s tongue on all his sensitive places.

By the time Andrew reached Jamie’s groin they were both rock hard and leaking. He gave a swift lick to Jamie’s cock to clean off the pre-cum before moving lower to suck on his balls that were heavy and had a musky taste overlaid by a taste that was uniquely Jamie.

Sliding his arms under Jamie’s legs he raised them enough to allow a pillow to be slid under his mate butt raising it up so he could reach his pucker with his tongue. He kept flicking his tongue over the opening until it was twitching and Jamie was begging for more.

He reached down and under the bed to where he had stashed a tube of lube and a silver knife. He tucked the knife safely at the edge of the bed and flicked the lid off the lube.

Jamie was moaning in frustration at the loss of Andrew’s mouth on him.

“Now Love, please, don’t stop. I need you now” the words kept tumbling out of his mouth as he begged and pleaded for Andrew to do something, anything.

He felt Andrew’s fingers slick with lube circling his pucker and before he could begin begging again one finger breached his virgin hole.

He gasped at the full feeling of that single digit and had to force his muscles to relax as Andrew moved slowly, pushing in and pulling gently out.

Soon Jamie was begging for more and the slow process was repeated with two and then three fingers.

Andrew couldn’t believe how tight Jamie felt around his fingers. As soon as he felt Jamie was ready he reached for the lube again and greased up his aching erection. He started to slowly push into the tight hot sheath of his mate and gasped at the slick heat that slowly encased him.

Jamie gasped and tensed at the first penetration of Andrew’s cock, he felt his mate freeze and he took some deep breaths to help his muscles relax.  As soon as he had relaxed Andrew slowly pushed in more until they were fully joined.

Andrew drew Jamie’s leg around his waist so he could lower himself down and capture his lover’s lips. He started a slow rocking motion and remembering something he had researched he kept subtly changing the angle he was rocking at until he heard Jamie’s gasp of pure pleasure.

“Yes just there… Don’t stop… Please … Please… More” The words kept coming as Andrew pulled back and thrust forward hard ensuring he hit that special spot each and every time.

As he increased the speed of his thrusts he watched Jamie thrashing and pleading beneath him.

When he couldn’t hold back any longer he reached for the knife and slashed a short cut across his own shoulder. He then dropped down and sank his fangs into Jamie’s neck while simultaneously bringing Jamie’s lips to his shoulder. He felt Jamie flinch once before latching onto his shoulder and drinking the blood he was offering.

Andrew felt the bond snap into place and he felt Jamie’s surprise and then pleasure as the mind-link connected them.

Jamie suddenly stiffened and as he came he let go of Andrew’s shoulder. The contractions of Jamie’s muscles around his cock sent Andrew hurtling over the edge. The mind-link sent the pleasure from each of them back to the other, keeping their orgasm’s going until they both collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed.

Andrew lapped at the bite on Jamie’s neck to ensure it closed and he felt the slash on his shoulder already knitting itself together. As he felt himself slip out of Jamie he felt Jamie’s flinch of pain. He moved off his mate and knelt to the side “Turn over Love and I’ll make you feel better”

Jamie turned onto his front and he felt Andrew parting his cheeks. He then felt his mate’s tongue lapping around his sore hole and the pain soon lessened to a dull ache.

“Remember vampire saliva has healing properties for small things” Andrew said using their new mind-link.

Jamie smiled and using the mind-link too he replied “I remember”.

Jamie started to yawn and Andrew drew him over him so his head was resting on his mate’s chest. The last thing he remembered was Andrew laying a small kiss on his head and a feeling of love and safety before he drifted off to sleep.


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