Jamie and Andrew – Chapter eight

Here is the next Chapter to my story that I am currently posting on the Gay Authors website. It stars Jamie and Andrew.

I have decided to also post the story here with a new chapter every week.

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Chapter eight – My mind to your mind

Andrew woke with a start from a light doze and smiled to see Jamie still sleep on his chest. He looked around to try and see what had woken him and he nearly shot out of the bed when he heard a voice in his mind that definitely wasn’t Jamie’s.

“Jamie”, the voice said, “wake up. I need help at the clinic.” The voice was getting louder and louder towards the end.

Eventually he felt Jamie stirring and Andrew heard him replying “Ok, Ok Case. I’m awake, what’s going on? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Sorry to interrupt your evening but I have three witch nurses off sick and three new cases of that magical virus just came in. I need you and your magic here”

“I’ll be right there!” Jamie assured his brother cutting the connection and turning to Andrew.

“Sorry Babe, but I need you to drive me back to my place. Casey needs…” Jamie trailed off when he saw Andrew didn’t seem to be listening “Babe! What’s wrong?” he asked laying a hand on Andrews shoulder.

Andrew shook his head “Casey needs you back at the clinic because he had three nurses off sick and three new cases of that magical virus.”

Jamie’s eyes went wide as Andrew repeated what Casey had said. “How could you have heard all that?” He asked shocked.

“I don’t know but I do think we should call and ask Jackson to meet us at the clinic so I can talk to him while you work.”

Jamie agreed and Andrew made the call while Jamie extinguished all the magic in the house as it would be drawing slightly on Casey’s magic to keep it going and his brother needed all his energy.

After dressing they made the short drive to the clinic in silence as they both tried to work out what may have happened. When they arrived Jackson was already in the reception area and Andrew stopped to fill him in while Jamie went in search of his twin.


Found Casey in an examination room treating a sick vampire, “Hey Case, I’ll take over you get to bed. You’ll be needed in the morning for the day clinic”

Casey agreed but before he reached the door Jamie stopped him.

“By the way Bro, when you get up for work come find me before you start. We need to talk about a few things.” He then turned back to his patient and Casey headed for bed.


Andrew had filled Jackson in on what had happened after he and Jamie had joined. Now he watched as Jackson paced back and forth in obvious thought about this new situation.

“The only explanation I can think of is that because Jamie and Casey are twins you all share the mind-link. Tomorrow night try and talk to Casey before he goes to bed and ask him about his mind-link with Jamie. Then we will arrange a time for all of us to meet and discuss what you three come up with.”

Andrew nodded as the older vampire took his leave to return to his duties, but not before he reminded Andrew that if he needed him again he was always only a call away.

Andrew headed for the door that connected to the house and after entering the code, he decided to head for the training room while he waited for his mate to finish his work.


Jamie came to find him two hours later looking exhausted but pleased.

“We finally sent the last one home, feeling tired but healthy.” He told Andrew around a yawn. Suddenly he found himself swept up in Andrew’s arms and he was being carried out of the training room towards the kitchen.

Andrew deposited his mate in a chair and rummaged through the cupboards before finally settling on doing some toast with jam on it and a glass of orange juice. He set the food and drink in front of Jamie and watched while he ate it in a trance.

When the food was finished he scooped Jamie back into his arms and headed upstairs to Jamie’s bedroom. After stripping him he got Jamie tucked up in bed but when he went to let go so he could get undressed too he found Jamie had latched onto his arm and was not looking likely to let go.

“Jamie, Love? Let go so I can strip. I can’t sleep in these clothes” Andrew cajoled quietly into Jamie’s ear.

Jamie finally opened his eyes long enough to meet Andrews, he smile tiredly “You’re not leaving?” He asked sleepily.

“No. I’m never leaving your side unless I have to, ever” Andrew assured him, finally getting his arm free and starting to strip.

When Andrew got into bed Jamie snuggled up to him and kissed his chest before falling into a deep sleep.


Andrew woke to hear Casey calling Jamie again so he replied using the mind-link, “He’s asleep Casey and is exhausted. I’ll be out in a moment.”

Andrew felt Casey’s shock through the link before he broke it and tried to get up. He gently moved Jamie’s and slipped his pillow into his mate’s arms when he tried to grab hold of him again. He pulled on his clothes and quietly went out the door.

Casey was pacing up and down the corridor and when he saw Andrew he tipped his head towards the stairs indicating for Andrew to follow.

They headed for the kitchen and Andrew filled Casey in while the witch made himself breakfast.

Casey joined him at the table with his food and ate while he thought.

“Firstly, let me apologise for cutting your evening short although I didn’t know you had a bonding planned. I had to have Jamie here as I couldn’t cope alone.

Now as to this new development I may have a theory but we will need to talk to Jamie as well when he is awake to test it. My theory is that because Jamie and I are connected mentally as twins, just as you and Jamie are now connected mentally as mates. When Jamie and I were children we had no control over our mind-link. Any and all thoughts we had were shared between us. Thoughts could start with one of us and finish with the other. Essentially we were one mind in two bodies. As we grew older we learned to separate our thoughts and we started to have our own opinions on things. Eventually we learned to close our minds to each other unless we needed to communicate. I think the blood bond between you and Jamie is at the middle. Although you both have your separates thoughts your minds are still open to each other and so your thoughts are also open to me. Before you both go to work tonight we can all sit down and speak. Then Jamie can run you through some basic mind exercises to help us separate each other. It shouldn’t take you long to be able to control your mind like we do, so you can connect to me or Jamie at will.”

Andrew’s mind was whirling with all the information Casey had given him. After a few minutes silence he nodded. “I think I get it. We’ll see what happens tonight”

With that he headed back to bed while Casey headed for the clinic. He cuddled Jamie back into his arms and fell asleep happy with his mate.


Jamie and Andrew were woken that night by Jamie’s magic alarm.

Jamie shut it off and snuggled back into Andrew’s body, not wanting to get out of the warm bed.

“Come on you two, up you get” Casey’s voice echoed in both their heads.

They both sighed and untangled themselves.

“Be there in fifteen minutes, after we’ve showered” Andrew sent to Casey and guided a still sleepy Jamie towards the bathroom.

After a quick shower they met Casey in the kitchen.

Casey set food in front of Jamie and a glass of blood in front of Andrew. Jamie looked at the glass of blood but Andrew cut him off before he could offer his blood.

“No Love, after the bonding last night your body needs to adjust first. You’ll be fine by morning or we can wait till tomorrow night”

Jamie nodded reluctantly and started to eat while Casey filled him in on his conversation with Andrew, including his theory and what he thought needed to be done.

Jamie frowned, “I guess I hadn’t thought about our mind-links overlapping. But it may come in handy someday”

Andrew finished his blood and laid a hand on Jamie’s knee. He felt a shudder go through the bigger man and Jamie leant against him till they were touching shoulder to ankle.

Casey made his excuses and headed for bed; Jamie finished his food and cleared the table.

When he sat back down he sat opposite Andrew and held out both his hands. Andrew took the offered hands and raised an eyebrow.

“We’re going to do the exercises Casey told you about this morning. This will be a crash course in mind-links” Jamie linked their fingers together “First try and tell me something with your mind”

Andrew tried to tell Jamie he loved him but he found his message rebounding back as though it was hitting a wall. He looked at Jamie in shock but Jamie squeezed his hands in reassurance.

“Good now it’s your turn. I want you to picture a wall of solid stone and imagine it built high around your mind. When your ready squeeze my hands.”

Andrew closed his eyes to better concentrate; he imagined the solid wall and then pictured it surrounding his mind, protecting it. He squeezed Jamie’s hands and waited.

Suddenly he felt a presence outside the wall. He found he could fell that it was Jamie but he couldn’t hear what it was that his mate was trying to say.

Jamie was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Andrew had grasped the concept of blocking his mind. He was proud of his mate. He squeezed Andrews’s hands to get his attention.

“Well done. Now that you know how to block anyone from your mind you need to know how to let in someone you trust so they can speak to you. I want you to picture two doors in your wall, one with my name on it and one with Casey’s name on it. When you feel me outside my door I want you to open it.”

Andrew nodded and when he had pictured what he’d been told he squeezed Jamie’s hands. He felt Jamie’s presence almost immediately and he opened a door to allow his mate in.

“Well done my Love. Now two last things. There will be times when you don’t want to be interrupted, like if you’re in a meeting or asleep. All you have to do then is imagine a do not disturb sign for each door and not allow us in if we contact you.  However, there may be times when one of us needs you in am emergency. I am going to warn you this will sound very loud in your head.

Now picture the do not disturb signs and do not allow me in”

Andrew did as he was told and when he felt Jamie’s presence he ignored it. He then felt the presence at his minds door getting slowly stronger as though Jamie was beating on the door. Suddenly the door gave way and he heard Jamie’s voice shouting in his mind “I love you” over and over again.

He let out a yelp and yanked his hands out of Jamie’s so he could clap them over his ears.

Jamie stopped his assault immediately and waited for Andrew to calm down.

“That was very loud” Andrew whined.

“Yes, but in an emergency it is needed” Jamie stated firmly. “Now you try to do the same to me”

Jamie took Andrew’s hands again and waited. He felt the presence of his mate at one of his minds doors but ignored it. The presence slowly grew until the door opened with a bang in his mind and Andrews’s voice came through clearly “I love you too”.

As soon as Jamie squeezed Andrews hands the shouting stopped.

“You’ve done really well, you have a wonderful imagination.” Jamie glanced at his watch “we’d better get going or we’ll be late for work. When we stop for lunch I’ll show you some fun things the mind-link can be used for”

Andrew blushed at the leer in Jamie’s voice as he said ‘fun things’ and they headed out to the car, grabbing their coats and shoes on the way.


When they arrived at work they were met by Jackson. When Andrew saw the scowl on the elders face he pulled Jamie behind him and faced Jackson.

“What’s happened now?” He asked tensely.

“The council has received some information and has come to some decisions. Why don’t we go you your office?”

As they turned to head down the corridor Andrew noticed another vampire, who had been standing behind Jackson. He held his silence till they were all inside his office. Jackson wheeled the guest chair over to a couch that was in the corner of the room. The mystery vampire took up a position at the door and he and Jamie took the couch.

“Now firstly you need to know the latest information we have received. Andrew your parents will be here within forty eight hours so please be prepared. Also Samuel has put out an intention to bond announcement inviting everyone to his bonding celebration, to be held in one month. His intended mate has not been named.”

Jamie felt Andrew starting to panic through their bond. So ignoring the others in the room he moved to sit on Andrew’s lap and buried his face in his mate’s neck. Andrew’s arms came around him and held on tightly.

Don’t worry Love, we’ll face this together.” Jamie sent to try and calm him.

Jackson had gone quiet when Jamie has moved and he now watched the two men.

“I’m glad you two bonded, it means that if Samuel tries to claim either of you the vampire high council will not uphold his claim”

Jamie glared at him “We bonded because we love each other not to make Samuel’s life harder or yours easier.”

Jackson held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. “I know that, I was just pointing it out as another point in your favour. Have you worked out what happened with your mind-link?”

Jamie stayed cuddled up to Andrew as between them they updated Jackson on Casey’s theory and how the mind exercise had worked so far.  Jackson was as impressed as Jamie with Andrew’s quick progress.

When they finished their update Jackson took control of the conversation again and continued with what he wanted to tell them.

“With what happened with Simon the council has decided to increase the protection on you both. Therefore please turn and meet Thane” Jackson pointed to the vampire who was on guard by the door.

“From now on he will drive you both everywhere. If for any reason you need to separate for your jobs he will accompany Jamie as we are sure Samuel wants Andrew alive and so won’t harm him. On the other hand he doesn’t know about your bonding yet and he would have no way of knowing that by possibly killing Jamie he would also be killing Andrew.”

Jamie and Andrew were staring in shock as Jackson continued to list more security precautions.

“Jamie your clinic is being moved to the council building where there is better security. Transport is being laid on to ensure your patients can get to you.

Lastly Andrew you will be moving to the council building too. Not long after you arrived I put your name forward for a promotion, based on what my investigator found out about how well you worked in your last job and what I’ve seen of your work here. The council unanimously agreed to make you my second, they liked your work ethic and they admire your diplomatic approach to dealing with people. I also believe they think you will be able to handle me better than my last second.” The last was said with a small smile.

By the time Jackson had finished Jamie and Andrew were staring at him in shock.

Jackson took that as an opportunity to take his leave and remind them that as of the next night they would need to be ready to start work in the council building and therefore they needed to move all their stuff tonight. He told them he had left a truck as their disposal and that Thane had the keys.

As soon as he was gone both men turned to stare at Thane who looked at his feet.

“Since you’re here you may as well be useful. Can you please me some coffee from the staff room so we can have a few minutes alone to process this?” Jamie said trying not to sound like a resentful child, but knowing he failed.

Thane quickly agreed and left the room looking for the staff room.

Jamie looked at Andrew and reached for him with his mind. “Time to try a few of the tricks I showed you earlier. We’re going to wake Casey up the hard way, since I have a feeling he has something to do with this.”

He used a few images to show Andrew how they could link their minds together and then they sent their combined thoughts out towards Casey.

They met Casey’s mind wall that showed he was asleep and Jamie took Andrew to where he knew Casey left a ‘door’ for him and started using his mind to bang on it. Andrew quickly picked up what he was doing and joined in the banging.

“What is going on? What is the emergency?” Casey’s voice in their minds was worried but still thick with sleep.

“What do you know about the guard’s clinic being moved?” Jamie fired at his brother immediately.

“Jackson wants to make sure your safe after the attack and he asked if he could temporarily move the clinic. I said there shouldn’t be a problem as long as the patients had a way to get there. He then said he would put on transport and I told him he should be the one to tell you. Now if that is all you woke me up for I need to sleep.”

Andrew interrupted them to ask, “What did he say to you about me?”

“When I asked him about separating new mates he said you would be working in the council building as well. He didn’t give me any details just that if for any reason your work separated you from Jamie he would ensure there was another with him at all times. Now GOODNIGHT you two” With that parting shot Casey broke there connection.

Jamie and Andrew looked at one another and eventually Jamie sighed “Come on Love, looks like we’re packing up your office and my clinic. I think there are some boxes in the clinic closet.”

They were filling the first box with Andrew’s things when Thane reappeared with a coffee for Jamie.

“Sorry it took so long but a young lady called Rosie felt she needed to interrogate me on what was happening” He looked so bewildered that Jamie couldn’t help chuckling.

Thane glared at him before shrugging, “Can I help?” he asked.

Jamie put him to work in the clinic packing up files, while he started packing up the medicines.


It took most of the night to move everything over to the council building. They had found that their new offices were at opposite ends of the building so the only time they were likely to see one another would be if one went to the others office or in the break room during lunch. This upset them a bit but they knew they both needed to be able to get on with their work with no distractions.

While they were moving things a message came through from Jackson saying that due to him being out of town the next night Andrew could have a night off before starting his new job, he also suggested that Jamie take the night off too as he had heard about their bonding night being interrupted. This pleased the mates and they started making plans for their night off.


After they had finished moving everything Thane had driven them both back to Jamie’s place.

They decided on a DVD and curled up together on the couch in Jamie’s, no their, bedroom.

“You know we need to sort out living arrangements” Jamie said, halfway through the movie.

“Well you need to be here and available for your patients. So I assumed I would be moving here!” Andrew replied, he started to bite his lip as he thought that Jamie was going to tell him he didn’t want him living there.

“You don’t mind moving again?” Jamie asked, hope shining in his eyes.

“No, of course not. I would love to live here with you. But I do think some alterations would be good too.”

“Ooooh, I love coming up with new ideas for the house. I designed the kitchen and the training room, you know?” Jamie said, bouncing like an excited child beside Andrew.

“In thought the training room was done by Casey?”

“No the room was his idea but I did the design.” Jamie retorted.

Andrew drew Jamie down so his head was resting on Andrews lap. They started throwing ideas around about what alterations they would be able to make to the current house.

They decided on building an extension onto the main house, with two bedrooms and a small living room so they could have privacy from Casey. There would be an adjoining door to both the main house (lockable from either side) and the clinic (lockable from their side only).

By the time Casey got up for work Jamie had gone to get some paper and was sketching ideas down with input from Andrew, who was on his laptop answering emails and catching up with a few last minute paperwork issues.

Casey looked in on the pair and looked at the sketches “Very nice bro, I hope you two will be happy. I’m heading to get some breakfast, see you two tonight.”

Jamie and Andrew decided to head for bed where they could stretch out and cuddle up better.

Once undressed and in bed Jamie snuggled up to Andrew and started laying kisses on his chest.

“How about a last snack before sleep?” he asked, nipping a one of Andrew’s nipples.

Andrew growled softly and reached under the covers to pinch Jamie on the ass, getting a yelp.

“A snack sounds great but first you need to get me ready” Andrew growled in Jamie’s ear.

Jamie looked up frowning “Get you ready for what?”

“I want you in me when I feed this time” Andrew said, and was pleased to see the lust as well as shock in his mate’s eyes.

“Are you sure?” Jamie whispered.

“Yes, now I assume you have some lube here somewhere, especially as I saw some of your toys when I looking for a towel the other night.” Jamie blushed and nodded, rising up and reaching for the bedside cabinet.

Andrew rolled onto his front and looked back with a sultry smile as Jamie moved to kneel between his legs.

Jamie started by massaging his mate’s lower back, he worked his way down till he ran a single finger down Andrew’s crease and over the hidden entrance there. Andrew shuddered and pushed up slightly into the touch.

Jamie parted Andrew’s peachy globes and leant in to run his tongue over the puckered star. He had to tighten his hold when Andrew’s started to buck his hips into Jamie’s tongue making such sexy noises Jamie was worried they would both cum before they could do anything more.

Reaching for the lube he slicked up his fingers and mindful that this was his mate’s first time bottoming he drew on his previous experience to make this as painless as he could. He started by circling a single slick finger around Andrew’s hole before pushing just the tip in.

Andrew gasped at the sensation of Jamie’s finger breaching him for the first time, there was a tiny burn but no actual pain. The burn dissipated and Jamie pushed in further until a whole finger was buried in him. He felt full but there was still no pain, then Jamie crooked his finger and a sharp shard of pleasure shot through him causing him to cry out.

Jamie kept up the pressure on that spot as he pulsed his finger in and out. He repeated the same slow process with two and then three fingers. By the time he thought Andrew was stretched enough, his mate was writhing on the bed begging for Jamie to make love to him NOW.

Jamie encouraged Andrew to turn over as he wanted to see his mate’s face when he entered him. He then put Andrews’s legs over his shoulders and started to push slowly into the tight heat of his mate. Once he was fully seated he paused to ensure Andrew was comfortable, then he started to withdraw and slowly push back in.

They gazed into each other’s eyes as Jamie made love to Andrew. Too soon they realized they weren’t going to last much longer and Jamie started to increase the speed of his thrusts. Andrew grabbed him and pulled him down into a fiery kiss before Jamie tilted his head offering his neck.

Andrew stuck hard and fast, knowing they were going to sleep after he knew Jamie would be safe and have time to replace whatever blood he took.

Jamie gasped as he felt Andrew’s fangs sink into his neck and when he felt the strong draw on his vein start he also felt his orgasm rising and there was nothing he could do to stop it from overtaking him.

He thrust erratically into Andrew as his mate held his head clamped down so he couldn’t hurt himself by pulling against the fangs in his neck. He came so hard he blacked out and barely noticed that Andrew had come at the same time splashing his seed between them.

Andrew withdrew his fangs and caught Jamie as he collapsed down onto him. He laid him gently on the bed before going and getting a warm cloth to clean him up.

Andrew then got into bed and snuggled Jamie back up so his mate’s head was on his chest. It didn’t take long for Andrew to join Jamie in a calm, peaceful sleep


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