Jamie and Andrew: Chapter Nine

Here is the next Chapter to my story that I am currently posting on the Gay Authors. It stars Jamie and Andrew.

I have decided to also post the story here with a new chapter every week.

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Chapter Nine: A Romantic Trip

Jamie woke at midday feeling as though someone had tied a belt round his abdomen and was pulling it tighter and tighter. He curled up into a ball on the edge breathing through the pain before getting up and moving gingerly to the bathroom. He found a magical-herbal painkiller and felt the magic that infused it working to quickly deaden the pain.

When he could move again he went back to bed and allowed the medicine to put him back to sleep, if he still hurt when he woke he would find his twin and ask him for help.


Andrew woke to the sound of Jamie’s magical alarm and turned to find his mate blinking sleepily up at him. Jamie turned the alarm off and snuggled back into Andrew’s arms.

Andrew started to run his hand down Jamie’s back and over his ass, causing Jamie to wriggle in a very invigorating way. He moved his hand round to Jamie’s front and found his mate had a very impressive morning wood starting.

Getting a firm hold round Jamie’s hard cock Andrew leant his mouth so it was near to Jamie’s ear.

“I want you on your back screaming my name, my mate.” He whispered this in what he hoped was a seductive tone. He felt Jamie shiver and he didn’t resist when Andrew pushed him over onto his back.

Andrew started at Jamie’s neck laying little biting kisses down to his collar bone and continuing down Jamie’s chest and to his stomach. He gave Jamie’s hard leaking cock one quick lick before moving further down and smiling at his mates whimpers.

He finally reached his goal of his mate’s pink puckered hole and set to work with his tongue to drive Jamie out of his mind.

It didn’t take long for Jamie to be begging him to “Get on with it” and to be shouting such things as “Fuck me now, Pleeease”

Andrew eventually relented only because his own cock was harder than he ever remembered it being and he wanted to be inside Jamie when he came.

He grabbed the lube from the bedside table, slicked himself up and kissed his way back up to Jamie’s face.

After joining their lips in a steamy kiss he lined up with Jamie’s hole and slowly sunk into the tight warm sheath of his mate.

It didn’t take long to the slow pace to quicken and soon he was pounding at Jamie so hard the bed was banging against the bedroom wall.

Jamie arched his neck as he screamed, “Please, I’m so close,” and Andrew struck fast and sure, sinking his fangs into Jamie’s exposed throat.

They both stiffened and came together, Andrew carefully at Jamie’s blood so as not to take too much, while Jamie screamed his orgasm at the


As they had finally caught their breath, they stayed snuggled up in bed not wanting to move. But then they both heard the mocking voice of Jamie’s twin in their minds.

“If you two have quite finished shaking the whole house, you’re both needed downstairs within the next half an hour”

Before they could start to question why they would be needed on their night off Casey broke the connection.

They took a quick shower and dressed before heading downstairs to find out what was going on.

They found Casey in the kitchen munching on some snacks, “About time you two surfaced, now maybe I can get some sleep without hearing a lot of banging.” He got up and stopped at the kitchen door, “Oh, Jackson said to send you both to the town square and to say congratulations on your blood bonding.”

Jamie and Andrew were left looking at each other in confusion before Andrew shrugged “Well we may as well go see what is going on.”


“I’ve wanted to do that since … forever.” Jamie gave a childish grin as he stepped off the fairground ride.

When they had arrived at the two square they had found a private helicopter waiting to take them to a visiting fair ground. The fairground had been paid to stay open all night so that the couple could ride to their hearts content. Other communities that lived nearby had brought their families too and it had turned into quite the vampire night out.

Jamie watched the families having fun together and couldn’t help being a bit envious, he knew being gay their only option would be to adopt but that would be in the future, they needed to get to know each other first.

Jamie looked round as he realized Andrew had disappeared and saw him returning from a vendor with a red rose in his hand.

“For you, because I love you” Andrew said with a florid bow.

Jamie blushed as he accepted the rose, loving how romantic the gesture was.

He was finding that this was another thing that had been missing from his previous relationships. His previous partners had all assumed that because of his size and muscles, he was too macho to be romanced. That was so far from the truth, he loved the endearments Andrew called him, he loved how protective Andrew was of him and he really loved how Andrew mostly took over in bed and gave him more pleasure and love than he had ever experienced.

He had always wanted a boyfriend who was stronger than him, who could sweep him off his feet (literally) and give him the same pleasure and romance that he had always tried to give to his partners.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by Andrew tugging him over to the ghost train and they had a great time screaming theatrically at all the fake ghouls and monsters that jumped out at them.

By the time the ride finished they were laughing hard.

“Did you see that vampire with the stupid haircut” Andrew said “I can’t believe that the humans on the mainland believe we all look like that.”

“I know” Jamie replied, still chuckling “and did you see that witch with the pointy hat? I mean come on I’d look stupid dressed like that. I can’t
believe the stuff humans still believe.”

They spent the rest of the night going on the various rides and playing some of the fairground games.

Andrew won a big teddy on the shooting range and took great pleasure in presenting it to Jamie with a kiss. Jamie in turn won a goldfish on the ring toss and told Andrew he could name the fish when they got home.

They shared some hot soup for their main meal, as of course Andrew couldn’t eat solid food and Jamie wanted them to have the same thing.

After going on a few more rides they decided to call it a night and headed home.


Back home they fed their new goldfish (called ironically Goldie) and were getting ready for bed.

“I had a great time. We will have to find a way of thanking Jackson” Jamie said, as he stripped and got into bed. He then rolled onto his stomach and set his head on his hands to watch Andrew as he stripped.

“Yes, I’m sure we’ll find some way of thanking him, I’m just glad my parents were delayed and won’t be here till tomorrow…” Andrew said as he turned. He stopped when he saw Jamie in bed watching him. A slow smile covered his face as he started to exaggerate his movements, stripping slowly for his mate.

Jamie watched as Andrew stripped for him and licked his lips as he thought about what he wanted to do to the body that was being revealed to him.

Andrew finished stripping and slowly moved towards the bed, but he was surprised when Jamie rolled off the bed.

“Catch me if you can” Jamie called to Andrew as he headed out the door.

Andrew stood shocked for a moment before taking off after his brat.

Jamie knew Casey was out for the night staying with friends so he ran naked towards the living room and used the couch to separate himself from Andrew as he came into the room.

“I hope you know that when I catch you I will take you wherever we are and it will not be gentle” Andrew said as he stalked him.

Jamie tried to stop the images Andrew’s words brought to mind and concentrated on which way Andrew was going so he could stay ahead of him.

Andrew went left so Jamie went left too and they both ran round the couch, just as Jamie was about to reach the door to the training room Andrew grabbed him from behind. In a blink he found himself pinned to the couch and his mouth was covered by a blistering kiss.

Andrew quickly ensured his mate was stretched and prepared before sliding into the welcoming warmth and tightness he so loved.

Both men groaned as the pleasure took over and they both moved fast to a shared climax.

As they lay recovering Jamie started to chuckle, he had always wanted to be chased and caught, he turned to Andrew and after giving him a passionate kiss he said “I’ve wanted to do that since … forever.”


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