Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 5

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. This week I used the prompt “Say that again, slowly” and a picture prompt of a storm.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to visit the other flashers listed at the end.

Buried Treasure – Part Five

A sudden banging echoed through the house and caused Craig and me to jump apart in surprise. The banging was joined by Cade’s voice shouting, “Jay, Craig, I know you’re in there. Open up, this is important.”

I sighed and pushed myself off the bed. Before leaving the room I set Craig’s chair upright, then headed for the door and opened it just as Cade was about to bang on it again.

“Mate, why are you trying to break down my door at God knows what time of the morning?” I asked.

“I need to speak to both of you and its urgent!” Cade pushed past me and headed for the kitchen as Craig wheeled himself down the hallway.

We joined Cade and I watched him pacing back and forth for a few minutes before I finally stood in front of him to get his attention, “What’s going on? What have you so agitated?”

Cade stopped pacing and started talking a mile a minute, after a few moments I held up a hand to stop him.

“Say that again, slowly,” I requested patiently.

“Crystal’s father has escaped. He killed both his guards and is apparently heading for our neighbors, Chapmistres View community.”

I looked hard at Cade, “So, call Vampire Elder Langman and tell him to hold the man till we can send someone for him. Or you could just tell him what the man has done and let the vampires deal with him. Vampires are very protective of children and if you tell them this man neglected his child so badly that she ended up dead, they will be only too happy to punish him for us.”

Cade was already shaking his head, “There’s more,” his tone was so serious that I started to fear what he was going to say, “Crystal’s father killed his wife and guards without laying a hand on them. Before he killed the guards, he compelled them to open the door and lead him outside. There are only two other people I know have the psychic ability to do that. Mark was one and he’s dead. And the other is you, Jaydon.”

I felt my knees give way and luckily for me Cade moved fast and got a chair under me.

“How is possible that we have never heard of someone else having this ability? And more to the point how do you know I have this ability?” I knew I was starting to sound hysterical and I was grateful when Craig wheeled over and laid his hand on my shoulder. His presence seemed to calm me and I looked at Cade, waiting for the answers to my questions. If he knew about me, then who else knew?

Cade sat in a chair near me and leaned on the table, “The Council is informed of everyone’s abilities as they emerge, you know this. I was informed of all the teams’ abilities when I was promoted to second in command. Thomas personally went through the records with me and had me sign the standard non-disclosure statement so that everyone’s secrets would be safe. I haven’t discussed this with anyone but Thomas, we both felt you needed to know what we’re up against and we need your help to catch this guy.”

I looked up at the ceiling and after filtering my shields I sensed he is telling me the truth. I relaxed back in my chair and I was thankful that Craig kept his hand on my shoulder, it gave me something to concentrate on.

“What’s the plan then? I assume it involves me as you’re here and not going after the guy yourself.”

“The plan is to send you to Chapmistres View, undercover. The guy hasn’t met you and your face is not that well known around town as you’re basically a hermit. So as your cover you’re being flown out by chopper with your sick friend who needs the help of the twin witch healers there. We will put around town that Craig has had complications with his healing and needs the specialist treatment only a witch healer can provide. Since our witch healer is on holiday, the Council has agreed to send you both to the nearest community with a witch healer. I will be accompanying you as your EMT liaison.”

I thought about the plan, the basics were very simple and as we would be flying there, we would get there before Crystal’s father. It also would mean that Craig would be healed almost instantly and wouldn’t have to keep the casts on any longer.

I looked at Craig, “What do you think of this plan?”

“I think it could work. As long as we would be safe. And of course we would have to be careful of the other residents in the community. A vampire and a witch have no defense against someone who can harm them with their minds.”

I nodded and turned back to Cade, “OK we’re in. Let’s start planning; this needs to be detailed, and there needs to be protection for everyone built in. This guy could make anyone do anything if he has this sort of power. First things first, what’s his full name and what does he look like?”

Cade flipped me a folder and as I opened it, he started reciting the information, “His name is Basil Waters, he’s 43 years old and a drug and alcohol addict…”

Cade kept talking as Craig and I went through the file and we all started to flesh out the plan so everyone knew their part.

A storm was coming and we needed to be prepared for when it arrived.

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