Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 7

wedbriefs badge large Another flash week and here is my chapter for this week.

This week I used the prompt: Kneel before me and…

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Buried Treasure: Part 7

As they wheeled Craig out the door three men entered and Cade immediately approached the tallest with his hand held out.

“Elder Langman, good to see you. I wish it was under better circumstances but we appreciate your co-operation with this.”

While Cade was talking my gaze was drawn to the other men. I assumed them to be vampires but I couldn’t get a clear read on either of them. My attention was brought back to the conversation when I heard my name being mentioned.

“…Jaydon Locke is our specialist for the type of Psychic we are dealing with. He can tell you what to expect.” Cade finished what he saying with a gesture that I assumed meant I was supposed to take over.

Before I could speak one of the objects of my earlier attention spoke up, “I think we would be more comfortable in the main House. I can make us some food and drink as well. I’m sure our guests are tired and hungry from their journey.” The last of his comment was directed at Langman.

Langman nodded and waved a hand at the man, who headed out the door with the rest of us in tow.

We went through a large door that seemed to join the clinic onto the house next door and found ourselves in a corridor. We were led right to the end and through another door that opened out into spacious living room.

“Please everyone be welcome to my home, make yourselves comfortable.”

“Thank you, Andrew,” Langman said as he entered (now I had a name!).

Everyone found seats on the large couches and Andrew busied himself in the kitchen making tea and coffee for Cade and me. He also brought out some snacks, which he placed on a coffee table.

When Andrew had seated himself I started to explain what they could expect from Basil Waters, “The type of psychic you’re dealing with here is very dangerous. He can influence people to do things for him and will hurt them if they try to resist. He can encourage people to not notice him so he can slip into places and worse he can kill people with his mind.”

I felt the shock in the room from the three vampires- they all had blood to drink so question answered- but then I felt something else, disbelief.

“Someone here doesn’t believe me,” I said confidently and turned to look at Elder Langman.

He looked at me steadily before speaking, “No, I do not believe that any person could hold that sort of power, especially over older vampires such as myself and Elder Rickman.” He stood to pace to a nearby window and turned to look back at me.

I stood and concentrated on him, I heard Cade somewhere behind me trying to urge me to think before I acted but I ignored him, “You don’t think any person can compel you to do something?” I asked as I shifted my shields so I could reach out to his mind, “Well, let’s see. Kneel before me and pray.” I sent the command out verbally and mentally.

Slowly, with a look of pure shock on his face, he lowered himself to his knees and his hands came together in front of him as though in prayer.

I looked at the other vampires, their faces were just as shocked, “I am just as powerful, if not more powerful, than Basil. The only difference is I have a moral compass and he doesn’t.”

I released my hold on the vampire and he scrambled to his feet and tried to lung at me, I waved a hand and he froze where he was.

“Jackson, give it up!” Rickman said.

I felt him relax in my mental hold and so let him go.

Andrew tilted his head as though he was listening to something, “Your friend is out of the healing room and is in recovery. He will be waking up soon and Jamie is on his way here.”

Not long after he had finished speaking one of the twins entered the room and went straight to Andrew to kiss him. After settling himself next to Andrew, Jamie turned to me.

“Your friend is fine and his legs are all healed. He will be stiff and will need to do a little physiotherapy but otherwise he is fine.”

He must have seen the curiosity on Cade’s face because he started to chuckle, “Andrew is my mate and I am sorry if I am making you uncomfortable but I am so used to kissing him whenever we are, it is automatic. Especially in our home.”

Andrew had blushed bright red. Jamie tilted his head much as Andrew had earlier and after a minute he got up. He returned with three glasses of blood and handed them out to the vampires. He then went back out and returned with a tray that had a jug of juice and three glasses on it.

“How did you know they needed a drink?” I asked, intensely curious about the witch and the vampire.

Jamie smiled at the question, “Because we are mates and blood bonded, we have a mind link.”

My eyes widened and I turned to Andrew, “That must be what I felt from you,” I turned to Rickman, “you’re bonded too, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, but how do you know that?” He asked in shock.

“Your mind and Andrew’s are shielded. If I wanted to I could force myself into your mind but it would be more difficult and would take more energy than it did for me to control Elder Langman. Your mind links must give you extra protection. I warn you it will not stop Basil from influencing you but it may deter him onto someone else or you may be able to tell if he tries anything with you.”

Shocked silence greeted my explanation.

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