Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 8

wedbriefs badge large Another flash and here is my chapter for this week.

This week I used the prompt’s:

What time is it?


Takes one to know one

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Buried Treasure, Part 8

Elder Rickman recovered first, “Yes I’m bonded the same as Andrew. My mate is a witch nurse here at the clinic called Ben.”

Jamie was the next to speak up, “This may work to our advantage. Has anyone got any objections to me calling Casey and Ben in?”

Everyone shook their heads and I watched as Jamie went quiet for a moment before smiling. “They’re on their way,” he said then a few seconds later he added, “Heads up!”

Before I could ask what he meant his twin and another young man appeared out of thin air in the middle of the room.

Cade and I jumped in shock and Langman seemed to think this was highly amusing. Jamie was just outright laughing and Andrew seemed to be trying to keep himself from joining his mate.

Casey was shaking his head at his twin, while the other man, who I assumed was Ben, had gone to sit in elder Rickman’s lap as there was no chairs left.

“Showing off again Jamie?” Casey said, sitting beside Langman on the couch.

“Takes one to know one, Case” Jamie retorted.

I watched the byplay between the group of friends and realized that this was normal to them. I felt that this was what I had been missing out on with my self-enforced isolation. Suddenly I needed to see Craig and know he was OK.

“What time is it?” I asked Jamie, “You said I could see Craig soon.” I added when he looked confused by my question.

Jamie smiled in understanding, “Yes, he should be awake soon.”

Ben spoke up from his place on Rickman’s lap, “Louis is with him and I believe he was just starting to come round when you asked Casey to bring me here.

“Can one of you take me to him?” I asked, wanting to get to him.

“I’ll take you,” Ben answered, slipping off Rickman’s lap and laying a kiss on his cheek, before heading for the door with Cade and I in tow.

“Why don’t we move this meeting to the clinic and Craig can be included in it?” Andrew asked. The various heads nodded and everyone started piling out the door.


Craig was sitting up talking to a blushing Louis when we all entered his room.

“Hey Jay, Cade. Come tell Louis I’m right.”

Cade and I looked at each other before answering in unison, “He’s wrong.”

Louis chuckled and tried to slip by us, I stopped him with a hand on his arm, “Sorry if my friend is annoying you. I don’t think we’ve all been introduced properly. I’m Jaydon, best friend to the insulting idiot in the bed. This is our other friend and liaison for our visit, Cade.”

Craig flipped me off when I called him an idiot but Cade’s reaction was what caught my attention. As I had introduced him he had held his hand out to Louis to be shaken. As their hands had met I saw Cade’s eye widen in surprise and then watched as Louis snatched his hand back. Before I could stop him a second time he rushed out the door and it shut softly behind him.

I was brought back to the present by Cade finishing the introductions and updating Craig on what we had found out so far concerning the bonds between some of the vampires and their mates.

Craig look thoughtful before speaking.

“Well I did a study of different psychic abilities while I was at collage. Jay, a few of your abilities were listed as myths but I still studied them. You know our mom’s motto of being prepared for anything!”

I nodded thinking fondly of our mothers.

Craig continued, “All psychic abilities rely on getting access to a person’s mind. If that person has shields up it comes down to who has the stronger mind control. For example, you Jay could probably control anyone in this room, and judging from the look on Cade’s face you have already given a display.” At his last comment I had the grace to blush, but Casey had looked up.

“I haven’t seen any demo. Please can you do it again?” he looked almost eager.

Langman interrupted quickly, “We do not have time for parlor tricks!” while Jamie and Rickman grinned behind his back.

Casey cocked his head to the side and suddenly smiled, “Now that is something I would have paid to see.”

Langman rounded on Andrew and Jamie, “You two keep your thoughts to yourselves.”

At this comment I interrupted, “Sorry but I can understand Jamie being able to communicate with his twin, but why are you yelling at Andrew too?”

Jamie answered, while still trying not laugh, “Andrew is my mate and we are mind linked. Because I am also mind linked with Casey, when Andrew and I bonded his mind got linked with Casey’s as well. If Casey was to bond with a vampire as a true mate as well, that vampire would be included in our mind link too.”

“This is going to take time to understand” I said as I tried to process all that I had learnt.

Casey drew everyone’s attention, “Well I for one need to go to bed. So if there is not going to be any more demo’s I will bid you all goodbye.”

No one contradicted him, so he headed out the door.

Too much had happened too quickly, with all the information and using my abilities I was shattered.

“Can I have abed put in here?” I asked Jamie. I didn’t want to leave Craig alone and, if I was honest at least with myself, I didn’t want to be alone either.

Jamie nodded but before he could move Craig spoke up, “That’s okay this is big bed we can share for tonight and sort everything else out tomorrow.”

I just stared in shock as everyone took their leave and then it was just Craig and me.

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