Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 10


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Another week and another Wednesday Brief. Don’t forget to visit the other briefers listed at the end of this post.

This week I decided to use several prompts, they were:

The lights are on but nobody’s home

All red and swollen

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

Please enjoy and all comments are welcome.

NB I did work on this a bit last minute so there may be some mistakes, I apologize in advance and promise I will be back soon to amend anything.

Buried Treasure Part 10

I woke the following evening to a feeling of comfort and a loud knocking on the door. I buried my face in my pillow and frowned, since when did a pillow have hair?

“I know you’re awake!”

I leapt out the bed and turned to see Craig lying there with an amused smile on his face. He held out a hand and waited till I took it before pulling me back into the bed. He settled me back against his chest and then called out “Come in.”

I tried to move as the door opened but Craig just held me tighter. Louis popped his heads round the door and stopped short when he saw us cuddled up in the bed. “Oh sorry to disturb you,” he stammered, red faced, “I was sent to tell you that there will be a meeting in one hour in Andrew and Jamie’s section of the main house.”

“Thanks, we’ll be there,” Craig said cheerfully and Louis blushed again before shutting the door.

“Stop panicking and talk to me,” he slid an arm round me and held me till I got my thoughts in order.

I had so many questions I didn’t know where to start, in the end I started with what I thought was the most important, “How are we connected, and what happens now?”

“Our minds got connected when your mind clung to mine during your panic attack. Normally as a healer I would connect with a patient to keep them calm and to coax them into doing what I need them to do. I would then disconnect my mind, and they would be none the wiser. It is all included in the consent that is signed by patients and/or their relatives. When I connected to you, your mind saw my feelings for you, it saw how much I loved you and it read my desire to be with you. It latched onto that and decided not to let go. Subconsciously you don’t want me to leave. As for what this means for us, it means that we can speak to each other’s minds, to a certain extent we will be able to sense each other’s emotions and as for how long, it will last as long as we both want it to. For me I want it to last forever, but that is up to you.”

At his last words he looked at me and I saw and sensed his love, but I also sensed an undercurrent of doubt and vulnerability. Somehow I knew I had our futures in my hands and I also knew I couldn’t let him go. I had loved him for as long as I could remember.

“I don’t want it to end, I want to be joined with you, and I love you too.” My voice sounded loud in the quiet room, but I wanted him to sense my sincerity and love.

Craig grinned, “Join me in the shower. I need someone to wash my back.” As he spoke, he was sliding out from under my head and getting out the bed, reaching for a crutch as he stood.

Seeing the crutch I frowned, “I thought you were healed?”

“I am healed, but where I was in plaster for a while the muscles in my legs need to build up again and so the crutch helps me balance.”

I followed him to the bathroom and watched as he stripped out of his boxer shorts. When he saw me just standing there he came over and pulled me towards to the shower. Before I realized his intention I was under a warm spray still with my boxers on. Craig just laughed as I glared at him and tried to pull the sodden fabric off.

The shower was quick but Craig took every opportunity to touch and tease me. By the time we finished washing my cock was red and swollen and the towel I had wrapped round my waist did nothing to hide my condition.

When I entered the bedroom to get dressed Craig was sitting on the bed. He saw my predicament and starting to chuckle.

“We can’t have you going into a meeting like that,” he said with a gleam in his eye that I didn’t entirely trust.

“Come here, Jay,” he whispered and held out a hand to me. I took it and was pulled to stand between his open knees.

I squeaked in surprise when he whipped off my towel and he had me halfway down his throat before I could draw breath to do anything but moan.

I would have been embarrassed by how quick I came, but I was too dazed and could only allow Craig to lay me down on the bed till I caught my breath.

“If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” Craig asked when I opened my eyes to gaze up at him.

I blushed not knowing how to respond, I was saved by another knock on the door. It opened before either of us could move and Cade bounded in.

“Hey guys! Hoes it going?” he said as he plopped down beside me on the bed.

He then seemed to realize that both Craig and I were naked and just stopped to stare.

“We are not a personal show for you,” Craig said heading for his suitcase to grab some clothes.  I saw my suitcase was by his and jumped off the bed trying to use my hands to shield myself.

Cade had still not moved and Craig started laughing. When he had his pants on, he waved a hand in front of Cade’s face, “The lights are on, but nobody’s home,” he said to me, and the sound of his voice seemed to snap Cade out of himself.

“You guys are finally together, aren’t you?” Cade said out of the blue, with a big grin on his face and it was my turn to stare.

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