Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 11

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Welcome to another Wednesday briefs. This week sees another chapter added to Jaydon and Craig’s story – Buried Treasure.

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This week I used the prompt – Have you lost your mind?

Hope you enjoy and as always all comments and suggestions are gratefully receive.


Buried Treasure – Part 11

Cade started laughing, “Oh, you should see your faces. Come on, Jaydon, everyone at the office has noticed your reaction when Craig’s name is mentioned. And as for you, Craig, it was obvious as we grew up that you idolized Jaydon. I’m just surprised you two took this long to get together. I knew Jaydon was a bit slow, but I expected better of you, Craig.”

“Please make him do something stupid,” Craig begged in my mind.

I chuckled silently, “Are you out of your mind; that would be an abuse of my abilities.”

“Oh come on, you know you want to, and you’re not going to make him to anything dangerous, so he won’t hurt himself. What about making him pick his nose? That’s harmless, Pleeeeease.”

I made a decision and started to concentrate, instead of forcing my way in like I had with Elder Langman, I let my ability seep slowly into Cade’s mind.

Craig started to grin as Cade began twitching his nose as though he could smell something nasty.

As I increased the compulsion, Cade started wiping his finger under his nose and frowning.

Finally he stuck a finger up his nose and started to frantically scratch, making his eyes water.

Craig lost the battle to control himself and started to laugh so hard he ended up doubled over. Cade stared at him and then swung round to glare at me. The effect was ruined by the fact he still had his finger stuck up his nostril and was still scratching.

“I know it’s you,” he snarled at me, “you know you’re going to regret this when I can get my hands on you.”

I finally cracked and started laughing, which broke my concentration and freed Cade from the compulsion.

Cade pulled his finger out of his nose quickly and made to lunge at me. He didn’t get far as I used a different ability and flipped him back so he landed on the bed.

Craig interrupted before Cade could come at me again, “I think we need to calm down now so we can get to this meeting.”

Cade glared at me one more time before making a show of straightening his clothes and turning his back on me.


Cade led the way along the corridors until we were outside the door that connected the clinic to the main house.

I reached out and pressed what looked like a doorbell and we all jumped when a voice sounded from the door.

“State your name and business.”

“Jaydon, Cade and Craig. We’ve been asked to attend a meeting here.” I answered and the door buzzed before opening on its own.

As we entered the next corridor the voice sounded again, “Please take the last door on the right.”

We all trooped to the specified door and Cade knocked, then entered at the answer from within.

As we entered the room the conversation stopped and everyone turned to us. I noticed that Jamie was missing, but as I was about query it, Craig beat me to it.

“Where’s Jamie, I wanted to thank him, and you Casey, for all you have done. Now I’m awake I am able to thank you personally.”

Casey smiled at Craig’s words, “He’ll be here soon. He’s just gone to make sure the children are settled.”

“Children? You have a children’s ward here?” Craig sounded fascinated; he had always been good with children.

“No, no children’s ward.” Casey says smiling “The children belong to Jamie, Andrew, Ben and Adam. Elizabeth is Jamie and Andrew’s daughter and Thomas is Ben and Adam’s son. They stay with a nanny here in the main house when their parents are at work.”

“What about their mothers?” Craig asked, curiosity obviously getting the better of him.

“There are no mothers. At least not in the way you’re thinking,” Ben spoke up from his place on the couch next to Rickman. “I had Thomas, and Jamie gave birth to Elizabeth. As blood bonded true mates our DNA was changed and we can now bear children. Actually I am pregnant again now with another.”

At his last statement the room went into uproar as everyone crowded round to congratulate the couple. Jamie came into the room and had obviously been updated as he immediately joined in the congratulations.


After everyone had calmed down and apologies had been given to us, as they had almost forgotten we were there, Craig asked, “As you know I am a healer, may I have the honor to feel the child.”

Ben looked surprised, but after a glance at Rickman he nodded. Craig walked over and as he reached out, I heard him in my mind, “Babe, I think you will like this and I also think it will be good for you to remember just who we’re protecting by stopping Basil.”

I watched as Craig gently touched Ben and felt as he sent a gentle thought out through his hand. Suddenly I could sense a faint presence and I could feel a fast beat, that I realized was the baby’s heartbeat. Finally my vision seemed to be overlaid by a pink mist. “Do you want to know the sex?” I vaguely heard Craig asked Ben.

I focused back on the room and heard Ben’s surprised answer, “You can tell? The ultrasound can’t tell that till I’m at least one month gone. I’m only two weeks gone. We realized what was wrong with me when we went to welcome that new clan.”

“My abilities mean I can sense thing down to a cellular level. It helps me to assess a patient without hurting them or using lots of instruments.”

“Yes. We’d like to know please.”

Craig smiled, “You’re having a girl.”

Ben squealed, threw his arms round Craig in a quick hug and then jumped into the arms of his mate.

Craig blushed as he rejoined me, and I automatically put an arm round his shoulders, “You did a great thing.”

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