Guest Author – Fall Break Fright By Avery Dawes

Please say a big welcome to Avery and check out her new book

Fall Break Fright

Author: Avery Dawes    

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Genre: M-M Romance/ Horror/ Zombie

Story Length: Short Story, approx. 12K words


After a painful conversation with his last remaining relative, college student Carson Davis realizes he’s in for a lonely fall break. Carson, however, can’t believe his fortune when his new roommate, Tyler Owen, invites Carson to visit his family in Kansas, and seems to return Carson’s feelings.

Their happy bliss suddenly takes a turn for the terrifying and bizarre when they reach Kansas and find themselves running for their lives from the walking dead. Will the two survive their encounter, and if so, will Carson be able to heal the damage left in his heart by his callous aunt and find a new family?

About the Author:

The secret is out: Avery Dawes is Denise Wyant’s naughty alter-ego. Avery enjoys writing about the passion that exists between two hunky and sometimes geeky men while Denise favors the alpha male who sweeps an intelligent and sassy woman off her feet. Both believe in their characters finding love and happiness, no matter the trials they have to endure to achieve it.

When Denise & Avery aren’t relaxing just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, with a cup of coffee, or staying fit—running, lifting, or cycling—they make time to write and blog. You can find them at






Crouching, Tyler peeked around the corner of the building. His movements were slow and smooth as not to attract attention. Carson also knelt and brought the shovel up in front of him in a defensive position. He tried to take shallow breaths, not wanting the least little sound to draw attention to their hiding place.

Tyler’s hand reached back and gave Carson’s knee a reassuring squeeze. They froze as two bloodied and battered zombies lumbered down the street, passing them by. The groans and foul odor that emanated from the pair caused Carson to tremble. He swallowed down the bile rising in his throat, noting that their stench would remain with him for way too long. Tyler gave Carson’s knee another, longer squeeze.

After what was probably a couple of minutes, they were once again on the move. At another rundown building, Tyler paused and grabbed Carson’s hand. He brought it to his lips where he pressed a kiss to Carson’s bloodied knuckles. “The old feed mill is the last substantial building before we hit flat, open farmland. The first farm is the Haynes’s; my family’s is the second. The house is your typical white two story farmhouse and sits about a half-mile off the road. The barn is a massive, modern structure that is slightly behind and to the right of the house.”

Carson nodded, taking in Tyler’s description. He grew up in a cabin in the Green Mountains. The fields that seemed to go on and on were foreign to him; he missed the scent of pine and the sounds of cascading streams. As a kid, Carson spent as much time as possible exploring the woods around his house. Being outside meant avoiding his aunt, which was his main goal when he wasn’t in school. But now he needed to get his mind back to the present. “So what’s our plan if there’s nothing to hide behind?”



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1 Response to Guest Author – Fall Break Fright By Avery Dawes

  1. Denise Wyant says:

    Thanks so much for having Avery on your site!! I really appreciate it 🙂


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