Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 12

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This week I decided to use the prompts:

Oh, that was smooth

Is it just me or …

Buried Treasure Part 12

I could feel that Craig was still curious about Ben’s pregnancy but we needed to get back to the meeting, “Later” I sent silently to him and out loud I cleared my throat, “You have my congratulations but I think we need to get on with this meeting.”

The others agreed and Langman stood while Cade, Craig and I found places to sit. Looking around I realized that Cade had taken the second to last chair, so I waved Craig to the remaining chair and then lowered myself to sit crossed legged beside his legs. I glared at Cade, then leaned against Craig and turned my attention to Langman.

“Let’s recap on what we know so far,” Langman started, then interrupted himself, “Andrew, would you mind getting drinks for everyone?” Andrew nodded getting up, while Langman continued, “we know that Basil has some powerful abilities, among these are, the abilities to read minds without being sensed, the ability to control people – either by force or by subtle suggestion and the abilities to make people forget what they have seen, heard or done. Have I missed anything?” He looked at me.

“What about telekinesis?” I asked.

“What’s telekinesis?” Andrew asked as he entered the room with a tray of drinks.

“This is telekinesis!” I replied, while concentrating on the tray he was holding. Slowly the tray rose into the air and out of Andrew’s hands, “Ask him where he wants it,” I silently requested of Craig.

Craig repeated my question and after Andrew had given a very squeaky sounding answer, I sent the tray smoothly to the table he had indicated. It settled with barely a rattle and I relaxed my mind so I could look around at the reaction to my little demonstration.

Cade raised one eyebrow, “Oh, that was smooth,” he said, his tone very sarcastic.

“Was there really a need to do that?” Langman asked, as Andrew went to pour drinks for everyone.

I shrugged, “I usually find a demonstration works better than trying to explain things.”


The meeting continued over the next hour, we discussed possible plans and finally settled on letting Craig, Cade and I wander around and seeing if we could sense Basil anywhere close by. Once we knew for sure he was here and maybe got a clue as to what he wanted, we could lay out a plan to catch him. I also made sure everyone knew to go nowhere alone, that way if anyone started acting differently the other person would know.

The meeting broke up and Craig said he wanted to get some fresh air as he had been cooped up for weeks. Casey gave me a map of the community and some suggestions on where to head. Cade said he was heading back to the clinic to look around and see if he could learn anything to take back to our community.


Craig and I wandered along a side road and headed for what the map had labeled as the night district. We had been told to go to Molly’s Diner to eat as it had the best food.

We entered the diner and found a booth at the back near the counter. After a few minutes a young girl headed over with a note pad, “Hi, I’m Wendy and I’ll be your waitress tonight. What can I get you two handsome men to drink?” She said everything while staring at me with what she must have thought was a seductive smile on her face.

“She has got to be kidding?” I sent to Craig, “She can’t be a day over fifteen, we’re old enough to be her fathers.”

Craig let out a small chuckle which drew the girl’s attention to him, “I’ll have a tea and my partner will have a coffee.”

The girl blinked at Craig’s choice of words and went off to get our drinks muttering about how all the good guys are always taken or gay.

When she was out of earshot, Craig and I started to laugh, “That was cruel,” I said to him.

But he just shrugged, “I’ve got you now, and I’m not letting anyone else get a look in.”

The waitress returned with our drinks and we placed our food orders.

We chatted and took few trips down memory lane while we ate, and the night was heading towards morning when we left the diner.

Before we got too far, Craig pulled me into a nearby alleyway and pushed me against the wall. “Is it me or has it been too long since I last kissed you?” he said, but didn’t give me time to respond before his mouth took mine is a scorching kiss.

The kiss turned frantic as Craig’s crutch fell to the ground and our hands fought with clothes to get a feel of skin. Craig managed to get his hands down the front of my pants, and for a moment I stopped breathing as his hand curled around my hard cock.

I managed to think for long enough to get his pants open and to drop to my knees in front of him. I could feel his surprise through our link but I didn’t stop till I had his hard length free from his boxers and inside my mouth.

Although this was my first time doing this I was just sneaky enough to flick quickly through Craig memories and pick up a few tips. It didn’t take long before Craig was shooting all his pent up frustration down my willing throat, but as he tried to reverse our positions to return the favor I felt a malevolent presence nearby. Craig must have felt it too as he copied me in tucking himself away and stooped to pick up his crutch.

“Is that who I think it is?” he asked silently.

“It may be; let’s follow it carefully and see if we can find out.”

I led the way following the presence with Craig beside me.

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