Jamie and Andrew – Chapter 10.

Hi. Sorry for the delay in posting this but I have been working on another story (more will be posted soon). Here is chapter ten of Jamie and Andrew’s story and here we get to meet Andrew’s parents, or are they now?????

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Meet the in-laws.

Andrew woke to the alarm and the sound of Jamie throwing up. After turning off the alarm he hurried to the bathroom worried about his mate.

He reached for Jamie’s hair and gathered it back so it was out of his way and used his other hand to rub soothing circles on Jamie’s back till his mate raised his head.

“What’s wrong, Love?” Andrew asked as he filled a glass with water and waited for Jamie to catch his breath.

Jamie sipped the water and cleared his throat.

“I don’t know, last night I woke with a stomach ache and tonight I just made it to the toilet in time. Don’t worry I have probably picked up a bug from the clinic, I’ll get some anti-sickness meds from Casey before work.”

“But as my mate you shouldn’t get ill. My DNA should have boosted yours to make you stronger, healthier and immune to illness.” Andrew tried to keep the worry out of his voice but he knew Jamie would feel it through the bond anyway.

“As I said don’t worry,” Jamie said as he stood carefully holding Andrews arm for support, “it will take a while for your DNA to work its way through my system. Till then I will have to keep relying on the meds at the clinic. Now let’s get to the kitchen, I need a nice cup of tea to settle my stomach and you need a glass of blood, since I don’t think taking any from me if I’m ill is a good idea.”


In the kitchen Andrew watched his mate carefully but Jamie seemed to be feeling better. He made a note to himself to make sure Jamie had a plain and healthy lunch to make up for the lack of food now.


Andrew and Jamie walked into the Council Building with Thane trailing them. They went straight up to the reception desk.

“Hi. We need to pick up our new ID badges.” Andrew informed the receptionist with a smile.

The woman returned his smile and handed over their badges, Andrew glanced at his and quickly pocketed it before handed Jamie his.

Before they could leave the receptionist called them back, “Elder Langman asked that you go straight to the conference room when you arrived.”

Andrew nodded but shared a confused look with Jamie, “Why do you think he wants us in the conference room?”

Jamie shrugged, “Maybe he wants to do a meet and greet with the other Council Elders. You haven’t met all of them and I haven’t met any except for Jackson and Rickman. I’ve never had any reason to meet them till now.”

When both men looked at Thane he just shrugged and they continued on heading for the stairs.


They arrived at the conference room and Andrew pushed the door open. Inside the room was dark but as he reached to look for the light switch the lights turned on suddenly.


Both men jumped in shock as they looked around and saw people filling the room. On the wall opposite the door hung a large banner, on it was written ‘Congratulations Jamie and Andrew on your Bonding’.

Andrew could feel the emotion pouring off Jamie and reached to take his mate’s hand both to comfort him and to comfort himself.

Jackson detached himself from the crowd and walked towards them. Holding out a hand to each of them he smiled, “Congratulations to you both. You really didn’t think you’d get away with a quiet bonding did you? True Bonding’s are getting so rare it was felt we had to celebrate.”

Andrew and Jamie took a hand each and let themselves be drawn towards the crowd.

Casey was the next to come forward and he gave both of them a hug before handing them over to the rest of the people.

Over the next hour they found themselves being introduced to so many different people they would have no hope of remembering all the names and jobs of them all.

Suddenly there was a lot of noise coming from the door. Andrew and Jamie headed over with many other people to see what all the ruckus was about.

Andrew stopped a few feet from the argument that was taking place, Jamie pulled on his arm but nothing could get him to move. He felt Jamie’s mind asking a question and it took a moment for him to register what the question was.

“Andrew, what’s up love?” Jamie’s concern was evident even in his thoughts.

“I know those people, but I don’t know what they’re doing here. Whatever they want it can’t be good.”

Before Jamie could ask any more questions Andrew carried on towards the door. He saw Thane trying to stop three people from entering.

Andrew stopped just short of the doorway and held onto Jamie’s hand as he addressed the people, “Mr. and Mrs. Canfield and Elder Bassington. How can we help you? As you can see you have caught us at a busy time.”

Andrew felt Jamie jerk slightly as he said the names and he knew his mate recognized them.

“These are your parents and the man Jackson has been telling us about?”
Jamie’s thoughts were laced with disbelief.

“Yes these are the people who had a hand in making me and this is Elder Samuel Bassington. Please just listen and I think you’ll like what you hear.”

He waited till he felt Jamie’s agreement before turning his attention back to the trio who were now standing still in the doorway.

Flora Canfield stepped forward first, “Is that any way to greet your parents and your future mate?”

Andrew burst out laughing, “I have no parents and no future mate. I do however have a father in this room and a current mate.”

He felt Jamie’s confusion at his words about his parents and saw the confusion mirrored on Flora’s face.

Michael Canfield was the next to step forward, “What do you mean you have no parents? And that you have a current mate? You can’t have a current mate because you are promised to Elder Bassington. We are here to take you home, where you can complete the bonding.”

“Well let me answer your questions in order. Firstly, I have no parents because I have disowned you. I have done this legally through the Vampire High Council and I received the confirmation before going to bed this morning. I am no longer tied to either of you. Since I am still under twenty-five, I know I must have a guardian or be adopted by another family. Therefore I asked Elder Langman if he would do me the honor of becoming my adoptive father. It only took hours for all the details to be sorted and I am now and will always be Andrew Langman. Secondly, I do have a current mate and you are interrupting our bonding celebration. This is my mate Jamie Baker.” With his last words he indicated Jamie.

Michael had become redder and redder in the face as Andrew had kept talking. He now turned towards Jamie and seemed about to lunge at him. Thane was quick to step in front of Jamie and Andrew crossing his arms and taking a stance that said he wasn’t moving.

Suddenly a different voice spoke up, “Andrew, I know you are young and impressionable, but you are my intended mate, and we are here to take you home.”

The voice belonged to Elder Samuel Bassington and Andrew moved just enough to be able to see the Elder before answering him, “You have been trying to seduce me from almost the first moment I came to work for you. You didn’t like it that I said no and so cornered me when I was alone. Then when we were caught you blamed me and got me thrown out of my home. What part of that is the action of an intended mate? Jamie is not just my mate, he is my true mate. I want nothing to do with any of you and you are not welcome anywhere near me or my new family.”

With his last words he felt another presence behind him, he then heard Jackson’s commanding voice, “You will all leave this community within the next hour. After that hour your invitation to remain will be revoked and we all know how painful that will be for you. I suggest you say goodbye to Andrew while you have time.”

While he’d spoke his hand had come to rest on Andrew’s shoulder and Andrew took comfort from the touch.

He felt a shooting pain in his head a moment before Jamie’s hand was pulled from his. He turned quickly to see his mate fall to the floor in a faint. He rushed to his mate’s side just as Casey reached the other.

Samuel’s mocking voice was heard over the panic, “Some true mate. If you were truly bonded he would not able to get ill and would definitely not be fainting.”

“That’s not true,” Thane’s voice boomed out, “There is one reason a true mate of a vampire would faint and I can see from Mrs. Canfield’s expression she knows what I’m talking about.” He turned to Andrew, “Andrew, give your mate some of your blood and he will come round.”

Andrew frowned at Thane but did as he was instructed. He used a fang to nick his wrist and let a few drops of blood fall on Jamie’s lips. He was grateful to see Jamie start to stir and lick his lips. Andrew placed his bleeding wrist on Jamie’s mouth and gasped as his mate quickly grabbed his arm and held it still so he suck on it.

Jamie’s eyes fluttered open and he looked up in confusion “What happened?” he asked.

Thane answered before anyone else could, “You fainted. Have you felt ill before now?”

Jamie nodded, “I had a painful stomach last night and tonight I woke up sick.”

Thane nodded, “Well, looks like more congratulations are in order. The only reason for a vampire’s true mate to feel ill is when they’re pregnant.”

That statement was met with gasps of shock and awe. Flora had fallen back against her husband. Andrew looked at them and then turned to Jackson, “Well Jackson, looks like you took on more than you bargained for. You not only gained a son you are now going to be a grandfather. Not bad for less than twenty-four hours as a father.”

Casey was muttering a spell and suddenly an image appeared over Jamie, the image moved till Andrew could see a small light that was pulsing in a quick rhythm. With few more words from Casey the room was suddenly filled with the sound of a fast heartbeat.

Jackson took charge quickly, “Casey, you had better take Jamie home and Andrew will follow when we have finished here.”

Casey nodded and promptly disappeared with his twin.

Jackson turned to the Canfields and Elder Bassington, “I suggest you make your goodbyes quickly and allow our security to escort you off Community property.

Flora made an attempt to get nearer to Andrew, who was still sitting on the floor. Before she could get close Thane had already helped Andrew to stand and was once again standing on guard at his side.

Andrew looked at the couple who had been his parents, he felt sorry for them. They hadn’t been bad parents but they had never shown any affection to their children. He may as well not have had parents, just people who fed and clothed him. “Flora, I suggest you and Michael and Elder Bassington leave and don’t return. You have no ties here and will never get to see any of my family again. If you continue to try and contact me I will file a complaint with the High Council. No vampire can be forced to mate and no vampire with their true mate can bond with another. Also if you’re thinking of trying to get rid of Jamie to free me up to mate, don’t forget that true mates also have a life link. If you kill him you hurt me. The link between us cannot be broken so please go away and don’t come back.”

With his last words he moved around them and headed out the room with Thane behind him.

When they reached his car, Thane took his keys and ushered him to the passenger seat, he then got in the driver’s side and started to head for the clinic.

I’m going to be a father! The though finally seemed to take root in Andrew’s brain and he couldn’t help but smile for the rest of the ride home.


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