Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 13

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief. As always don’t forget to visit the other great authors via their links at the end of this post.

This week I have chosen a fair few prompts because there were so many good ones I didn’t want to leave any out.

First were picture prompts.

A picture of a sexy (half naked) man


A great picture of the night sky.

Then were word prompts and they are:

“Your other left”

“OF course I trust you, you’re my best friend”

Have a race in your story.

Hope you enjoy this chapter and as always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Buried Treasure – Part 13

I dragged Craig out of the alleyway and headed up the street where I had felt the presence heading. We took several twists and turns before I felt a burst of panic and suddenly the presence vanished. I searched around with my mind but it was gone and I had no way of knowing where. The only thing I was certain of was that the presence had definitely been Basil. I had recognized part of the presence as being similar to his daughter whom I had felt as she died.

When I stopped Craig nearly rammed right into me, “What happened?” He asked, “Why did the feeling disappear so quickly and how?”

“I think he realized we were following him and increased his shielding. He won’t be able to keep it up indefinitely but it will make things harder for us for a while.”

Craig got out the map and started trying to figure out where we were. “We need to get back to the clinic and let the others know that Basil is definitely here,” he said as he turned the map this way and that.

In the end I took the map out of his hands and looked up at the sky, the stars were lovely and clear so I was able to figure out where north was fairly quickly. Once I had north I turned the map and lined up a few closed businesses I could make out in the light of the street lamps.

“Turn left and head south till we hit the town square, I can remember the way from there,” I folded the map and turned to see Craig head off to his left but it was my right. “Your other left,” I called out to him and he glared at me as he turned and headed back to follow me.


When we arrived back the sun was starting to rise. We found Jamie and Casey in the clinic office finishing some paperwork. After filling them in, they promised to let the vampires know when they woke up.

They then bid us a good morning and headed off for their beds too.


When Craig and I were back in our room I had to smile, “you know we are turning into vampires ourselves. We’re sleeping all day and out at night.”

Craig chuckled as he stripped for bed. My mouth went dry as his body was revealed, although I had seen him naked before I had never been able to openly look before, so I was taking full advantage of that new privilege now.

His body was well muscled, he obviously worked out a lot. He had a six pack that any man would be jealous of and his biceps were bulging as he pulled his T-shirt off. Because he hadn’t shaved for the last couple of days he had a dark beard and mustache growing, all I wanted to do was run my fingers over his face and see if the hair was soft or bristly.

Craig realized I was watching and grinned as he reached for the fastenings of his pants. He gave me a slow strip tease and I was hard and tenting my own pants by the time he had finished.

He slowly walked over to me and helped me to strip till I stood as naked as he did. “Do you trust me?” Craig whispered in my ear.

I answered straightaway, “Of course I trust you, you’re my best friend and now my partner for life. Why wouldn’t I trust you?”

Craig looks deep in my eyes and he must see what he wants because he nods and smiles, “Well Partner, trust me to care for you and come to bed. I want to have you screaming my name before we get any sleep.”

At first his words root me to the spot but then I race him to the bed and we are both laughing as we hit the mattress and each of us tries to pin the other.

Craig wins, he has me out sized and out muscled. He leans on the bed pinning my arms above my head and leans down to take my mouth in a toe-curling kiss.

He trails his lips down my neck as far as he can without moving his hands and when he finally reaches the limit of his arms, he lifts slightly to look at me, “Don’t move an inch!” I hear his silent command and I nod my head to show I understand.

Slowly he lets go of my arms and resumes his journey down my body. His lips feel like they’re leaving a trail of fire everywhere they land and his hands have now joined in and he is teasing my nipples till they ache. I didn’t even know my nipples were sensitive but Craig seems to know all the areas on my body to make me melt.

He finally reaches my groin and he envelops my cock in his hot mouth. It takes a moment for me to realize that his hands have not stopped moving down. While he is sucking my cock for all he’s worth, his fingers are brushing gently over my virgin opening. When I first realize I stiffen. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” Craig’s voice reassures me in my mind.

But I have a surprise for him, “What about doing something I do want you to do?” I ask.

I feel Craig’s surprise and then his escalating arousal, “Be specific, I want you to tell me what you want.”

This time I decide to answer out loud, I have to clear my throat several times but I finally manage to ask, “Please Craig, will you make love to me and be inside me? I want us to be joined in all ways.”

I feel his elation just before he rises back over me and gives me another steaming kiss.

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