Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 14

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief, don’t forget to check out all the other great authors listed after this post.

This week I used the prompts, “Time and again you…” and “I never dreamed this would happen!”

Hope you enjoy the chapter and as always suggestions and comments are always welcome.

NB: All posts have been edited and changed. I would like to thank Timothy who is a fellow author on the gay authors website. Checkout his story here.

Buried Treasure Part 14

Craig leaned back to look at me, “You know time and again you take my breath away.”

He started slowly running his hands over my body causing me to moan and writhe on the bed. His hands started moving up the inside of my legs and I tried not to tense up but I must have failed as Craig looked up at me curiously, “What’s up? And don’t say nothing I can feel the tension in both your mind and body.”

I refused to meet his eyes and muttered a reply, hoping he would let the subject drop.

“I can’t hear you, come on, I didn’t take you as a coward.”

His comment caused me to lift my head to glare at him, which I then realized was his intention.

“I’m sure you were tense too, on your first time!” I said before I could stop myself.

Mortified I brought my hands down to cover my face and tried to wiggle out from under him.

I heard chuckling and I moved my hands as Craig rolled to lie beside me.

“What is so funny?” I growled; I didn’t like being laughed at.

Craig held up his hands up in surrender, “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at us. You’re tense and I’m nervous for the same reason.”

I frowned as I thought about that and then looked at him in shock.

“Hang on,” I said, “Are you trying to tell me you’ve never been with anyone? What about the women from college? There was Andrea and Simone.” I would always remember how jealous I felt when I read those letters.

“Women? I’ve never been with any women. I have, however, been with two men, but I never made love or even had just sex with either of them. There was Andy, he was so deep in the closet I only got a few stolen kisses before he decided I wasn’t worth the risk of people finding out. Then there was Simon, he managed to talk me into a few blowjobs but I always resisted going any further and eventually he dumped me for someone who would in his words ‘put out’. I couldn’t let any man make love to me or make love to them when I would have been thinking about you. It wouldn’t have been fair to the other man.” Craig frowned, “Hang on, I can understand thinking I had been with women as you missed that letter, but if you have not been with anyone, how were you so good at what we were doing in the alley?”

I tried to think of a quick answer, but he must have sensed my guilt and I saw the realization dawn in his eyes. “You literally picked my brains, didn’t you?”

I yelped as he flipped me over on the bed, I then yelled even louder when he landed two hard smacks on my ass.

My first reaction was to push up and punch him as hard as I could, but his next words stopped me. “You shouldn’t enter my mind or anyone’s mind without permission – unless there are special circumstances. I know you have controlled your abilities and have not used them much over the years, but you can’t just practice on me. I think we need to lay a few ground rules down, because our minds are so connected. No picking the other’s brain, if we want to know something we ask. Agreed?”

He punctuated his question with another smack and I quickly nodded my head.

“Now where was I?” he asked as his lips brushed my back moving down till he reached my ass. He used his hands to part my cheeks and then his tongue started lapping at my pucker.

Thrills were running from my hole to my cock and back again. The pain of his smacks disappeared under his assault and I started to push back onto his tongue trying to get it inside me.

When his tongue moved away I whimpered, but then I felt a slick finger gliding up my crack and he started to push it into my quivering hole.

The finger felt huge but I had relaxed enough by then to take it without any pain. It wasn’t long before I was pushing back and demanding more.

One finger became two and then three. By this time I was hard as rock and begging for Craig to just get on with it.

Condom?” I heard the silent question but it took a moment for me to answer.

“No, it’s the first time for both of us, now GET ON WITH IT!”

He must have taken me at my word as the next thing I felt was his cock pushing into me, slow and steady.

At first the pain was intense and I felt Craig’s concern, “Don’t stop.” I demanded silently and he continued to slowly push in.

Once the head was in, the pain eased a bit and when he was over halfway in he brushed against what I can only assume was my prostate. Pleasure flooded me and pain was a distant memory.

As soon as he bottomed out, he started pulling back just as slowly as he had pushed in. This continued until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“More, harder, please,” I panted, pushing back as he pushed in the next time to take him harder and faster. He hit my spot almost every time and then I felt him swell inside me.

“I’m coming,” he moaned as he started shooting inside me, each pulse caused him to hit my prostate and it was enough to send me soaring over the edge.

“Craig,” I screamed as I shot onto the sheets beneath me.

Craig managed to roll to the side as he collapsed, he pulled me down on him and we both fell into a deep sleep. The last thing my mind heard was Craig saying, “I never dreamed this would happen.

Neither did I!” I answered dreamily.

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