Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 15


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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief, Just a short filler chapter today. Hope you enjoy it and as always comments and suggests are welcome.

Prompts used this week were;

“Put something on, you’ll catch your death of cold”

“It’s harder than you believe”

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Buried Treasure Part 15

Craig and I were woken by banging on the door, again! This was starting to form a pattern.

“Ah!” Craig muttered and dragged the covers further over his head.

I chuckled at him and pulled on some sweat pants on the way to the door. I opened it to find Cade lounging against the door frame holding a covered tray.

“I come bearing breakfast,” he said, jiggling the tray slightly.

“I suppose you’d better come in then,” I waved him into the room and threw some pants at Craig so he could use the covers as a shield if he wanted.

“I do hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Cade said, leering at both Craig and I.

I glared at him, but he just smirked. “The only thing you interrupted was us sleeping,” I stated and turned my back to put on a t-shirt. “Anyway, how could you have brought breakfast, its nine o’clock at night.”

“This is when the night shift people and the vampires are just getting going,” Cade answered, while placing the tray on a table by the bed, “to avoid confusion they just call their first meal breakfast, next one lunch and last dinner. It makes things easier and everyone knows what they mean.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” I said as I headed to see what was on the tray.

Breakfast was a feast of pancakes and honey. There was a choice of tea, coffee and juice to drink.

After polishing off the food we all sat on the bed sipping our drinks and talk turned to recent events.

“Why can’t you use your abilities to find Basil? You both have the same abilities so shouldn’t you be able to sense each other?” Cade asked after Craig and I had updated him on what had happened the night before.

“It’s harder than you believe,” I answered, “We both have the ability to shield much better than anyone else. Although he is a druggy and drunk, he has lots of practice in shielding himself and using his abilities for his own motives. He probably used them to make people forget him when he wanted to buy or steal alcohol…” I trailed off as a thought came to me. “You know I hadn’t thought of that,” I must have spaced out because the next thing I knew Craig was silently shouting at me.

“What didn’t you think of? Is there another danger?” He asked worriedly.

I shook myself out of my thoughts. “No nothing like that,” I smiled apologetically, “I was just thinking that Basil has to be getting his booze somewhere. If we get all the off licenses to do a stock take, I’ll bet that at least one has a substantial amount of stock missing.”

“Why didn’t we think of that earlier?” Craig lamented, “If we can find out where he is buying his booze then we can set a camera up or see if the shop has a camera. I assume he can’t change digital footage?”

“Well I can’t, so I am assuming that he can’t either.” I said.

“Well let’s get going and try and see who we can find to get in touch with the shop owners,” Cade jumped up off the bed, then turned to look at Craig still sitting shirtless, “you may want to put something on, you’ll catch your death of cold.”

He ducked just in time to miss the pillow Craig threw at him. Unfortunately Louis chose that moment to open the door and the pillow hit him in the face. As it fell to the ground he was staring at us and we all cracked up.

“I’m sorry Louis,” I tried to say, but I don’t know how much was understandable when I was still laughing.

Louis seemed to shrink into himself but he also smiled and shrugged.

I finally got control of myself, “Sorry Louis, honestly we do all know how to behave like civilized humans, most of the time.”

He shrugged again and gestured to the tray, Cade handed it to him and he headed for the door.

“Wait,” Cade called, Louis turned with the door partly open, “I wanted to talk to you about some things if you have time.”

Louis looked at Cade and his expression seemed sad before he shook his head and left the room.

“What is it with him?” Cade burst out, “every time I try to talk to him, he runs away.”

“Cade, he’s probably busy. Craig here is not the only patient that needs to be tended to.” Cade seemed to accept what I said, and after Craig had found a t-shirt to wear, we headed out to find someone who wasn’t busy.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 15

  1. cannd says:

    i am wondering if you could explore what they think this man’s motivation is? He clearly didn’t care about his daughter. He can’t be so wrapped up in grief if he didn’t even realize she was missing. I don’t remember you saying if h had any goal in mind that they knew of? ok, so he has abilities that could be used to do nefarious things. he could do anything from petty theft to killing people with his mind. What willl the do when they catch him? What will they do to him now? What will he be guilty of? he’s a serious drunk. Does he just want to sit and get drunk at home. i’d like to see you explore some of this. I know it’s hard with the limited WC’s, but today’s info the gathered could have been written a a much smaller portion of the word count. I am just being honest and going to get myself in trouble…i’m acting like I beta read it…i just feel like the story isn’t moving forward. i feel like the focus changes to spotlight the characters we love…and that is okay but, i want to feel like I know why we’re on the hunt for the guy. maybe find some report of something he did as they search. i still feel like this is some drunk who has the potential for bad, but he hasn’t hurt anyone yet, has he? Hmm wonder if with the liquor whether he broke in or better yet just mind controlled the guy to hand it over, But is he so dumb to leave a trail they can follow? and is it a trail purposely left? I am just rambling some thoughts i’ve had as i read all the chapters. i hope you don’t think I’m attacking your story. just comments i’d make if i had beta read it. Can’t wait for more!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • cazpedroso says:

      First let me say thank you for your comment. all questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

      In chapter three when Cade is telling Jaydon about Crystal, it says the following:

      “Her parents are a pair of druggies that are even at this moment too high to be of any help to us or their daughter. They only reported her missing because their neighbors where she was. As far as we can tell she had gone to the shops to get food with some money a neighbor gave her and didn’t return. She was last seen leaving the shop with a tall, smartly dressed man but no one saw where they went or could tell us who he was. The parents are currently occupying a cell at the Council Building and if I have anything to do with it they will stay there. ”

      That is what Basil is arrested for to start with, basically child neglect. He then escapes by controlling his guards and then killing them.

      So he is now wanted for murder and child neglect.

      Of course he is now guilty of theft of liquor too.

      i will be explaining how and why he became a drunk/druggie soon.

      As for what they will do when they catch him, well……


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