Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 16

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief and another chapter of Buried Treasure.

This week I used the prompt:

“Bring you to your knees”

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Buried Treasure Part 16

We found Casey sitting in his office looking busy with paperwork. I was glad that someone had let on to me how to tell the twins apart when they were in uniform. To help the staff the twins wore different colored t-shirts with the clinic logo on them. Casey wore green and Jamie wore blue.

After we exchanged a few pleasantries we told Casey our idea.

“That’s a great thought,” Casey said smiling.

“It was Jaydon’s idea,” Craig stated grinning at me. The bastard knew it would embarrass me and on cue I felt my face getting warm. He just laughed and threw his arm round my shoulders, this made me get even hotter and I’m sure even redder, everyone was laughing.

“You just wait till I get you alone later” I sent to him.

“Promises, promises,” he returned, with a covert leer.

“I’ll bring you to your knees, you’ll see.” I enjoyed watching the rising arousal in his eyes.

“You do know now I’ve got to try and walk without anyone seeing the effect you’ve had on me?” Craig complained.

I just grinned and slid out from under his arm.

“So!” I said drawing everyone’s attention to me, “Where do we start on finding liquor round here?”

Casey took charge and after arranging some cover for himself he led us towards the night district.

“Of course the day shops won’t be open so we will have to come back in the morning before we sleep,” Casey said as we walked, “But we can get all the bars checking and there are two off licenses, one that only opens at night and one that opens twenty four hours a day. For the morning there is only one for us to contact before bed.”


The first bar we went to was very busy and loud. The dance floor was packed but not many people seemed to be dancing, most were cheering and seemed to be watching something. We pushed our way nearer and I stopped in shock. Andrew was dancing with Jamie. Well I say dancing, it was more like they were making love right there on the dance floor. Jamie was mostly standing still but Andrew was dancing around him like he was a pole. As we approached he had wrapped his legs around Jamie’s waist and was lowering himself backwards until he was upside down. As soon as his hands reached the floor Jamie took hold of his legs and helped him to flip over and stand up as graceful as any dancer on a stage.

When the song finally ended Andrew ended up in Jamie’s arms and they were gazing at each other with such love that I felt like we were intruding.

Casey joined in the hooting and clapping, “Great moves bro’s,” he called and Jamie turned at the sound of his voice. As soon as Andrew laid eyes on us he seemed to not know where to look, but he did go a lovely shade of red I noticed when we were close enough to see them clearly.

Casey filled the other two men in and they agreed to speak to the owner there while we moved on.

The next bar was quiet, it had classical music playing and seemed to be set up to look like a living room with comfy chairs and low coffee tables.

Casey introduced us to the manager and he said he would contact Casey as soon as the inventory had been completed.


The last stop after three more bars was a small nighttime liquor store – the twenty four hour shop we’d stopped at had been shut due to staff shortages so Casey had that on his list to call on again in the morning.

The owner seemed surprised to see people coming in this close to closing time but he gave us a tired smile.

“How can I help you gentlemen?” As he got closer he frowned, “Casey, what are you doing here? Oh no, no one is hurt are they? Are Martha and Krista okay?”

“No one is hurt, Burt” Casey reassured the man, “As far as I know your family are fine and tucked up safely at home. We’re going round everywhere that sells liquor asking that they take an inventory and contact me or Elder Langman with any discrepancies. We have been informed that there is someone steeling liquor in the community but no one seems to know where from.”

“It’s funny you should come in asking that,” the man said turning to the desk that held the till and reaching underneath he pulled out a pad of paper. “I noticed that my expensive whisky was a lot lower than it should be and so I checked the stock lists. I started with twenty bottles, I have ten in stock, but I’ve only sold two according to the till computer.”

He handed the paper to Casey and I saw it was a stock record. One line was highlighted and a question mark had been drawn at the end of the line.

“Can we take this?” Casey asked and when the man nodded he continued, “As soon as we have a plan someone will contact you. In the meantime please don’t speak about this to anyone. We don’t want to scare this person away, or we’ll have to start all over again finding them.”

Burt agreed and we thanked him before we left to head back to the clinic.

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