Short Scene – Casey and Kitt – Babysitting, the shifter way!

The scene that follows stars two of my main characters Casey and Kitt from a story I am writing for Gay Authors (but have not posted yet).

I used a weekly prompt from the Gay Authors websites.

I used the first line prompt “Wait. You want me to do what now?”

Please enjoy and please visit the Gay Authors website for more great stories and please check out my profile and stories there under cazpedroso.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

Prompt 372

“Wait. You want me to do what now?” Kitt looked at Casey in horror.

“I want you to look after the kids so I can get Adam, Ben, Jamie and Andrew out for the evening. They have been working so hard and they need a break. Please, their usual nanny quit and I need someone I can trust.”

“I don’t know anything about kids. I spent the first twenty two years of my life locked in a basement for heaven’s sake.”

Casey flinched at the reminder of Kitt’s imprisonment, the shifter had been living with Casey for over two months now and had made great improvements in dealing with others but every now and then something happened to remind them both of what they would rather forget.

“Please, the kids are really well behaved, Elizabeth and Thomas are both two years old and are happy to just run around the playroom. Sasha is only a year old, she will probably sleep most of the night anyway and if she does wake I’m sure you can feed and change her – did I mention she’s not potty trained yet? I’m sure you must have read some books on babies and children at one time or another and with your photographic memory I know you would remember them word for word.”

Kitt let out a long sigh and finally agreed, “But, you have to keep your phone on and promise to come home if I call you.”

“Okay that’s a deal. I’ll call the guys now and the kids will be here within an hour.” Casey quickly agreed and left the room at a run.


Kitt was ready to pull his hair out at the roots. All three children were driving him mad. No one had told him that being witch/vampire hybrids Elizabeth and Thomas would be running around at high speed not just at normal speed. As for Sasha, well he knew babies liked throwing anything they could get ahold of and of course they liked waving their hands around, usually hitting your face if you were holding them. But what Casey hadn’t told him was that Sasha already had her vampire strength. He now had a black eye, from a waving fist and a lump starting on his forehead from a flying rattle.

Finally he had had enough, concentrating he shifted to his cat form and roared as loud as he could. The children all stopped and stared.

Elizabeth was the first to recover, “Kitty cat,” she cried in delight.

Soon both she and Thomas were trying to climb on Kitt as he lay on the floor. Sasha had toddled over to play with his long mane.

The children soon tired themselves out and when the guys returned hours later it was to find the big cat curled protectively round all their children as they slept.

“Now that’s a cute sight,” Ben smiled and whipped his phone out to take a quick picture before slowly approaching with Adam to collect their two out of the pile. Kitt just blinked at them and twitched his ears.

Jamie and Andrew looked at Kitt still curled round Elizabeth and seemed to reach a silent decision together.

“I think Lizzie is comfortable enough there, if Kitt doesn’t mind just calling us when she wakes up?” Jamie asked looking at Kitt for confirmation.

Kitt gently nodded his head, curled tighter round Elizabeth and laid his head gently on her sleeping form. Then he closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.



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2 Responses to Short Scene – Casey and Kitt – Babysitting, the shifter way!

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    You have some really good articles and I feel I would be a good asset.
    If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some content
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    • cazpedroso says:

      I am always open to hosting other authors.

      Feel free to email me anything you think will fit with my content.

      I will always consider everything sent to me and will always reply as soon as I can.


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