Jamie and Andrew – Chapter 12 Part 2

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Chapter Twelve – Part two: Samuel’s downfall

Jamie watched as his brother, Flora and the two unconscious young men appeared in the middle of the main living room. As soon as they appeared Casey fainted, the magic used had obviously drained him completely. Jackson moved with his vampire speed and caught Casey before he could hit the floor.

Jamie quickly started to take charge, “Andrew take Daniel and put him in an examination room. If I know Casey neither him nor Ricky will be waking up any time soon on their own. Casey would have known he wouldn’t be able to do anything when he got back.” Andrew hurried to gently pick up Daniel and headed for the clinic, “Ricky will stay here at the main house so he can go on the couch for now and as for Casey…”

Jamie didn’t get any further before Jackson tightened his arm’s round Casey and interrupted him, “Where is he going to be put? The clinic or his own room?” Jackson’s voice sounded strained.
“Put him in his room, and if you can, get him to drink a bit from the green bottle on his bedside table. It will help him recover quicker.”
Jackson nodded and headed out the room.
Jamie heaved Ricky onto the couch with Flora’s help and made him as comfortable as he could. After a few murmured spells he found that his friend was very battered but nothing was broken. He also found that he had a fair few drugs in his system, Jamie thought for a moment and then muttered a cleansing spell and cleared all the drugs from his body.

He moved to the phone and called through to the clinic, “Can you send Thane through to the main house please?” He asked when the night receptionist, Sophie, answered the phone.

“Of course, he’s right here and on his way now.” She answered.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Thane strolled in. “You wanted me Jamie?” He asked as his gaze flickered to the unconscious man on the couch and to Flora who was standing to one side and looking at him nervously.

“Yep, I need your help to get Ricky here up to the spare room next to mine and Andrew’s. I’m a bit drained from helping Casey with his transport and I need my magic to help another patient.

Thane nodded and moved to join Jamie at the couch, looking down at the figure there Thane chuckled, “He’s tiny, don’t worry I can lift and carry him myself. You just lead the way and open the doors.”

With that Thane bent and scooped Ricky gently into his arms. With Jamie in front they headed for the stairs and the spare rooms. Jamie opened all the doors for Thane and in the bedroom he turned down the covers so Ricky could be laid directly onto the bed and tucked in.

“Can you stay with him while I check on Casey?” Jamie asked and when Thane nodded he slipped out the door.


Jamie found Casey tucked up in bed with a hovering Jackson sitting beside the bed.

“Has he woken up at all? And did he drink the potion?” He asked Jackson as he moved to check on his twin.

“Yes he drank but no he hasn’t woken up. Why, should he have?” Jackson asked quickly, leaning forward to try and see what Jamie was doing.

Jamie rolled his eyes at how protective Jackson was, he had been like a father to Casey and him since their mom died but he did wish he would lighten up sometimes. They were adults now after all, hell he was even married and pregnant now.

“He’s fine Jackson. He just used too much magic at once and didn’t take enough from me. He probably didn’t want to take too much because of the baby.”

Jackson sat back with a huff and Jamie continued to examine Casey. After making certain he was uninjured other than being drained he started adding his magic to Casey’s body. It took a few moments but Casey’s eyes started to flutter and finally opened.

“What happened?” He asked as he looked around in confusion.

“Don’t worry, you got them back okay. Andrew is taking Daniel to an examination room and Thane is watching Ricky while he sleeps in one of the spare rooms. From the way he panicked with you I thought it was best to keep it to as few people as possible. And of course you brought Flora Canfield with you so she is in the main living room.”

Casey was nodding when he finally noticed Jackson was in the room, “What are you doing here?” he hissed surprising Jamie with his tone.

“He carried you up here and watched you while I tended the others,” Jamie admonished and watched his brother flush, “You wouldn’t have needed to be carried if you had taken what you needed from me. Next time you pull a stunt like that, you will regret it.”

Casey had hung his head by the time Jamie had finished telling him off, he turned to Jackson, “Sorry Jackson, I didn’t mean to snap. Thank you for looking after me.”

Jackson nodded his acceptance of the apology before heading out the room.

Jamie rounded on Casey, “You should treat him with more respect you know. He was frantic while you were in that place. He kept trying to demand we make you come back. Then when you did come back he cared for you while I was busy. He may be overbearing and over-protective but he has looked after us since Mom died. Remember he is over two thousand years old, so to him we are probably like babies still. Give the poor guy a break.”

Casey was staring at his brother in shock, “Since when did you become the sensible one?”

“I’m going to be a father. I’m learning that there’s a time to be a big kid and a time to grow up. Now you need to go sit with Ricky so I can go see to Daniel. You told him he would only have to see one of us and Thane is with him at the mo.”

“I can help with Daniel,” Casey protested getting out of bed. As soon as he tried to stand he swayed and would have fallen if Jamie hadn’t caught him.

“You are going to sit in the chair by Ricky’s bed and I am going to get a couple of the witch nurses to help me with Daniel. It’s only broken bones. I can’t heal his mind or Ricky’s. That is going to take time and a lot of love and help in both their cases. If he wakes up, let me know, and I’ll get here as quickly as I can.”
Casey finally agreed and Jamie helped him get to Daniel’s room and he took over from Thane, who insisted on accompanying Jamie to the clinic.


Jamie walked in the examination room to find Andrew pacing a hole in the floor, he went straight up to him and pulled him into a tight hug.

“He will be fine, Love,” Jamie reassured Andrew, rubbing his back to calm him down, “But you have to calm down. He is going to need someone to be there for him. I can heal his body but, as I have just told Casey about Ricky, it will take time and a lot of patience and love to heal his mind.”

Andrew nodded against his shoulder and moved to sit in the bedside chair.

The door opened again to admit Dora and Josie, two experienced witch nurses. They were a fair bit older than Jamie and had worked with Jamie’s mother before she died. They always had a ready smile but when they took in the young man on the bed their smiles faltered for a moment, then they were back and they were looking at Jamie expectantly.


“Well, let’s get going lad. There’s no need to leave him like this a moment longer,” said Dora and Josie nodded her agreement.

They worked steadily together, hands clasped over Daniel’s body and muttering in unison.

Slowly the distortions that could be seen under Daniel’s skin evened out and limbs straightened with painful sounding cracks. Daniel didn’t even flinch during the whole ordeal and when it was finished Jamie was sweating but felt happy that they had got everything.

“Thanks both of you, why don’t you head to the break room for a while to rest?” Jamie said to the women and got a grateful but tired smile from each before they left.

“I’m going to wake him up, so can you stand at the end of bed so that you are the first thing he sees?” Jamie said watching Andrew carefully to make sure he was handling the situation okay.

Andrew nodded and moved to the specified location.

Jamie started muttering and worked to undo his brother’s sleeping spell, after a while Daniel started to stir.

As soon as he was half awake Daniel started to thrash and cry out. Expecting this Jamie had already moved the chair back and there was nothing else nearby that Daniel could hurt himself on. He kept muttering until he felt Daniel really waking up and then he withdrew to a corner of the room so Daniel wouldn’t see him.


Andrew watched as Daniel opened his eyes and his gaze darted around till it found Andrew.

“Andrew? What’s happening? Where am I?” Daniel sounded like he was about to start panicking again so Andrew moved closer and laid a hand over one of Daniel’s.

“You’re at the clinic in Chapmistres View. My mate Jamie healed you after his brother Casey brought you here.” As he spoke Andrew caressed the hand he held and he thought he could sense Daniel’s pulse settling slightly. Suddenly Daniel stiffened again and when Andrew followed his gaze he saw Daniel had noticed Jamie.

Andrew waved Jamie nearer and put an arm round his shoulders, “This is my true mate Jamie, he is a witch healer and he runs this clinic with his twin brother.”

Daniel’s gaze flitted from Andrew to Jamie and back again, “How did I get out? The last thing I remember is Master telling the guard to take me back to my room and to only help me enough to make sure I didn’t die.”

Andrew winced at what Daniel said but kept his voice calm, “Samuel sent a guard to kidnap Jamie but he got the wrong brother and took his twin, Casey, instead. Casey has the power to teleport so he stayed with the intention of getting as much information as he could before coming home. He managed to see the layout and then he was taken to try and heal a few people. He found you and others that had been hurt. He managed to teleport you and one other out and bring you back here.”

It seemed that all the conversation had been too much for Daniel because he passed out before Andrew had even finished his explanation.

Jamie patted his hand, “You’ll probably have to tell him all that again later but until then why don’t I make sure he stays asleep so he can rest properly and we can get together with Casey to find out what is going to happen next?”

Andrew nodded and watched as Jamie muttered a few words over Daniel.


Jamie led Andrew back to the main room and called Casey to meet them there after making sure Ricky wouldn’t wake up.

He had already called Jackson’s cell and the vampire was on his way back, with Elder Rickman. When everyone had arrived he started the ball rolling, “Our first priority is getting those people out of that house. From what I saw with Casey they are all being abused to varying degrees and they need saving. How many are there?” he aimed the question at Flora.

“I’m not sure I only found out about the place after our visit here. Samuel showed it to me as a threat of where my daughter or even I could end up in the near future or at least somewhere similar. So far I’ve seen at least twenty men and women there. I tried to treat as many as I could but there isn’t even room in that house for them all to sleep in a bed. A lot of the less hurt ones sleep on the floor or on the couches to leave the beds for the ones that need them.”

Casey spoke up, “We need to get someone inside that house and bar it from anyone getting in. Once we know that they are safe, we can try Jackson’s plan of taking the community by force…”

Jackson held up a hand to interrupt Casey, “I’ve had time to calm down since that idea and I have a better one that should stop people getting hurt. But first I need to know, Casey, is a way you can take someone into the house and then come back to take someone else to Samuels’s throne room. Have you recovered enough?”

Casey looked at Jamie, “Well, can you think of a way of increasing our magic enough, coz I can’t do it alone.”

Jamie though for a moment then smiled, “What about linking my magic to some willing volunteers here at the clinic physically and then linking you to me! I would be acting as a conduit to you.”

Casey nodded, then turned to address Jackson, “Yes there is a way to do it but I can’t hang around. The second person would need to be ready to go as soon as I reappear here. That way I’m not drawing on magic then shutting it off only to draw on it again. I can keep the spell going and just change it to fit the place I need.”

Jackson gave him a curt nod, “Both people are ready now. I want you to take Adam into the house and then take me to the throne room.”

Everyone stared at Jackson like he was mad, Casey recovered quickly, “And what can you two do that others can’t? Wouldn’t Thane be a better choice for the house? At least he is a bodyguard.”

Rickman laughed, “I used to be a roman captain, trust me I can deal with a few guards if they get past the door. As for what Jackson can do, he has the authority to dissolve Samuel’s clan. Samuel must be really out of it to have attacked anyone here in the first place.”

Jamie frowned, “How has Jackson got that sort of power? He is equal to Samuel as a Senior Elder.”

“He’s not just a Senior Elder,” Rickman answered, ignoring Jackson’s glare, “He’s also a member of the High Council.”

The silence was so complete a pin dropping would have sounded like a cymbal crashing. “Adam, you know I don’t go broadcasting that around.”

Jamie could feel Andrew’s hurt and confusion, “Does that also include not telling your second?” Jamie asked as he curled his arm round his mate where they sat on the couch.

Jackson winced, “I know, I have been meaning to tell you, Andrew, but I have gotten so used to keeping it quiet. I find that people treat me differently when they realize what power I actually have on the island. I like the life of a Senior Elder. Most of my work for the High Council can be done from here. I only have to actually go to the city a few times a year now. But Adam is right, if Casey can get me into this throne room. I will threaten Samuel with whatever it takes to get him to understand he has messed with the wrong community. Or of course I could just have him arrested and replace him with someone else. Or even better I could kill him!”

“Jackson,” Adam’s voice sounded resigned, like they had had this conversation already, “You know you can’t just kill him so stop trying to shock them.”

Jackson just shrugged then looked at Casey, “Well. When can it be done?”

“Well bro? How quickly can you get the back up here?” Casey asked Jamie.

“Oh about five minutes. You get everyone else ready and I’ll call through to the clinic.” Jamie moved over to the phone.

When Sophie answered he started reeling off names, “Hey Sophie. Can you page; Darcie, Callie, Duncan, Bobby and let’s see… Oh and Dickey.”

“Will do Jamie, I assume you’re still in the main house?”

“Yep, thanks Soph.” Jamie smiled as he put the receiver down.

He returned his attention to the group and just heard the tail end of Casey’s instructions.

“– Jackson you need to make sure you’re standing right where I have put you. That way I can flash back and grab you without having to look around first. Both of you need to make sure you never let go of my hand till I tell you to. And if I tell you to do something do it. No arguing. Got it???”

Both vampires nodded and then they heard a knock at the door.

Andrew answered it and the witches Jamie had called filed in.

“Right, I don’t have time to explain fully but I’m sure you have all heard about Daniel in exam room three by now.” At the nods Jamie continued. “Well, we are going after the people who hurt him and that are still hurting others. I need you to help me by linking our magic together. I will then send it to Casey to help him get Elders Langman and Rickman to where they need to be. Everyone got that?”

All the witches except Casey moved into a circle, Casey put Jackson in place by one of the couches and then moved himself and Rickman over to another space. Jamie felt the link snap into place with the other witches and then with Casey. He heard his brother’s voice counting down, “Three, two, and one.” On the last count Casey and Rickman flickered then vanished.


Casey and Rickman appeared in the living room of the two-story house, looking around Casey saw Grace and called her over.

Grabbing her hand he placed it in Rickman’s, “No time to explain, please trust him and do what he says. I’ll be back for you.”

With that he disappeared again.

He reappeared right next to Jackson, grabbed his hand and winked at his brother before vanishing yet again.

They reappeared in Samuel’s throne room just as Samuel came through the door.

“You, I’ll kill you,” Samuel growled racing towards Casey. He didn’t even see Jackson until he went flying from a fist in the face.

“You will not touch him, or anyone else.” Jackson stated calmly as Samuel tried to stop the blood running from his nose.

“What has this got to do with you? You’re in my territory now. You have no authority.” Samuel tried to sneer as he spoke but the effect was ruined by the blood that still ran down his face.

“Hmmm, well let’s see, what has this got to do with me?” Jackson tapped his chin and Casey rolled his eyes, Jackson often had a flair for drama. “You made sure Andrew got outed to his parents. I considered Andrew a son even before it was made official so that’s one. You then brought said parents in to my territory to try and get Andrew back, that’s two. You kidnapped a man I have raised as a son and threatened him, his brother and his brother’s mate, that’s three. And finally it has everything to do with me because it is the responsibly of the High Council to punish anyone who commits crimes in another Council’s community. I am a member of the High Council and therefore it is my responsibility and pleasure to try and punish you. Oh and lastly I have information about how you have been treating members of your own community.”

By the time Jackson had finished speaking, all the color had drained from Samuel’s face. Casey could see the moment when a small amount of sanity seemed to return to Samuel’s mind, but it was too late.
“I find you guilty of all charges. Now all I have to decide is on what your punishment should be.” Casey watched as Jackson turned to look at him, “Casey, you’re the one who was kidnapped, drugged and brought out here. The fact you could get away doesn’t take away from what you went through. What would you like to happen to this man? Also remember it is your brother he was actually attempting to take and he was planning on using him to get Andrew and you. Why don’t you take a moment to ask them their opinions too?”

Casey slowly nodded and moved to the side of the room. Since he was still linked to Jamie so as to be ready for the return journey he knew that both men had heard and seen what had happened. “Well guys, what do you think I should say?” Casey asked.

“Well shit, what are we supposed to day?” Jamie asked and Casey heard Andrew agreeing. Jackson had basically placed the man’s life in their hands. Casey was fairly certain that if they asked for Samuel to be killed Jackson would do it. Jackson considered all three of them his family and no one hurt his family, at any time, in any way.

“We can’t ask for him to be hurt,” this was from Andrew, “If we do then we are no better than him. What about having him stripped of his position and maybe giving him a job to do so he has to work for a living? Plus dead he’s gone and not suffering, alive he can be made to suffer so much more.”

“I like how you think love. By give him a job, you mean like community service but with pay?” Jamie asked.
“Well maybe a bit but harder work than sweeping roads. What about making him work in some sort of home or hospital. That way he would have to care for people he would usually have looked down on?”

Casey was shaking his head, “I’m afraid I don’t think he’s mentally stable. Therefore he would be a danger to anyone he was supposed to be caring for. What about making him work in a fast food place? He would have to serve all the people he would usually have had serving him!”

Jamie and Andrew started chuckling, “Oh, that sounds good.” Andrew said and Jamie agreed.

Casey returned to Jackson, “We have decided what we would like to happen to him, if you agree of course.” Casey waited for Jackson to nod before continuing, “We believe a fitting punishment would be for him to be stripped of his position and made to work for a living. Our suggestion would be a fast food place. There he would have to serve the people he would usually expect to serve him. He would also be expected to do all the cleaning, including the fat fryers, which I’ve heard can be degusting to clean.”
Jackson was grinning by the end of Casey’s request, “I think you, Jamie and Andrew are very wise and will definitely go far in our community in the future. Samuel,” he added turning back to the horrified, soon to be ex-Elder, “I hereby strip you of your status of Senior Elder, I further more decree you will never be able to be made an Elder of any community again for the remainder of your natural life. Furthermore as soon as an appropriate job can be found you will be expected to work to make your living and support yourself.”

Jackson turned to Casey but before he could speak an inhuman howl echoed through the throne room, Casey just had time to scream before Jackson was hit from behind by Samuel leaping at him. Casey was knocked to the floor as Jackson threw Samuel off his back and before Casey could even realize what was happening, Jackson flicked a silver knife into his hand and plunged in directly into Samuel’s heart.

Samuel stared at the knife for a few seconds before he disintegrated into a pile of ash with the knife sitting on top.

Jackson turned quickly to pull Casey to his feet, “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have turned my back on him.” He was trying to dust Casey off and apologize at the same time.

Casey finally snapped back to what was going on. “I’m fine,” he said to Jackson and the two voices in his head. “If you’re finished here let’s get to Rickman and let him know what has happened. Then we can start getting the injured people out.”

Taking Jackson’s hand and checking the link with Jamie, Casey transported them to the two-story house.


They appeared in the living room and found Rickman holding a weeping Grace and looking like he wanted to hit something.

“Please tell me he is dead.” He snarled as soon as he saw Jackson.

Jackson nodded and Rickman seemed to relax slightly.

Jackson raised an eyebrow, “Tell me what you’ve found out. It must be bad judging by your face.”

“I think we need to get everyone here back to our community first and then one of us is going to have to stay here to clean up the mess Samuel has left.”

Jackson nodded and Casey watched him turn to look at him. “Do you think you can transport everyone here in groups?”

Casey thought for a moment, “Bro, have we got enough reserves left?”

Jamie replied quickly, “Yep, we’re ok. I just sent for more witches as it is almost time for some shift changes here. Remember we got some part timers that do the second half of the night shift?”

“Thanks Jay.”

Casey turned back to Jackson, “Yes, we can transport everyone. Where do you want me to take them?”
Jackson seemed to think a while, “I think the conference room where we had Jamie and Andrew’s reception would be best, it’s big and there’s room to get medical staff in if they’re needed as well. Actually can you get Jamie to send some of the vampire nurses and any spare witch nurses there to meet us?”
Casey relayed the request and nodded to show it would all be set up.
It took forty five minutes to gather everyone in one place except for the ones that were badly injured and couldn’t be physically moved. Rickman and Jackson had been huddled in a corner for a few minutes before they finally broke apart and Jackson came back to Casey.
“Right if you don’t mind I’ll go back with the first lot to stay and organize that end while you get the rest there.” Jackson said, “Adam will stay here to sort out the new Council.”
Casey nodded while he thought out the logistics of how they were going to do this in as fewer trips as possible. “I think it may be best if some of the worst cases are put to sleep and taken straight to the clinic. I’ve already seen one or two that I know are going to need treatment as soon as we can manage it. I have also told Jamie to call in all the witch nurses we have. Including the volunteers, bank staff and trainees.”
“I’ll bow to your judgment on triage. You’re the healer.”
“Okay, then if you can get the walking people in to groups of five, except the first group of course if you want to go with them. I am going to go and get the five worst ones I’ve seen to the clinic. It shouldn’t take me more than three trips as they seem to be two to a room. I’ll be back for you as soon as I can be.”
With that Casey headed for the stairs.
It took two hours to clear the house and get everyone to where they needed to be. After Casey had been ordered back to the clinic Jamie sent Dora to supervise the conference room with Jackson and he started trying to help the ones that had been delivered to the clinic.
Finally he had most of them asleep and pain free, he would keep them like that till everyone’s magic had recovered enough to heal them fully.
With a sigh he headed for the main living room where he had left Casey with Andrew watching him to make sure he rested. Flora had been taken back to her community and reunited with her husband.
He wasn’t surprised to find Jackson there too when he arrived, he was sitting on a couch next to Casey who looked like he had only just woken up from a nap, but needed more sleep.
The vampire had been pestering the nurses at the conference room unmercifully to get them to call and find out if Casey was okay. He hadn’t calmed down till he had got the news that the last lot had been delivered and Casey had transported home.
Jamie flopped down into Andrew’s lap and was grateful when his mate enfolded him in a warm hug.
“So what did Rickman find out?” he asked and was surprised to hear a snarl come from Jackson.
“Death was too good for Samuel,” Jackson said as he flexed his fists as though he wanted to hit something. “Adam updated me before I left. There were twenty five people in that two story house, which incidentally was called the harem. Their ages ranged from sixteen to twenty three and they were a mixed of sexes and species. He had collared three shifters with silver collars to stop them from shifting, he had a couple of psychics that he was using to predict the outcome of certain fights, and the rest were witches and vampires. If families crossed him he would take one of their children as punishment and make them serve him. If the family continued to try and disobey him or the child tried to fight he would torture them till they were unable to do anything but cooperate.
“His preferred ways of torture were drugs that made the person hypersensitive to any and all stimulation. He would then leave them till they were begging to be taken by anyone to relieve the tension in their bodies. If that didn’t work he would turn them over to a few of his guards with the instruction they could be used in any way, but they were not to be maimed – for example they must have all their limbs still attached – and they must be able to serve him still when the guards were finished.”
Jamie watched as his brother laid a comforting hand on Jackson’s shoulder, Jackson seemed to take a deep breath and lean slightly into the touch.
“What will happen now?” Jamie asked when he saw Jackson had calmed down.
“A new Council will be appointed for that community or the community will be dissolved and the people sent out to other communities. Adam is going to interview as many people as he can and see if anything is salvageable. If he can find suitable people then I have given him the power to register them and set them up with everything they need to be a good Council.”

The rest the evening passed with quiet conversation. After an hour Casey had fallen asleep and Jackson didn’t seem to mind that his shoulder was getting used as a pillow. Andrew was the one to notice the time.

“Oh, it’s nearly 8am. Jackson you haven’t got time to get home now, so why don’t you use one of the spare rooms? I think the one by Casey’s is free.”

Jackson glanced at his watch, “I think you’re right and thank you I will use the spare room. Do you want me to take sleeping beauty here up to his room?”

Jamie smiled at the nick name, he couldn’t wait to tell Casey that when he woke, “Yeah you know the way, I’ll follow you up and get the doors and blankets.”

After Jamie and Jackson had put Casey to bed they bid each other goodnight and Jamie headed to his own room.

Andrew was already in bed and Jamie wasted no time in stripping and joining him. Curling round one another they sighed happily and slipped in to a peaceful, safe sleep.


Thank you for reading.


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