Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 18


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Welcome to another Wednesday brief. I hope you enjoy the next chapter of Buried treasure. I have changed the point of view just for this chapter, to give you a little insight into Basil – I give my thanks to Candd, who left a comment two weeks ago asking for this insight. I hope this helps.

The prompt I used this time was:

“Push it”

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Buried Treasure – Part 18

Basil’s POV

They must think I’m stupid, I spotted the two psychic’s walking round the block for the second time and recognized them from my old community. Did they really think I would fall for such as obvious trap?

I had also seen the Senior Vampire Elder heading for an apartment building near the shop I was getting my booze from. He had some guy with him but they were arguing so violently that I don’t think they were heading for any fun.

Hmm now how am I going to get my booze? My last lot was gone and I needed more.

I needed a plan of my own, one that would get me by the not so secret guards. I had tried to use the other shops and bars but they all had better security and more people about all the time, it was too tiring to try and manipulate more than one person at a time if I didn’t need to.

Getting out of this shouldn’t be any harder than escaping the children’s home I was in at fifteen.

Thinking about that place never failed to make me angry. Those stupid workers never could treat me properly and they could also never keep their hands or other things to themselves. Making new friends was what kept me sane and they at least wanted me around, they even gave me things to help me feel better about losing my parents. My parents were all I had and then they were gone. I met Millie when I was twenty and had just got out of my second round of rehab. She was beautiful and she wanted me. Her getting pregnant was the worst thing that ever happened to us. Suddenly we had another mouth to feed and another person to clothe. That meant less money for the drugs we needed. We soon realized drink was cheaper than drugs but the high of getting drunk never lasted long enough.

I couldn’t believe it when the little brat managed to escape, you’d think locking her in the basement at night would be enough to keep her inside. But no she had to get out the small window and then get herself stuck in a freaking hole, only to have to be rescued by the psychic Security Department. Those meddlesome idiots had taken over our house and when they’d found the basement room they’d arrested me and Millie.

Sitting in that cell on my own was too much, but it was fun to flex my psychic muscles on someone other than a drug dealer or shop owner. Getting the guards to open the door to my cell had been easier than I had thought it would be, the two of them had been low level psychics at best. Of course once I was out I had to kill them, I couldn’t let them run and raise the alarm. I had contemplated taking Millie with me but she had become a burden I didn’t want anymore. She had even started to go soft on the kid, talking about giving her a room upstairs and decorating it, where was the money supposed to come from for that?

No I left her there and killed the guards – now that was an idea. Maybe I couldn’t go and get the booze but someone could go and get it for me. Now who shall I use? There were no civilians around, which I assume was the work of the idiots keeping watch, therefore I would have to use one of them. A quick scan of the local vicinity showed the only ones near enough for me to get to were the vampire and his friend in the apartment and the two psychics doing the rounds on foot. After a more in depth scan the only one that was easily accessible was the vampire and so I started to concentrate on him.

Suddenly I heard shouting and the vampire came ambling out the door of the apartment building with his friend in tow. The friend was the one shouting, asking what he thought he was doing and where was he going?

Unfortunately I was focused so much on the shouting that I didn’t hear the other two approaching.

“What’s going on Casey?” one asked and the friend – Casey – pointed to the vampire, who was still heading for the shop.

“Jackson what are you doing?” the same one asked the vampire, who ignored him and carried on.

One of the psychic’s moved in front of the vampire and placed a hand on his chest, I could feel his ability trying to override mine and push it out, that was so not going to happen. I started to push harder and the vampire started moving forward again. Still the psychic kept his hand in place and his ability seemed to grow as he continued to try and push me out the mind I had taken.

I was concentrating so hard on keeping control of the vampire’s mind that I didn’t sense the other psychic coming up behind me till I suddenly felt a fist hitting me across my jaw.

My connection snapped and it sent the vampire and the psychic touching him flying across the street, I on the other hand spun to face the new threat.

This bloke was huge, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take him in a physical fight. I pushed out with my mind… and met a wall! This guy had shields that even I couldn’t penetrate, I turned to run but found myself surrounded.

There was the vampire’s friend and another that looked to be his twin with another vampire. They were closing in and it looked like I was finished.

I was not, however, going down without a fight…

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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 18

  1. cannd says:

    this helped. I honestly think we needed this stuff sooner. I think putting in the part where he escaped jail or describing it first hand or from his point of view, when they first went to Chapminstres for help, would have made the threat feel more real. Or even having him do the robberies describing easily manipulating minds would have helped…just presenting him and making him more real than a described criminal would have been more effective. this made him real, but it was at the end of the story when his strength is finally demonstrated. sure showed power to control Jackson. think of what someone in control of him could do.I’d have liked to see him read enough of his mind to have the thought of what he might do with his knowlege and power.
    I want to see a showdown between him and Jaydon! I hope that they can give us a good fight and that Jaydon can kick his ass. I liked that he hit a wall in his mind. But, maybe if he starts holding his own against Jaydon by attacking the others, Craig and Jay can join together to be powerful enough to subue him. Look forward to part 19. Jackson is going to be pretty embarassed or angry or both huh!! I think embarassed that his mate saw him so easily control.
    keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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