Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 19

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief. This story is almost over now and after this I will be concentrating on Casey and Jackson’s Story.

I know there are a lot of unanswered questions and therefore I am going to expand on this story in the near future. This was my first time writing first person POV and writing by relying on weekly prompts. I hope you have enjoyed it.

For the foreseeable future, my Wednesday Brief prompts will be glimpses of upcoming stories or short scenes giving you a look at the possible futures of my characters.

As always comments and suggestion are always welcome and of course any suggestions on what you would like to see in the expanded version. For more great stories remember to check out the other briefers by following the links at the end of this post.

This week’s prompt was:

“Your Move”

Buried Treasure – Part 19

Jaydon’s POV

I felt the connection between Jackson and Basil snap and then I was flying through the air. I hit the ground with a solid thump, but fought against the blackness that hovered at the edges of my vision.

I could feel Craig nearby but I couldn’t raise my head or move a muscle. I heard Craig cry out in pain and that made me move.

I sat up in time to see Craig go flying by me, he landed on his back but sprung straight back up and was going to attack again. “No wait,” I called out.

I watched as the other’s started to surround Basil who was staring at me as though in challenge. I concentrated and shot out a spear of pure psychic energy. He flinched but managed to stay standing, he then returned fire and I was almost overwhelmed by the pain on my head. I reinforced my shields and attacked again, this time Basil fell to the floor but he rebounded up again quickly.

This time I felt his mind striking out in a different direction.

Jackson suddenly got up and started heading for me, his eyes were completely blank. I groaned to myself but didn’t redirect my mental attention.

“Adam,” I called out, “Will you please put Jackson on the ground and keep him there!”

I watched as Adam ran past me and tackled Jackson to the ground, Casey and Jamie joined him, with Andrew close behind and I left them fighting to concentrate on Basil, who was currently trying to edge his way towards freedom.

“Hey, Coward! Why don’t you come at me directly? Or are you only good at controlling shopkeepers and women? Come on it’s your move!” I taunted him trying to make him angry and hoping that he would make a mistake.

I felt a powerful mental push but my shields held and so when Basil came jumping at me I was ready. Craig came up by my side and we started fighting. For an old drunk Basil was surprisingly strong and fit. It took me moment to realize he had stopped his mental attack to use his powers to add to his strength.

I reached out for Craig, “Trust me and do as I say,” I sent to him, “Reach your mind out to me and give me control.”

I felt Craig’s mind merge even more completely with mine. By using his psychic ability of compulsion and coupling it with mine I made the effect even stronger. I sent a surge of power at Basil, “Kneel!” I projected.

Basil slowly moved away from us and started to fall to the ground, I could feel him fighting the order and increased the power. I kept increasing the power until he let out a cry and fell face first on the ground.

I kept up the pressure till I was sure he wasn’t going to get up, then I dropped to my knees panting for breath.

Suddenly I heard a cry and felt a strong mental push. It contained a few words and then nothing, “If I go I take someone…”

The cry had been from Casey, Jackson had started to jerk on the ground as though he was having a fit and then he went eerily still.

Craig ran over to him while I sent a thought out to Basil. All I found was silence, he was dead. He had poured all his psychic energy into Jackson, I can only guess he wanted some revenge.

Craig looked up at me from his place over Jackson, “He has a bleeding on his brain, I need your help.”

I nodded and crawled over so I could send out a probing thought to Jackson. I found the bleeding and joined with Craig again, this time he was leading me. He showed me how he could use his ability to see exactly what was going on inside Jackson’s brain. I looked up at Casey and Jamie, “I assume you two know how to heal this sort of injury?” they both nodded, “Okay, we’ll keep the bleeding at minimum and you two better start the magic. I only have so much energy left.”

Craig and I raised shields around the bleeding areas, trying to stem the flow as much as we could. We heard the twins chanting above us and in my mind’s eye I could see the bleeding veins being systematically closed off. Where need damage was repaired and after what seemed like an eternity I was able to relax.

“Okay, he’s safe to move now,” Casey announced.

Adam picked the still unconscious Jackson up, while Andrew called for guards to pick up Basil’s body. We then all trudged back towards the clinic.

I found myself walking by Jamie and Andrew and I had to ask a question that was niggling me, “How did you all know what was happening? I mean Craig and I were nearby and heard Casey shouting at Jackson but you two were in the bar…” I trailed off and Jamie grinned as I realized that of course he would have known what was happening as he, Casey and Andrew were all linked.

“We heard Casey,” Jamie confirmed my thoughts, “And I called Adam as we were running to you. He insisted Ben stay in his office.”

I looked at Jackson, cradled in Adam’s arms, “Will he be okay?” I asked, I didn’t want anyone else to die because of Basil fucking Waters.

“We’ll know more when we get him to the clinic,” Jamie replied, “But I knowing Jackson it will take a lot more than this to keep him down for long.”

At the clinic we headed for an exam room and the twins set to work again while he rest of us hovered out the way holding our breath. I ended up curled in Craig’s lap as he sat on a chair in a corner. The exertion finally caught up to me and I passed out.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 19

  1. cannd says:

    Great end to Basil. Now, will Basil’s shot of psychic energy give Jackson any ability or was it just a shot of it meant to overwhelm or short-circuit the brain of someone without these powers in the hopes of being able to hurt/kill them? One thing that surprised me was when we went from Basil’s acct. where he said that the guy he last came up against had shields that were inpenetrable and then came to find out in this chapter that it was actually Craig who he was speaking about. I had assumed it was Craig with his hand on Jackson who was trying to break the connection between hi and Basil. Mostly because I thought that it was Jaydon who would have those inpenetrable walls. Afterall, he was supposed to be the true match for Basil and the only one strong enough to face off with him mentally, and that along with his having the same powers led to his being hand-picked to go after him. The strength of Craig’s psychic powers seems to be a bit unexpected.
    I was a little surprised that their superviser wasn’t involved when they decided to make the final assault and got the tape of Basil and all. I’d have expected him to be point man in terms of arranging how they went after Basil but maybe you kept him out thinking he wouldn’t have let the others go with them to fight him.
    I really liked that Craig and Jaydon combined their powers to beat him. I feel like that was the ultimate show of how strong they were together as both psychics and moreso as a couple. Afterall, for Craig, and later Jaydon, to trust turning their mind over to another person and let them use your mental strength takes alot of trust.
    Great chapter. Looking forward to the ending.


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