Wednesday Briefs – Buried Treasure Part 21, Epilogue

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Welcome to a Christmas Wednesday Brief. This is the final chapter of Buried Treasure and the last Wednesday Brief for this year.

I hope you have all enjoyed this story and that you will be coming back next year for more.

As always suggestions and comments are very welcome.

This week I used the following prompts:

Picture prompt – A beautiful Christmas tree, and

“Merry Christmas”

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Buried Treasure Part 21 – Epilogue

At Craig’s signal I flipped the switch and watched in awe as the main lights went out and left the room lit by the lights on the tree.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind and leant in near his ear, “It’s beautiful love, just like you.”

Craig huffed at the corny line but leant back against me and gripped my arms to return the hug.

“I’m so glad we decided to stay here,” Craig said, “Chapmistres is a much better place for you to settle in than a community with other psychics always trying to read each other’s minds or feelings.”

I agreed, Craig had spoken to Jamie about the fact I have shield all the time around other psychics and how that made them not trust me, as though I had something to hide. Jamie had suggested Craig and I try out Andrew’s old cottage on the edge of town. It was far enough away that I shouldn’t be able to pick up any stray emotions or thoughts from town, but still near enough to be included in the community. No one would know if I had shields up because we would be the only psychics in town and therefore I would be treated as just another person.

After the few day’s trial we spoke with Jackson and arranged for all our belongings to be transferred to our new house. I quit my job with the psychic police but agreed to stay on call for emergencies. I was teamed up with Thanes mate Harry on a job helping Jackson with a new project he was working on.

Craig was of course snapped up by the clinic and had already been helping some people that were rescued from an abusive Senior Elder called Samuel. Although they had been getting help, with Craig they had made more progress in a week than they had in the last year.

“Come on Babe, We’re going to be late.” Craig’s voice near my ear made me jump and he laughed.

I elbowed him in the ribs and headed to find my coat and shoes.

“You know this Christmas tradition is one I’m glad was brought back from the mainland. The Christmas trees are beautiful and all the decorations round the town make the place sparkle. But I especially like the Christmas Carol’s, the songs sound wonderful and really seem to cheer up anyone who hears them.”

“I know that,” Craig says, bouncing around like an excited child. “That’s why I don’t want to be late. And the witches have said they have a surprise for the town. I don’t want to miss anything.”

“Alright. I’m ready.” The last part of my statement was almost lost as Craig grabbed my arm, dragged me out the front door and into the car.


We parked at the clinic and met up with Jamie, Casey and the kids.

“Hey guys, where’s Andrew and the others?” I asked as we approached the twins.

“Andrew, Jackson and Adam are coordinating the Carol singing and the surprise. Ben is just with them because Adam refused to let him out of his sight.” One of the twins replied. They were out of uniform and therefore I had no clue as to who was who.

“Da, Pa?” Elizabeth asked, pulling on one twin’s hand – I now knew which one was Jamie.

“Pa will be here soon Lizzie.” Jamie replied and after Casey picked up Thomas, we all headed towards the town square.

There were crowds of people but they all made way for us and I surprised to find a section near the front labeled reserved. Casey led us passed the sign and we settled into the chairs there.

It wasn’t long before we were joined by Andrew, Ben, Adam and Jackson. Although Jackson did take the chair the furthest from Casey as they were both still ignoring each other. Craig rolled his eyes at the sight but before he could comment music started playing.

A choir made up of towns folk sung several well-known Carol’s, with the words magically appearing above the choir’s heads so people could join in if they wanted to.

After the final song the conductor turned and addressed the crowd.

Most of you know that recently we had a dangerous man in our midst and that thanks primarily to two people that person was caught and stopped. This last surprise is mostly for those people, you know who you are and we hope you like this.”

As his words finished magical fireworks started going off in the sky. They were beautiful colors, reds, greens, blues and many more.

Elizabeth was bouncing in Jamie’s lap and clapping her hands. Thomas was just staring in wonder at the flashing lights from Adam’s lap.

Just as the last firework disappeared one more started to appear in the sky. It separated and started writing, leaving a trail of smoke behind it.


I looked around me and I was glad to be starting this new phase in my life with such good people around me and with my partner by my side.

I slipped an arm round Craig’s shoulders and he leant into me as I kissed the side of his face. Turning his head he pulled me into a proper kiss.

This was going to be a good year, I could feel it.

“I Love you,” I sent to Craig.

I was pleased to hear, “I love you too,” come back to me

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