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Welcome to the first Wednesday Brief of 2015. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that you’re all ready to read some fiction.

I decided to start a new story this time and it is about Louis and Cade from Buried Treasure, called Let me in. You don’t need to have read the last story to follow this one but it may help you understand a few of the characters better.

As usual don’t forget to check out the other author’s briefing this week by clicking the links at the bottom of this post. And of course all suggestions and comments are welcomed.

This week I used the prompt:

Now more than ever…

Please let me in – Part 1

Louis ran into the clinic locker rooms and quickly starting stripping. He couldn’t believe he had slept through his alarm. He knew he hadn’t been sleeping properly but he hadn’t realized just how tired he had become.

Pulling on his uniform he hurried out the door and headed for the staff room. He arrived with barely moments to spare and slipped into his seat.

Senior nurse Dora was taking the staff briefing and she glanced his way before addressing the entire group.

“Now we’re all here we can begin. We currently have four patients in the clinic. Two vampires, one witch and one psychic. The two vampires are Jules and Frances, they got in a fight – with each other – and have been given blood via IV. They are just resting and should be sent home before sunrise. The witch is Hetty, she had a spell go wrong on her and is recovering in an isolation room, please trust me and put a face mask on before you go into the room. Lastly I’m sure you’ve all heard about our psychic visitors. One of them, Craig, had multiple broken bones and is recovering in room 103. He has physical therapy to complete and may need help if his friends aren’t around. If there’s no questions let’s get going.”

Everyone started to shuffle towards the door to start their duties.

Louis trailed everyone out, he had hoped that the psychic would have been released by now. Craig seemed to take great delight in teasing anyone who got near enough to him. But the worst thing about treating Craig was one of his friends, Cade. The man had decided he wanted to get to know how the clinic ran and he had nominated Louis for the job. So far, Louis had managed to avoid the man but he knew he couldn’t do that forever. He didn’t know what it was but the man set him on edge. He didn’t know whether it was because he was a psychic or whether Louis was just used to staying in the back ground. But whatever the reason Louis just wanted to be left alone.


Sitting himself down at a computer station, Louis started to go over his reports from the previous day and check them against the daytime reports. He saw that two out of his four patients had been discharged. Another had been transferred to a halfway house so she could be taken care of till she was fully back on her feet. The last of course was Craig. He knew he had put it off as long as possible and so got up to head for room 103.


Craig was sitting up in bed alone when Louis entered, making him breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hi, Louis, my man. How’s my favorite silent nurse?” Craig called out when he spotted the little nurse.

Louis shook his head and started to take Craig’s vitals. When he’d finished he handed Craig the sheet of paper that laid out what exercises he had to do.

Craig rolled his eyes and laid down on the bed. Louis sat at his feet and when Craig raised his foot, Louis took hold of it and geld it while Craig pushed against him.

At Louis’ signal Craig changed legs and when he was finished they both had fine layer of sweat covering them.

As Louis was rising from the bed the door opened to admit two people. One was Jaydon, Craig’s boyfriend. Louis still blushed when he remembered the first time he entered the room to find them in bed together.

“Hey babe,” Jaydon said as he kissed Craig’s cheek, wrinkling his nose at the sweat, “Let’s get you in the shower.”

While Jaydon was occupied, Louis tried to slip out the door. Unfortunately the other person that had entered was Cade.

“Well, hello there beautiful. When are you going to take me on that tour of the clinic?” Cade leaned against the door blocking Louis’ escape.

Louis just shook his head and glance obviously at his watch. “Just let him go, Cade. He has a job to do.”

Cade huffed but moved and Louis hurried out before he could stop him again. As the door shut he heard Jaydon telling Cade off for ‘bothering the pretty little nurse’.

Louis laughed silently to himself. No one had ever called him beautiful of pretty, but he didn’t take the men’s words to heart. They talked like that to everyone.

Checking his watch for real this time he hurried down the hallway to get on with his next task of the night.


Back in room 103 Cade was frustrated. He wanted to get to know the little nurse, he pictured the little black haired man.

Louis was about a half a foot shorted than Cade was, he had short black hair and a swimmer slim build. He also had a lip ring through his bottom lip that Cade wanted to nibble on as he kissed him senseless.

Shaking his head he focus back on the room and moved to straighten up the bed while his friends showered.

He would find a way to get close to Louis, he had to, now more than ever.

Oh well, he thought to himself, tomorrow is another day.

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