Wednesday Briefs – Let me in, Chapter 2

wedbriefs badge large Welcome to a new Wednesday Brief, isn’t it a fine day? This week sees a continuation of Louis and Cade’s story.

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This week I used the prompt: “You and me both”

Let me in – Chapter 2

Cade was getting frustrated. He wanted to get to know Louis but the little witch always seemed to disappear before he could talk to him.

He had felt a shock go through him when he touched the man and the scent of him stirred something in him, he wanted to explore those feelings. But first he needed to get Louis to stay in the same room as him for more than a few seconds. Ideally he wanted to get Louis alone, but he would settle for Louis just not running away.


He sighed as he hung up the phone. Jaydon, Craig and Casey had gone to investigate the bars and liquor stores. He now was at a loose end till they came back. He ran a hand through his short brown hair, then rubbed both hands over his bristly face.

Jaydon had taken the lead on the case, Cade had been relegated to keeping Thomas – the Chief of the Psychic Police in Witchconspy – up to date on what was happening in Chapmistres View. Thomas had agreed that with Jaydon’s psychic abilities he would be the better person to actually track Basil Waters – a renegade psychic, wanted for child neglect, murder and theft. Cade’s psychic abilities only reached to reading feelings and sensing if someone was lying. These were great abilities, if he was interviewing a witness or suspect, but his shielding ability was weak and if Basil got near him Cade would be in for a world of trouble and probably pain.

With another sigh Cade headed back to his room and rummaged in his bag till he found one of his favorite books. He settled on the bed and tried to lose himself in a world of romance.

He couldn’t concentrate on his book and found his mind wandering back to earlier in the evening, when Louis had come in the room just as Craig threw the pillow at him. Louis’ face when the pillow had hit him had been a picture of shock, but he seemed to see the funny side. However, he had not even had the courtesy to respond to Cade’s request for help before running out the door with the food tray.


Cade was woken from a light doze by the sound of knocking, rubbing his eyes he called out for whoever it was to come in.

“Hey man. You sleeping on the job?” Jayden said, as he entered the room with Craig on his heels.

Cade shot him a glare and then made a show of ignoring him while he put a bookmark in his book and placed it on the bedside cabinet.

“So what did you find out?” he asked and listened as Jaydon told him how they’d worked out which liquor store Basil had been stealing from.

“I’ll update Thomas nearer the morning, he was just heading to bed when I called earlier.” Cade stretched and watched as Jaydon and Craig cuddled up together in the chair near his bed. He felt a prang of jealousy go through him, he wanted to have someone to cuddle with, he wanted to have someone who would care about him, he wanted to have someone who would love him. But most of all he wanted Louis, he didn’t know what it was about the witch but he knew he wanted him and no one else.

“So, have either of you seen Louis tonight? Other than assaulting him with a pillow of course.” Cade asked trying to look like it was an innocent question, he must have been unsuccessful judging by the grin on Jaydon’s face.

“No, we haven’t but he should be looking for us soon, Craig is due to do his physiotherapy.” Jayden grinned as he spoke, “Of course we could always put in a good word for you.”

Cade shook his head violently. “No, thanks. I don’t want to even think about what you two would think is a good word.”

Craig was frowning, “You know thinking about it, I don’t think we could put in a word either way. I don’t know about you two but I’ve never actually had a conversation with Louis. I talk to him but he never says a word. I only know his name because it’s on his badge round his neck.”

Cade frowned too, thinking back he realized Louis had never said a word to him either. He looked at Jaydon and saw him shaking his head, “You and me both.” Jaydon shrugged.

Hmmmm, Cade thought to himself, this is mystery. Cade loved mysteries.


Later Cade was walking along the hallway, trying to remember where Jamie had told him the laundry was. His arms were full, trying to carry three black sacks full of his, Craig’s and Jaydon’s dirty clothes.

Suddenly he found himself bouncing off something and landing flat on his ass. The bags split and clothes fell around him in a dirty colored rainbow pile.

Shaking his head to clear it, Cade looked up to see what he’d bumped into. His mouth fell open when he saw Louis getting to his feet and brushing himself off.

Cade quickly jumped up, intent on getting Louis to talk to him. However, he was shocked when Louis flinched away from him when he touched the witch’s arm.

Cade held his hands up, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. Or knock you over.” Thinking quickly Cade had an idea, “Can you help me with these clothes please? I’m trying to find the laundry room.”

Louis stared at him and Cade held his breath.

Finally after what felt like an eternity of waiting Louis nodded his head and reached to help Cade pick up the clothes.

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