Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 4

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief.

This week I used a picture prompt of a black horse.

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Let me in- part 4

Louis left Jamie’s office the next night with a rather red face. Jamie had been quite blunt about what he thought of Louis’s behavior towards Cade. He had been understanding about the reasons Louis had for wanting to avoid Cade, but he had also made the point that it wasn’t fair to be rude to the man to chase him off. He also pointed out that Louis would never get over his past if he kept allowing it to affect his present and future.

Louis had promised that he would be at least civil to Cade the next time they met. But Louis had had a better idea and he smiled as he thought about the shock he was about to give Cade.


Cade was laying on his bed reading as usual. It felt all he had done for days was update Thomas and read or wander around the clinic. He was halfway through reading Black Beauty.

Jaydon and Craig were out watching the liquor store, hoping that Basil would show up. Cade had been left behind—again. He had tried to argue against Casey and Jackson going as well, but, with Jackson being the Senior Elder, he had been over ruled and of course no one told Casey what to do.

He jumped slightly at a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he called and then smiled as he saw the face of his second favorite nurse. Nora was one of the Senior Healers of the clinic. She was a short, older, woman—he didn’t have the courage to ask just how old she was—with long grey hair that she wore in a bun. “Hey Dora,” he greeted her, “what can I do for you?”

“Hi sweetie, Louis sent me to ask if you still wanted that tour of the clinic. His patients have been discharged and he gas the rest of the shift free.”

Cade was nodding before she had even finished speaking.

“Hell yes, I still want the tour. Where do I need to go?”

“Watch your language young man. He said to meet him in half an hour at the reception desk.”

With a cheery wave the older woman shut the door.

Cade jumped of the bed and stripped in record time. He headed for the shower and washed as quickly as he could before up ending his suitcase on to the floor to find something to wear. He knew this could be his one chance at making a good impression and he wanted to use any advantage he could.

He finally found his emerald green shirt, he knew it brought out the green of his eyes, he paired it with a pair of tan tailored slacks and he was good to go. He sat on the bed to put his shoes on a quick check on the time showed he had five minutes left to get to reception.


Louis paced the reception area back and force, out the corner of his eye he saw the receptionist, Sophie, waving at him. When he turned she said, “Dora just called to say he will be here in half an hour. While you’re waiting why don’t you make us a cup of tea?”

Louis nodded his assent and headed for the break room.

When he returned with the tea Sophie was chatting to Nettie, one of the night cleaners for the clinic.

“I swear those boys don’t know what a laundry basket is for—,” Nettie was saying as Louis approached. “Oh here’s sweet Louis. That tea for us dear?”

Louis nodded with a smile and handed them a mug each, shaking his head as Sophie went to object to him giving away his tea.

He was still watching the two women chatting when the main clinic doors opened and Cade came running through them. Too late Louis saw Cade’s foot catch on the welcome mat and before he could brace himself cade had crashed into him, sending them both to the ground, with cade landing on top of Louis.

As Louis was trying to catch his breath cade leaned up with an arm either side of Louis’s head and grinned. “You did say to meet you in half an hour. I know I made it on time.”

Cade’s grin was infectious and Louis smiled as he pushed gently on Cade’s chest trying to get the man to let him up.

Cade jumped up and held a hand out to Louis, who took it and pulled himself up.

Louis knew this was the moment of truth, he had decided to tell Cade this here because he wanted to be in a public place if it went ass up.

Louis held up the index finger of his right hand, earning a frown from Cade, but hearing the women stop talking in the background.

Next Louis pointed to his ear and shook his head.

Cade continued to frown but then Louis saw the realization dawning in his eyes, “Your deaf?”

Louis nodded and after holding up the finger again, he pointed to his lips and shook his head again.

Cade’s eyes went wide, “You’re mute too?”

Louis nodded and was secretly glad Cade had used the term mute and not dumb.

“I take it you read lips?” Cade asked, making sure to face Louis as he spoke. After Louis nodded yet again Cade asked, “But how do you communicate? Not everyone knows ASL.”

Louis gave a slight smile and concentrated.


Cade frowned as Louis just seemed to be staring at him, then he nearly leapt out of his skin, “This is how I communicate.” The voice was soft and caressed all his senses. It had also sounded directly in his head.

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