Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 5

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Let Me In – Chapter 5

Louis watched Cade nervously as he waited to see what the other man’s reaction would be. He heaved a sigh of relief when a grin spread over Cade’s face.

“Does that mean I still get a tour?” Cade asked.

Louis nodded, smiling, and pointed to the clinic main doors, before heading that direction.


Cade was silently cheering, he now knew why neither he nor his friends had heard Louis talk.

It didn’t bother him that Louis was deaf and mute, but it did bother him that Louis obviously thought it would affect Cade’s attitude towards him. He wanted to get to know the person behind the front Louis seemed to put up for everyone to see.

He decided to try innocent questions, now that he had Louis talking—sort of—he could build up to the questions he really wanted to ask.

He tapped Louis on the arm, when the man turned, Cade spoke.

“So, have you always lived in Chapmistres View?” he asked.

“Yes, I was born and raised here. I’ve only left to attend the university in Unison City for a two year healing course, before starting to work here full time. What about you? Were you born in Witchconspy?”

“No, I was born in a nearby shifter community but it was dissolved when an illness that only affected shifters took out the alpha, all the betas, and over a hundred others, before a cure was found. My mom and I were taken in by Thomas, the Senior Elder of Witchconspy, when I was three.”

“Shifter community. Was one of your parents the healer there? You said you and your mom moved to Witchconspy, what about your father?” Cade paused before answering Louis’ questions.

“In answer to your first question, yes, my mom was a healer, so she was placed in the shifter community. As for your other question, my father was killed by the illness before the cure was found. Mom worked so hard, even calling some old friends from university to help, but they were too late to save everyone. My father died the day before the cure was developed.”

Cade closed his eyes to try and block out the memories and jumped slightly when he felt a hand on his arm.

“I’m sorry you lost your father. It must have been hard.”

Cade turned to thank Louis, but he was frowning, “Hang on, you said the illness only effected shifters!”

Cade nodded resignedly, “Caught on to that did you? Yes my father was a shifter which makes me a hybrid—or a freak. Depends on who you speak to.”

Cade was surprised by Louis’ loud voice in his head, “Never let me see you calling yourself a freak. Thane is a hybrid and he is no more a freak than you are.”

Cade stood staring for a few moments before he shook his head, “Damn you’re sexy when you’re angry!” He laughed as Louis blushed, “I don’t know who Thane is but I’m guessing he’s a friend.” Louis nodded. “Thank you for the defense and just so you know, I don’t think of myself—or other hybrids—as freaks. I was just repeating what other people have said, time and again. I would also ask you keep this to yourself, my colleagues don’t know I’m not wholly a psychic and my boss wants it kept that way.”

Louis seemed to consider his request and then nodded, before pointing along the hallway to indicate—Cade assumed—that they should continue that way.


They spent a good two hours wondering around the clinic, with Cade poking into any corners and closets that Louis allowed him to.

Louis watched Cade with amusement, he had never met a person with such a curious nature.

Their last stop was back at the main reception area, Louis didn’t want the night to end just yet and so he surprised Cade and himself with a request.

“Would you like me to show around the community a bit? Or maybe we could take a walk in the woods? I know a lovely spot to take some food on a moonlight picnic.”

Cade just stared for a moment but then he nodded so hard Louis thought he was going to shake his head off his shoulders.

Louis laughed as he led the way to the kitchens and then out the back doors.

Cade looked fascinated by the woods that backed onto the clinic, he kept looking around as though he didn’t want to miss anything.

They finally made it to the spot Louis had mentioned, there was a clearing in the woods that led to a rushing waterfall. The water was gushing and splashing, reflecting the moonlight into small lasers that sparkled over a large pool at the bottom.

Cade stopped suddenly and Louis nearly collided with him. Cade turned to face him, “It’s beautiful,” he said before entering the clearing.

Louis smiled at the look on Cade’s face and followed the entranced man as he headed for the pool.

Louis dropped the basket of food he was carrying onto a patch of grass.

Suddenly he saw a flash out the corner of his eye and looked up in time to see Cade topple into a shallow part of the pool. Seeing him sitting there with his hair dripping down his face was too much and Louis doubled over in silent laughter.

He looked up just in time to see Cade coming at him. Before he could dodge, Cade had him pinned to the ground and was rubbing his wet hair over every part of Louis that he could reach.


Cade couldn’t help but laugh, he didn’t think that Louis even realized he was projecting his protests into Cade’s mind.

All Cade could hear was, “No, stop…I’m ticklish there…Please let me up that water is cold…”

Cade finally let up and just leaned up to look down at the now rather wet man under him.

God he was beautiful.

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4 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 5

  1. Cannd says:

    The info in this chapter was so long in coming! I’ve been dying to know what Cade was in addition to psychic (are all the psychics witches or just humans with psychic abilities?) or witch as the case may be. I wouldn’t have guessed shifter though. so Jayden and Craig don’t know he’s part shifter when they grew up with him or was he not referring to them when saying his colleagues? What type of shifter is he? I’d think that’d be a first question though he said alpha so wolf may be understood. Are there other types of shifters in CV or the rest of this world?
    I love the chemistry that has blossomed between them, but I guess it was bound to happen when L stopped running and admitted he couldn’t speak and such. Is C able to understand him only b/c he’s psychic/witch or can L project to anyone? Does the person have to be telepathic to get messages from him? I would assume not since he’d not have many patients he could converse with if so. Great chapter to get those answers and to get some background on the two and to see them finally connect!


    • cazpedroso says:

      Hi, Sorry for late reply, I’ve been swamped.

      I’m glad you like this chapter and I promise most of your questions will be answered soon.

      As for the psychics, the purebloods are just humans that have been born with abilities that set them apart from ‘normal’ humans. they are therefore considered paranormal and extended the invitation to the island so they can live in peace. Of course with mixed breeding, there are hybrids of almost any type now.

      Hope this helps.



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