Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 6

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. Thank you to everyone who reads this and please leave me any suggestions you have, this story is writing itself at the moment, but that won’t last.

This week I used the prompt:

Have a character do something for the first time

As always please enjoy and comment. Also please follow the links at the end of the post for more great stories.

Let Me In, Chapter 6

Louis stared up at Cade’s eyes, they were the most brilliant blue he had ever seen. As he watched though they flashed to amber and back again.

“What was that?” he asked, intensely curious.


Cade felt his animal pushing to the surface, uncalled, and he panicked. He scrambled off of Louis and moved as far away from the small man as the clearing would allow.

“I’m sorry, that’s never happened before. I would never hurt you. Never!” he babbled as he tried to look anywhere but at Louis.


Louis’ healer instinct came roaring to the front as he watched that man he had just been laughing with folding on himself.

Crawling slowly so as not to startle him, Louis moved closer until he could lay a hand on Cade’s trembling knee.

“Hey, Cade. Come on. Look at me.” Louis kept sending calming thoughts to Cade. His ability to send his thoughts into people’s minds had never been more useful than it was at that moment. He would always be grateful to the Witches High Council for granting him it to him.

Slowly Cade’s trembling stopped and Cade looked up. Louis didn’t like seeing the fear in the normally confident young man.

“I would never hurt you,” he repeated again to Louis.

Louis squeezed Cade’s hand and smiled, “I know that babe.”

The endearment seemed to shock Cade, he smiled back at Louis, Louis used the hand he held to pull Cade nearer to him and then he planted a kiss on Cade’s lips.


The sensation of Louis’ lips on his roared through him like wild fire. He was instantly rock hard and knew without looking he was tenting his still damp pants.

When Louis pulled back from the kiss Cade tried to follow him but Louis put a hand on his chest to hold him in place.

He opened his eyes, he hadn’t even realized he’d shut them, and saw the amused gleam in the other man’s eyes.

“So, just what animal am I going to be seeing someday soon?” Louis’ voice only held curiosity, there was none of the fear he expected.

“I’m a white wolf. My father was the son of the alpha. When the pack disbanded it was deemed better for mom and I to go to the psychic community because the nearest camps wouldn’t have accepted a half breed. The council of Witchconspy know what I am, my boss is an Elder so he knows. But no one else knows, they think my ability to sense the truth of people statements is down to psychic ability, but it’s down to scent. I can also scent people’s emotions, but I can also feel them. That is the extent of my psychic abilities.”

“When can I meet your wolf? He sound beautiful and I have always had a thing for wolves. I used to study them as a child and I have sketch books at home filled with drawings that I copied from wildlife books.”

Cade thought about it for a few moments. Louis sounded so hopeful and he could feel they were alone. He also fund he wanted to show Louis his wolf, he wanted the witch to accept him as he had accepted Louis when he had told him about his muteness and deafness.

Pushing to his feet, Cade started to remove his clothes. He liked the way Louis’ eyes lit up at the sight and promised himself they would explore that later.

“Two rules before I do this,” Cade waited for Louis to nod before continuing, “One don’t make any sudden moves or noises, animals — even partly human ones — can spook. Two don’t run, if you do my wolf will think your playing and try and chase you down.”

Louis nodded his agreement and Cade turned his mind inwards. He looked deep in to his mind to seek out his wolf where it was sulking from the telling off he had given it earlier about revealing itself.

He felt the change flowing over him and he fell to all fours on the soft grass.


Louis watched in astonishment as Cade’s form glowed and then in the place of the sexy man was a huge white wolf.

The wolf seemed to look at him and be considering what to do as it sat there with its head tilted to one side.

Louis moved slowly raising himself to his knees and then holding hand out, hoping that he didn’t get nipped for his troubles.

Cade sniffed at his hand and then licked him from wrist to fingertips.

“Ewww, did you really have to do that?” Louis wiped his hand on his pants, as Cade sat there with his tongue hanging out, obviously laughing at Louis’ reaction.

“You taste nice,” a voice whispered in Louis’ mind, making him yelp.

“You sssspoke!” Louis stammered looking wide eyed at Cade.

“How did you think shifters communicated when they’re in animal form?”

Louis thought about it and it made sense. “Can you do that in human form?”

“I’ve never tried,” came the answer, “Maybe you could help me?”

Louis reached out again and Cade butted his head under Louis’ hand.

Stroking and petting the wolf, Louis shook his head, he never thought he would one day be sitting in a grassy clearing stroking and talking to a shifter.

On the other hand at that moment there wasn’t anywhere he would rather be.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 6

  1. cannd says:

    Really beautiful chapter. Louis seems to be blossoming now that he knows Cade. He is slow to trust huh! I assume it is the fear of being accepted for his deafness and muteness? He ran from Cade for so long that his being forward caught me off guard. Wow, Cade is a beautiful animal. How sad that he lost not only his dad but his granddad at the same time.
    I kinda feel badly for him. He’s not able to share who he is with people, even those he’s close with like Jayden and Craig. I’m wondering if Cade is indeed his mate, why his wolf hasn’t told the human side of him. I’d assume that’s why he’s been so anxious to get to know Louis and his wolf revealing itself too. Great chapter.


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