Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 7

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief, sorry about missing last week but half term got so busy.

As always all comments and suggestions are welcomed and I want to thank Cannd for her ongoing support with her comments. Also please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Story Warning: This week I am telling about Louis’ past. Some readers may find this distressing and I would advise you skip this chapter if you need to. There is violence and upset.

I used a picture prompt this week:

A picture of a hammer, possibly used in construction.

Let Me In – Chapter 7: By Carol Pedroso

Louis continued to stroke Cade’s fur, he liked how soft it felt.

He couldn’t believe that Cade could actually speak to him — as a wolf at least — he hadn’t heard anything since he was thirteen.

To the current day he hated remembering that day.


The day had started out great. He had met up with his best friend, Keith, and they had spent the day fishing in the lake.

The two of them had only realized their mutual feelings for each other the previous week and they were still enjoying the first flush of young love.

They’d abandoned their fishing poles and were making out on the grassy bank, when they heard an angry shout from above them.

They broke apart to see Louis’ father striding towards them, he was still in his work clothes from the construction site.

Both boys scrambled to their feet as Melvin Courts reached them.

“What the fuck is going on?” his father yelled.

Before either boy could reply Louis felt a sharp pain in his head as the ground seemed to rush up to meet him.

Hits to his chest, head and lower body were interspersed by swearing and threats from his father.

“No son of mine is going to be a fucking faggot… You’re dead to my family and soon you’ll be dead in reality…”

The last thing Louis remembered hearing was a voice calling out, “Mr. Courts, Stop this ins…” Then the world went black.


The next time Louis woke up he was in the clinic. Jamie and Casey, who were nineteen at the time, were sitting on either side of his bed. By the looks on their faces he knew some bad news was going to be coming his way soon.

He opened his mouth to ask what had happened but no sound came out. Casey must have noticed he’d woken up because he leant over and laid a comforting hand on Louis’ shoulder. Louis could see Casey’s lips moving but he couldn’t hear anything.

He was just starting to really panic when Jamie came into view, he was holding a pad of lined paper and two pens, one blue and one red.

Seeing Jamie nod toward the pad Louis took the paper and the red pen.

On the paper it said:

Do you remember what happened to you?

Louis nodded and started to scrawl his answer:

Yes. My dad caught me and Keith kissing. Something hit me and I fell. Then someone was kicking me and yelling.

Jamie wrote his reply: Yes. Your father knocked you down with his work hammer, he had it hanging on his belt. Keith ran for help and ran straight into Jackson and Casey.

Jackson pulled your father off you and Casey brought you straight here.

Louis: Why can’t I hear or talk?

Jamie: I’m afraid Casey and Jackson weren’t in time to stop the worst of the beating. Your father had kicked your head multiple times, as well as the first hit with the hammer, and from what we can tell he has damaged the part of your brain that controls your hearing.

He also stamped on your throat repeatedly, which damaged your vocal cords beyond repair. They had to be removed.

Magic can only heal so much, it can’t perform miracles, and Morgana did everything she could.

Louis: So I’ll never talk or hear again?

Jamie: No sorry. The best we can offer is to help you learn to read lips. That will mean you’ll know what people are saying.

As for the talking, we had to call in a psychic healer. She said she can work with Morgana and she’ll teach you to project your thoughts into other people’s minds — with their permission of course.

Morgana will use magic to enhance your mind and the psychic will teach you the rest.

Otherwise you’re stuck with writing.

By the time Louis had finished reading, tears were streaming down his face. His own father had tried to kill him and now he was permanently disabled.

He felt a tingle of magic wash over him and he realized as his vison dimmed that one of the twins had used magic to put him back to sleep.


Louis was brought back to the present by the feel of a wet tongue bathing his face. He hadn’t realized he was crying until Cade was washing the tears away.

Suddenly overwhelmed by the memories he buried his face in the soft fur at Cade’s neck and let the tears flow.


Cade was furious. He hadn’t meant to witness Louis’ memories but Louis had been so upset he had projected his thoughts without realizing he was doing it.

Cade wanted to tear Melvin Courts limb from limb. No one should hurt anyone just because of who they chose to love.

Cade’s wolf had already decided it wanted to keep Louis, as soon as he had shifted the wolf had all but sat up and begged. Now all he had to do was convince Louis that they were made for each other.

But first he needed to comfort his mate… mmmm he liked the sound of that, MATE.

He nuzzled his nose into Louis’ neck and started to send comforting feelings to him.

Slowly Louis’ sobs stopped and the young witch lifted his head to look into Cade’s eyes.

“I don’t know why but I feel right here with you,” Louis said, with wonder in his voice.

Cade yipped happily and started bathing Louis’ face with his tongue. He kept going till Louis was laughing hard again and trying to push him away.

Cade liked the look of happiness on Louis’ face as he laughed and he swore he would do anything to keep it there.

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4 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 7

  1. christine says:

    I missed this somehow, this week. 😦 Anyway, it was a tough chapter to read, but it answered the questions we obviously had about what happened to Louis. What a horrifying event. What happened to his father? Was his father a supernatural? [this may have been answered at some point but could one of the supers actually marry a human or bring a human to the island?] It is really sad for him to say that he hadn’t ‘heard’ someone since that day. it was sad to think that the last words he heard were those spewed by his father. I’m glad he can ‘hear’ Cade and hope Cade can do the same, or learn to, when he’s in his human form. I found it interesting that the way you’ve written it, Cade liked louis alot and wanted to get through to him, but he didn’t have that assurance he was his ‘mate’ till he was in wolf form. If I interpreted that correctly, that’s neat.
    It is sweet that the witches granted him the gift to be able to still speak to people. I love that your writing about Louis and especially this chapter, can make people think about what it would be thrust into a world of silence. I look forward to seeing these two as they grow together. Does Louis know he can project memories to Cade or maybe other psychics. He should tell him. I think Cade could bring Louis out of the shell that he has ended up in. Is Keith still is friend?
    lots of random thoughts b/c my friend is waiting for me to take her to the store. Great chapter. Can’t wait for more. thanks for the shoutout too. it’s really sweet of you. (hUGS)


    • cazpedroso says:

      Wow lots of things to think about 🙂

      First let me say, no humans are allowed on the island, whether they are mated to a paranormal being or not. Their children however are, if they display paranormal abilities.

      Next, we will find out about Louis’ father and Keith soon.

      Finally, thank you as always for your comments, it helps to keep me writing, even when I’m staring at a blank doc, knowing people enjoy my stories.


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