Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 8

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief, this week we just have a bridge chapter I promise more will happen soon.

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This week I used a picture prompt:

A picture of a lake with a beautiful rainbow arching over it.

Chapter 8

Louis liked laying there with Cade, looking out over the lake he saw a rainbow starting to form and thought that nothing was more perfect than this moment.

When his memories tried to take over again he ruthlessly pushed them down.

He jumped when he Cade spoke into his mind.

“You know you shouldn’t suppress your emotions like that.”

Louis looked down at Cade in shock.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Cade gave Louis a look that reminded him of a begging puppy. “Let me first say this wasn’t intentional at all.”

Louis shook his head, “Stop stalling.”

Cade huffed, “I saw what you were thinking about when you were upset. You were projecting it because, if I had to guess, your subconscious calling for help.”

Louis pushed away from Cade.

“So now you know that my own father would rather kill me than have a faggot for a son.”

Louis was shocked to see Cade’s jaw pull back in a growl, “Never let me hear you call yourself that,” Cade’s voice said angrily. “Just like you didn’t like me calling myself a freak, I don’t like hearing you call yourself a faggot.”

Louis felt tears in his eyes again at Cade’s anger for him, “Can you turn back, please?” he asked.

Cade sat on his haunches and tilted his head for a moment before the glow surrounded him again and then a naked man sat in the place of the wolf.

“Brrr, it’s cold without fur,” Louis saw Cade say as he reached for his clothes. Luis found he missed hearing Cade but he had asked for a Cade to change back for a reason.

When Cade had finished dressing in his now dry clothes he turned back to Louis.

“Well, did you like my wolf or did he put you off me all together?” he asked.

Before Louis could answer he heard in his mind the voice of Cade’s wolf saying over and over, “Please let him not send me away.”

“I’ll never send you away,” Louis sent to Cade, and saw the other man’s eyes go wide as what he had said registered.

“You can still hear me?” Cade asked in Louis’ mind.

Louis’ face broke into a grin and he threw his arms around Cade, “Yes. I heard you.”


Cade was happy to find his arms full of the beautiful witch again, and he was even more happy that Louis could still hear him. He was never more grateful for his psychic heritage as he was at that moment. Standing by a lovely waterfall lake under a rainbow that could only just be made out in the lightening sky. It was a wonderful feeling and he didn’t want it to end.

He slipped his arm round Louis and held the man softly till Louis raised his head still smiling. It would take a strong willed man to resist the temptation of having those lips so close and Cade was the first to admit that his will to resist was non-existent.

He leaned down slowly giving Louis time to move away if he wanted to and then their lips were meeting softly. Softly quickly turned passionate. Hands roamed as much as clothes would allow and Cade had just managed to get his hands under Louis’ shirt when he heard someone coming in the distance.

“Babe, there’s someone coming,” he said reluctantly, pulling away.

“Babe? No one’s ever called me that before,” Louis looked up at Cade still smiling, “I think I like it.”

Cade blinked, he hadn’t realized he had used the endearment, it had come out so naturally.

“Well, I’ll just have make sure to use it as much as possible and find a few others too.”

As they were talking Cade heard the person getting nearer and then a figure could be seen at the edge of the clearing.

Cade turned Louis so he could see the figure, and was relieved when Louis smiled in recognition.

“That’s Thane, the other hybrid I told you about. He’s probably doing guard duty today. He’s usually a bodyguard but he does cover the guards when needed.”

“Hello, Louis. Who’s your friend?” Thane said as he got near enough to the pair that they could see him clearly. He saw that although Thane was turned toward Louis so he would know what was being said, he was watching Cade.


Louis smiled at his friend. Thane — and his mates, Harry and Eddy — had become regular visitors to the clinic since Jamie met Andrew. Thane liked to come and catch up with the twins and Harry almost always came with him, if he wasn’t working.

Eddy had started coming since the babies were born and was recruited as a babysitter when he managed to calm a crying Elizabeth — Jamie had been at his wits end. He was also good with the young patients who had to stay in. Weekends would find him at the clinic — if there were any children in — he would read them stories and teach them simple songs.

“This is Cade, he’s here with the psychic that broke his leg,” Louis told Thane, he also included Cade in the question so they could all have a conversation.

“Oh, well hello,” Thane held his hand out to Cade.

Cade shook the hand and smiled, “I’ve heard about you. Louis says you’re a friend. I hope to get to know you.”

Thane nodded before turning to Louis, “Are you both staying out of are you heading back. I was just about to head to the clinic to check in with Jackson.”

“Well?” asked Louis, looking at Cade.

“I suppose we had better head back. I need to check on Craig and Jaydon,” he spoke out loud for Thane’s benefit.

All three men picked up the blanket and left over food before heading back toward the main road. Cade slipped his hand into Louis’ making Louis smile.

He felt so happy, but would it last??

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