Love is an Open Road – Goodreads Prompt for 2015

I am writing for Goodreads MMRomance Group Don’t Read in the Closet event again this year. the title this time is Love is an Open Road. The prompt I claimed was written by Yvonne and is as follows:

Promt 2015

Dear Author, I am part of an elite unit. I am from a world which, up until [?] years ago, was unknown to you and your kind. I have been sent to your world on a twofold mission. First, to ascertain if Earth will make a good ally, and second (and more personal), is to search for my other half. I have felt the pull and have started showing the signs. This makes me dangerous to myself and vulnerable to my enemies. I need to find him or them ASAP. No hard BDSM, non-con, or slavery please. Sincerely, Yvonne

At the moment the idea is to go with an alternative earth and aliens making first contact. It will include science, magic, martial arts and possibly MPreg.

More news will be posted as I have it, wish me luck. 🙂


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