Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 10

wedbriefs badge large Welcome to another Wednesday Brief, hope everyone is having a great week.

This week I used the prompt:

“I’m not cleaning up your mess”

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Chapter 10

Cade led Louis toward his room when they had finally managed to escape from Jaydon and Craig.

“Will you stay with me? I really want to sleep holding.” Cade whispered in Louis’ mind.

Louis looked at him as though he was looking into Cade’s soul, after what seemed like an eternity, he nodded.

Cade let out a yell and grabbing a smiling Louis he swung him in a circle.

When he set him down he took Louis’ mouth in a fierce kiss that left both of them panting for breath when it finished.

“I want you with me always,” Cade sent. “Please don’t leave me.”

Louis stroked the side of his face and he leant into the caress.

“I’ll never leave you, I love you,” Louis sent and Cade let out a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding.

They had just entered Cade’s room when his cell phone started to ring, grumbling he rooted around in his pocket.

Glancing at the screen he answered, turning his back slightly so Louis couldn’t see him, in case it was business. “Thomas, this had better be important. You’re playing havoc with my love life here.”

Thomas laughed down the phone, “Well, it’s good to hear someone is getting lucky.” Then his voice got serious, “Look I need you to come home. Jaydon and Craig have briefed me on what happened with Basil. But the trouble here is still going on. People think the council should have been aware of someone with that sort of power much sooner, they also say that we are responsible for Crystal’s death. Apparently the neighbors did send in letters with their concerns but those letters weren’t passed onto the council and therefore no investigation was done.

“People are even trying to blame the council for the landslide! How we were supposed to know that was going to happen I have no idea, but then who said people were rational when they’re looking to place blame?”

Cade was shaking his head, “What can I do, even if I do come back?”

“Well for one you can investigate why the neighbors’ concerns weren’t passed onto the council. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Also you can take my place on the council, I —“

“WHAT!” Cade yelled interrupting Thomas. “Me! On the council? Have you lost your mind?”

“Calm down and listen to me. Firstly I had already handed in my resignation to the council before the landslide happened. I planned to retire and enjoy some time with my wife before this job kills me. I was going to see out the year, but I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and apparently the stress of all that’s been happening has had a bad effect on my health. Basically I’ve been signed off indefinitely. You were always going to be my replacement, you must have realized that. I was going to talk to you about it first, but that got put off because of the landslide and then this trouble with Basil. But now that’s all done you can come home.”

Cade was running his hand through his hair and then he felt a hand on his back rubbing softly.

He turned to look at his mate, what was he going to do?

“Thomas, I can’t come home at this moment,” he said, making sure Louis could see everything he was saying. “I’ve found my mate here. I won’t leave him and I’m not going to ask him to turn his life upside down for me when we’ve just met. Anyway I’m not cleaning up your mess”

Louis’ eyes had gone wide as he seemed to absorb what Cade was saying. Cade was then surprised to hear Louis’ voice in his mind, “What’s happened?”

Cade quickly filled Louis in and Louis’ next words shocked him.

“Tell him you’ll be home within a week.”

Cade stared into Louis’ eyes, “Love, I can’t leave you. My wolf needs you and more than that I need you. I love you. Please don’t send me away.”

“I’m coming with you.”

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