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Hi, welcome to an April Fool’s Day Wednesday Brief. This week I decided to take a break from my normal story and give you a funny short story about Elizabeth — Jamie and /Andrew’s daughter. In this she is around ten years old and so it is set after all books written so far.

As always comments, suggestions and corrections are gratefully received. Please check out the other authors at the end of this post for more great stories.

More Fool Me

“So all I have to do is use this spell and it will activate on its own? Are you sure Da?” Elizabeth asked Jamie.

“Yes, Lizzie. I’m very sure. I used this trick on Casey all the time when we were young.”

Elizabeth hugged her father and skipped off downstairs for breakfast.


“You ready for school Lizzie?” Casey called, waiting impatiently at the front door.

“I’m ready Uncle,” Lizzie said, coming up behind her father.

Casey jumped, “How did you get outside?”

“I had to get my homework from the office in the clinic, I was doing it there yesterday remember?” Elizabeth gave her best innocent look and was pleased when her father just shook his head and headed for the car.


Elizabeth sat in the school hall with the rest of the school as whispers went on around her wondering why they had all been called in there.

“I heard Madam Gilbert is pregnant!” said one girl.

“Well I heard that principle Havers is actually a woman and she is going to announce it,” another was saying confidently.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and focused on the stage at the front of the hall when she heard Principle Havers calling for quiet.

“I’ll keep this brief so you can all get to your classes,” He began, “I needed to tell you all that some underground works have been undertaken to improve the drainage within the community. This means that part of the school yard has been roped off because the vibrations from the work could cause ground instability. Therefore please stay within the safe areas and do as the teachers tell you at all times.

“I also want to inform anyone planning any tricks for April Fools Day, any pranks that interfere with the running of the school day will be punished. That is my final word on that subject.

“Now off to class the lot of you.”

Everyone shuffled out.


Halfway through a boring history class the teacher stopped talking when a scuffling noise came from somewhere near her desk.

After a bit of looking around the noise was found to be coming from the trash can by the desk.

As the teacher lifted an empty crisp packet she let out a loud shriek and jumped up on to her desk.

A couple of the boys went to investigate and Tommy held up a rubber mouse between two fingers. The entire class collapsed in laughter and that was the end of that lesson.


During lunch there were crowds of student around the roped area, at least half of them were on their hands and knees with their heads pressed to the ground.

“One of the teacher said if you’re quiet, you can hear the vibrations from the machinery,” Tommy was quietly telling Elizabeth.

Suddenly the sound of the midnight school bells was ringing out. As the last chime faded all the ropes lifted from their places and hovered in the air. They started moving and by the time they’d finished the words ‘April Fools’ was spelt out.

“Happy April Fool’s Day,” came Principle Havers magnified voice through the school yard. “There are no underground works but I’m sure the teachers enjoyed having a short quiet part to lunch time.”

Elizabeth laughed to herself and silently congratulated the teachers for pulling off such an elaborate trick.


“ELIZABETH!” came her uncle’s voice as soon as she walked through the front door with Andrew.

Guessing where he was she headed for his office. As she got nearer she couldn’t help giggling as the song Barbie Girl could be heard at least three doors down from the office.

The noise was deafening as she opened the door and muttered the counter spell under breathe.

She then found herself confronted by her very angry witch.

“You adapted Jamie’s old trick. Every time I tried to deactivate it all that happened was it got louder. It has been playing all night and I can’t find Jamie.”

Elizabeth frowned, “What do you mean I adapted Da’s spell, I read it out exactly as he wrote it down for me. It should have automatically stopped at midnight.”

As she spoke Jamie appeared in the doorway, “Had a nice quiet day bro?” he asked.

Casey let out what could only be called a howl “Jamie!” Jamie took off running just as Casey lunged for him.

Elizabeth just shook her head, there was never a dull moment in this community — but it was the best community and she wouldn’t change anything about it.

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