Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 11

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief – I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. To those with kids I am sure you’re all enjoying having the kids off for Easter Hol’s/Spring Break.

I want to thank Blunajana for pointing out the mistake in a previous chapter, I have now corrected it.

All corrections, suggestions and comments are always gratefully received. And don’t forget to check out the other authors at the end of the post.

This week I used the picture prompt:

A picture of a cute lamb

Chapter 11

Cade stared at Louis, until Thomas’ yelling finally snapped him out of it. “I’ll call you back,” he snapped into his cell and hung up on his spluttering boss.

“You can’t just give up your entire life for someone you’ve just met. I can’t do that to you,” Cade stated crossing his arms.

“I’m not giving up my entire life. The only thing I have here is a job, I have no close friends except for the twins. No one else can get past the fact I have to speak into their minds and that they have to face me for me to understand them. It makes them uncomfortable and so they just ignore me. From what I’ve heard of your community you don’t have a witch healer, Craig told me during one of his sessions that your witch healer has decided to stay in the community she went to on holiday. Apparently she found a husband there and he doesn’t want to move.”

Cade was shaking his head, how come the others hadn’t told him any of this? The thought of taking his mate to his home, and having him live there, was almost too much for his mind to comprehend.

“You mean you want to leave with me? Even though we will probably heading to trouble? Thomas wants me to take his place on the council. I will have to try and help them to sort all the fallout from Basil and the landslide that happened earlier last month.” Cade was still trying to get his mind wrapped around the idea. He began pacing and running his hands through his hair, muttering to himself.


Louis watched Cade for a few moments before standing in his way, “I can’t hear you if you’re not facing me or projecting to me!” he sent, adding a firm tone to try and snap Cade out of his thoughts.

It worked, Cade stopped immediately and pulled Louis into his arms.

“I’m sorry love, there’s just so much to think about. I mean me on the council? What will I do? What will I tell people? For some reason I feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter…”

Louis cut off Cade’s mental rant by kissing him. It didn’t take long before Cade had taken over the kiss and they were both breaking apart to pant for breath.

“Forget about everything for now and worry about it tomorrow. Let’s just go to bed as we planned and you can talk to Jaydon and Craig later. I think you need to tell them everything, they’re your friends and I think they have the brains to help you sort through this mess.”

Cade yawned and nodded. Heading for the bed he began to strip, seemingly on autopilot. Louis just stared for a moment before he shook himself and followed.

Stripping to just underwear Cade crawled into the bed and turned to hold his arms out to Louis. Louis wasted no time in stripping down to the same and sliding in beside Cade. After some wriggling around they got comfortable with Cade on his back and Louis using his chest as pillow. It didn’t take long for Cade to fall and asleep.

Louis lay listening to the beat of Cade’s heart. Part of him was shouting that this was moving too fast and that he was going to get hurt. But the rest of him was cheering. He knew he would regret this missed opportunity for the rest of his life if he didn’t go with Cade. He also knew Cade would stay if he asked. But by the sound of things Cade was needed in his community and Louis would be able to still be a healer.

Cuddling deeper into Cade’s arms Louis smiled when a sleepy kiss was dropped on his head. Yes this was definitely the right decision to make, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

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