Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 12

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief. I hope everyone had a good Easter and I’m sure parents are glad that the kids are now back at school – I know I am Lol.

As always comments. feedback, and suggestions are gratefully received. Please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

The prompt I used this week was:

“You’re so mean you make the Wicked Witch look like a girl scout”

Chapter 12

Louis woke up and turned to look at his sleeping – mate? Boyfriend? Cade looked so peaceful, his face in sleep made him look younger.

Louis thought about what had happened over the last few days and about his promised to go with Cade. He had told the truth when he said there was nothing for him to leave behind but Chapmistres View had been his home all his life, starting again with going to be scary.


Cade stirred and opened his eyes, seeing Louis watching him he grinned.

“Like what you see Babe?” he sent.

Louis deliberately looked Cade up and down, “I don’t know,” he sent teasingly, “There’s not a lot to see with that sheet in the way!”

Cade raised an eyebrow, “So why don’t you move it?” He rolled onto his back and laced his hands behind his head.

He saw Louis hesitate slightly and Cade was just going to send some comforting thoughts when Louis reached out and slowly started to pull the sheet down Cade’s body.

Cade was moaning before the sheet was even halfway down, the feel of the material on his seemingly hypersensitive skin was torture.

By the time Louis had pulled the sheet right down Cade was tenting his boxers obscenely and there was growing wet patch spreading from the top of his cock.

He felt Louis hesitate again but then he let out a loud moan as Louis dropped small kisses on his chest.

He almost knocked Louis off him when the little witch found out how sensitive his nipples were and used it to drive him insane.

Cade could only take so much and after almost five minutes of torture he grabbed Louis and switched their positions.

Looking down at his grinning mate he sent, You’re so mean you make the Wicked Witch look like a girl scout. You know payback’s a bitch, don’t you?”

So saying he set about finding every sensitive place he could on Louis’ body.

Louis’ nipples were a hot spot, but so were; his neck, his ears and the side of his neck.

“Can I touch you?” Cade asked as his hand moved slowly down Louis’ stomach heading for his treasure trail, he made sure Louis had plenty of time to stop him if he wanted to.

“Yes. Please touch me. Please.” Louis’ mental voice was full of need.

Cade didn’t need to be told twice, he slid a hand under the waist band of Louis’ boxers and wrapped his warm fingers around the hard cock waiting for him there. He felt it jerk in his hand and he needed to see more.

After some wriggling Cade got Louis out of the underwear and got his first full look at his mate. Louis was slim and lean but muscle could be seen rippling under the surface of his skin. But Cades main focus was on the hard length standing up from a nest of black curls. Louis’ was long and thick and just the right size to fit in Cade’s mouth.


Louis would have screamed if he could’ve when Cade’s mouth sank down on him. The man must have no gag reflex at all, he took it right to the back of his throat and beyond ‘till his lips met Louis’ groin.

“Yes. More. Please,” Louis sent — when he could think at all, instead of trying to catch his breath.

All too soon he felt his orgasm building and there wasn’t a thing he could do to stop it.

“Cade, I’m going to cum. You need to pull off.” He tried to pull on Cade’s hair but the shifter wasn’t having any of it. Louis found his hands pinned to his sides as Cade increased his speed.

Mouth open in a silent scream, Louis came hard and saw spots dancing in front of his eyes before he was done. Cade only pulled off at the end allowing some cum land on Louis’ chest.

Looking through hazy eyes he saw Cade sit up and quickly remove his boxers.

He barely got a chance to admire the sight of Cade’s hard, thick cock before Cade had wrapped his fist around himself and started stroking hard and fast.

Louis watched as Cade’s head fell back and cum fountained over Louis’ chest to mingle with his own.


Cade slumped to the side and tried to catch his breath, damn he had never cum so hard in his life — ever.

Reaching over he swirled a finger through their combined cum and brought it to his mouth, his wolf made its approval known when the taste spread on his taste buds.

He almost howled with delight when Louis copied him and tasted them too.

“Is it always like this?” Louis’ hesitant voice asked.

“No love, I have never felt anything as good as that in my life,” Cade reassured him, “But of course now I have you in my bed, I plan to make both of us feel like that often.”

Louis blushed but seemed happy.

Cade went and grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom and after a quick clean up, he pulled the sheet back up and Louis snuggled back into his side.

“We have a while ‘till we need to be up. Why don’t we talk a bit?” Cade sent.

“Mmmm. I’d love to hear more about your community.”

“Okay, where should I start?” Cade closed his eyes and thought about home.

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