Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 14

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief.

To those of you that read this before I managed to get to my computer to adjust it, I’m sorry. The iPad I used to post didn’t want to let me put spaces between lines, it also didn’t always agree with the way I wanted words spelt. I have also added about two hundred words – just as an extra apology 😉

As always all comments, suggestions, and of course corrections are welcomed and gratefully received.

This week I used the prompt:

Set a story during a power outage in a thunderstorm

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Chapter 14

Louis was only doing a half shift and so finished at midnight. After contacting Cade they met in the reception area. Walking out the door they were confronted by a wall of rain.

“Oh, no! The weather spell must be malfunctioning – again,” Louis moaned, looking at the gushing water flowing down the street.

“Well we’ll just have to run,” Cade grinned holding out his hand.

They giggled like children as they ran together, Cade shortening his stride to match Louis.

They arrived at Louis apartment soaked to the skin. Letting them in, Louis flip the light switch but nothing happened

“No power,” Louis said, then he muttered a quick spell that had a blue glowing sphere hovering above his hand. He sent it higher so the soft light filled the room.

“Mmmm, mood lighting,” Cade purred, and slid his arms around Louis from behind.

He pressed up against Louis’ back and started kissing down his neck, causing Louis to moan and melt back into him.

“I thought we were here to pack my case to take with us?” Louis gasped. Wriggling against Cade and causing a wonderfully erotic sensation for both of them.

“We’ve got all night,” Cade coaxed.

But Louis was adamant, “Playing after packing.”

Cade turned Louis in his arms, “Tell you what sweetheart, I’ll show you what I’m packing and you can start playing with it!”

Louis pushed him away as he dissolved into silent laughter, tears running down his face.

Cade put his hands on his hips in a mock pout, “What was so funny about my perfectly good offer?” He demanded.

Louis just shook his head and finally gained enough control to get to the bedroom and start looking for his case.


Cade had to follow him because where Louis went, the light went. While Louis started sorting clothes Cade decided to snoop around a bit.

He saw a pictures on the wall, one was a painting of a phoenix rising from an ash heap, on closer inspection he saw it was done in oils and the paints had been used to create the texture of the ashes and the phoenix’s wings.

On the next wall were certificates, there were several for different medical achievements, but one colorful one caught his eye. Upon closer inspection he saw it was a first place certificate for the Chapmistres View Healer’s fancy dress competition. Slotted in to the corner of the frame was a photo, of a slim beautiful woman with two men standing either side of her. It took a few moments for Cade to realize that the woman I the photo was Louis. He was dressed in a blue sparkly dress and was done up with the works, long blond wig, make up, high heels, fake boobs, everything. Standing on either side of him were Jamie and Casey, both wearing tuxes and looking very serious.

“I was meant to be Madonna and the twins were my bodyguards,” Louis said, placing a hand on his shoulder from behind.

Cade yelp and almost hit the ceiling, much to Louis’ amusement.

Placing a hand on his chest Cade scowled at his mate, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” He groused. Looking back at the picture he added, “You made a wonderful woman.”

Louis blushed and shook his head, before returning to his packing, “So what sort of weather should I pack for?”

Cade thought for a moment, “Similar to here I suppose, Witchconspy isn’t that far away. It gets cold at night this time of year, but during the day it’s fairly mild — that is of course assuming they fix the bugs in the weather spell. Of course whatever you don’t bring we can just get sent on later. Is this furniture yours?”

“No, the apartment came fully furnished. All I have are my clothes and a few knick-knacks.”

Cade nodded and went back to prowling the room.

Cade must have lost track of time, because he suddenly found himself being pounced on from behind and was knocked onto the nearby bed.

“Packing is done, so how about some playing now?” Louis’ voice was a low whisper in his mind.

Louis ran his hands over Cade’s back, untucking his shirt as he sought out bare skin. Cade moaned under him and Louis pressed harder, massaging downwards until he reached the top of Cade’s ass.

Cade pushed up into Louis’ and Louis took the hint and slid the tops of his fingers under the waist band of Cade’s pants. His fingers tickle the top of Cade ass.

Cade moaned, “Yes, please Babe.”

Somehow they managed to strip each other while still touching at all times.

Louis had just crawled on top of Cade, relishing the slide of skin on skin. When suddenly the lights switched on. The power returning also caused the radio to start up, and even the TV to come on.

Both, men froze at the sudden racket, then they both started laughing.

Louis cut off Cade’s laughter with a kiss, “Now where was I?” he asked laying kisses down Cade’s chest and heading south.

His hands found Cade’s hard cock and he stroked it until he had Cade writhing uncontrollably on the bed. For a second Louis wondered what his neighbors could hear, but then he dismissed the thought. Who cared? He had dreamed of having a naked man in this bed laid out for his pleasure and he wasn’t going to let anything spoil this opportunity.

Without warning he lunged down taking Cade into his mouth. He felt the vibrations of Cade yell, as well as hearing it in his mind.

“Babe… please don’t stop… OH…SHIT… pull off, I’m going to cum.”

Louis just carried on until he got what he wanted and Cade exploded in his mouth. After swallowing everything Cade had, he felt himself pulled up and into his lover’s arms.

“I love you,” Cade said and Louis felt his minds voice fade as he fell asleep.

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