Haters and Bigots = Changes to my about me page.

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Just a short rant I promise. I have had to delete some links/info from my about me page and here is why….

I had a visit today from my church pastor and like I expected it was about… yep you guessed it, my writing. Apparently I am leading my readers down the wrong path and maybe am heading there myself. *cue the eye roll*

I won’t bore everyone with our conversation, but needless to say he wants me to stop writing gay/paranormal romance and I very nicely told him to get stuffed. I told him I would leave the church and move to another rather than stop writing. I also took great pleasure in telling him I had already found another church and they were willing to accept me and my work. The only reason I haven’t moved yet is I would be taking Alisha away from her friends and I don’t want to do that unless I have to – but I will.

As he requested I have deleted my association with the Hastings Street/Prayer Pastors from my blog (my about me page), as he feels they would not want to be connected to a writer of my genre. I will contact the leader of the Street/Prayer Pastors and if he agrees with this, I will ask him to take me off their rota and not to contact me again. I will also delete the post of my commissioning as a Prayer Pastor.


Lastly I would like to thank my friends both old and new for all their support. I have learnt and continue to learn a lot about writing from all of you – and I have a lot of fun doing it.


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2 Responses to Haters and Bigots = Changes to my about me page.

  1. Cannd says:

    I am so disgusted to hear that. I am even more saddened bc there may be a kid questioning their sexuality who goes home hearing about the local gossip and that horrible lady who writes about perverted gays…and now they know how they will be viewed. I detest religious people who preach love and acceptance from their God, yet they are anything but. HYPOCRITES suck. They use religion to forward their bigoted attitude. I give you all the props for not bending to it. I can’t imagine you’d want your kid to grow up in a place being taught that way of thinking, so as much as she may miss her friends on sunday (I hope it doesn’t mean changing her school altogether), she’ll be better off.
    I could understand not wanting their name on a page with gay literature. That is fine. But, to ask you to stop doing something on your free time, clearly they have very strong feelings about gay people. It makes me so sad that the world is still like this, but it takes people standing up against it to change and you are doing that, so good for you CAZ! Thanks for not letting them win! Hugs! We’re hear if you need to talk.

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    • cazpedroso says:

      Thanks for your support.

      I have thought long and hard, and discussed this with Mark, and we have decided to try out another church.

      One in particular has already actually asked me to join. They said my Church’s loss is their gain 🙂 I am just glad that not all churches have an attitude problem and that my family and I will be welcomed there. They have no problem that I write fantasy stories and that they happen to have gay characters in them. And luckily Alisha’s school is a public school not a church one.

      Thanks again for the support and kind words.


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