Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 15

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Hi everyone, and welcome to another Wednesday Brief – I’m Back

My Goodreads story is safely with the moderators awaiting an editor and so my attention is now fully on my in progress stories.

As always all comments, suggestions, and even corrections are welcomed. Please remember to check out the other authors at the end of this post.

The prompts I used this week were:

“Say that again and I’ll slug you,”

Have a gas station in your story

“You jerked off where?”

Chapter 15

“Are we nearly there yet?” Louis asked for the umpteenth time, grinning when Cade’s hands clenched on the steering wheel.

“Say that again and I’ll slug you,” Cade growled in Louis’ mind.

Louis laughed silently and settled back in the passenger seat.

They’d been on the road for over two hours and Louis had worked out fairly quickly exactly how to tease and wind up Cade.

Cade said the journey would take about five hours and Louis was charged with coming up with ways to pass the time.

So far they’d played ‘I Spy’ and even had a game of ‘Would you rather’. Louis had stopped that game when Cade had asked ‘would you rather fuck in the front of the car or the back’.

“Hey,” Cade sent, pointing out the window. “You hungry? There’s a gas station coming up and I should refill the car anyway.”

Louis’ stomach rumbled and gave away his answer before he could respond, making Cade chuckle. He switched the indicator on and followed the signs. Soon they were pulling into a parking place and Louis was itching to get out the car, he really needed to pee. He jumped out as soon as Cade had turned the engine off and raced toward the sign indicating the toilets.

He was brought to a stop when he ran straight into what felt like solid rock. He fell back and landed hard on his ass, looking up, and up, and up until he was looking into the angry face of some bear of a man.

“What do you think you’re doing little man?” the bear said.

Louis shrank back from the expression on the man’s face and guessed the man was yelling.

“What’s going on here?” he heard Cade’s voice and the man looked up as well, so Cade must have spoken and thought the comment simultaneously.

“What’s going on is this little…” the man turned away and Louis didn’t see what else he said, so he turned his attention to Cade and didn’t dare move from the ground.

Louis could see Cade getting angrier by the minute, suddenly he lashed out and punched the bear hard enough to have the man’s head snapping backwards and hitting the wall of the toilet block. The man groaned and slid down the wall and put his head in his hands.

“Never let me hear you talking about my Partner like that again. Do you understand?” Cade was standing over the man and looked like he shouting, he was also still projecting his speech to Louis.

“Let him go Cade,” Louis sent pleadingly. “Please I need you to help me up. I think I hit my ass quite hard.” His words had the desired affect and Cade immediately turned to help him up and check him over.

“Are you okay, my mate? Are you hurt anywhere?” Cade’s hands were running over Louis and not helping the fact he still needed to pee.

“I’m fine but I need to piss so please let him go.”

Cade chuckled and finally relaxed, placing a hand on Louis back to hurry him into the toilet building.

Louis sighed with relief as he relieved himself and listened to Cade’s continual chattering in his head.

“I can’t wait to show you our home. I hope you like it, but feel free to change anything you want. We can even move if you really don’t like it.”

Louis moved to wash his hands and then laid one on Cade’s shoulder. “Calm down,” he sent. “I’m sure I’ll love your home, especially the view you described from the bedroom window.”

Cade melted into him and kissed him ‘til he was breathless.

“Come on,” said Cade. “Let’s find something to eat and get back on the road. We can eat in the car.”

Luckily when they exited the toilet and the bear was gone. They both got a bag full of snacks and some sodas and headed back to the car.


An hour later Louis was wondering how exactly he had got talked in to a game of true confessions. He didn’t have much to confess but Cade more than made up for that with his stories.

“You jerked off where?” he asked looking at Cade in shock.

“The head teacher’s office,” Cade shrugged, as though this was a normal occurrence. “I couldn’t help it. I was fifteen and as a half shifter my hormones were all over the place. I was horny and the heads office was empty.”

Louis had to laugh at the affronted expression on Cade’s face and it didn’t take long for Cade to join in.


Louis woke to a hand shaking his shoulder and soft voice calling him, “Louis, sweetheart, wake up. We’re here.”

Louis looked sleepily at Cade and smiled as the love shining from his mate’s eyes. He then turned to take in the view out the front of the car.

He gasped, the house was beautiful.

It was set back from the road and there were no other houses within sight in either direction. The upstairs windows opened out onto a balcony and Louis could see them sitting there sipping wine watching the sun set. The front was all natural brick work and the mixtures of reds was spectacular. The front door was green and there was a garage off to one side.

Louis got out and walked up the driveway and looked at the flowers lining either side. There were all the colors of the rainbow and more.

He felt Cade’s arms come round his waist and felt his soft voice in his mind, “Welcome home my love.”

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