Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 16

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief.

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This week I used the prompt:

A picture of a handsome man cooking in just an apron.

Chapter 16

Louis woke the next morning to the sun blazing through the large picture windows. He rolled over with a groan and pulled the covers over his eyes. He hadn’t woken up to sunlight in a few years, he had worked nights since he became a healer in Chapmistres View.

Realizing he was alone in bed he sent out a thought to locate his missing mate.

“I’m in the kitchen love,” came Cade’s reply. “Stay there and I’ll treat you to a great breakfast in bed.”

Louis grinned, agreeing easily. He lounged around for a few more minutes before his bladder made itself known and he grabbed a robe that was on the back of the bedroom door and headed for the bathroom.

When he came out again his gaze was caught by a flashing light, looking up at the ceiling he saw an alarm of some sort with a fast blinking red light. He then realized he could smell food burning and shook his head as he turned toward the stairs.


The scene in the kitchen stunned him. The first thing he noticed was Cade. The man was wearing a blue and white apron — and only an apron. The second thing he noticed was the smoke pouring out of the grill and the frying pan.

As he entered the room fully and moved closer to see what Cade was saying.

“It was supposed to be a simple recipe… What’s he going to think of me? What am I supposed to do now?”

Cade finally noticed him and jumped, while switching to their mind-link.

“Louis, sweetheart…Um…Breakfast may be a little late…It’s not as bad as it looks…I hope…”

Louis had to grin, Cade was cute when he was an embarrassed, stuttering, mess. He took in the state of the kitchen and reached to open the fridge and look inside. After cataloguing the contents he turned to a still blushing Cade.

“Dump that lot in the bin outside and put the grill and frying pan in the sink,” Louis directed, already taking things out the fridge. “Then you can sit at the counter and stay out the way. I think this kitchen just became mine for the foreseeable.”


Cade did as he was told and watched Louis chopping onions so fast Cade had to turn away. When Louis had finished he moved onto the mushrooms. After cleaning the frying pan he dumped everything in it with a little oil and set it over the heat. After browning those off he added a bowl of beaten eggs and the kitchen was filled with the smell of the omelet cooking. Meanwhile Louis put some toast down and then flipped the omelet with the look of a professional chef.

The toast popped up. Louis slid the omelet onto one plate then cut it in half and slid one half onto another plate.

“Grab the toast and butter babe,” he said to Cade. Cade did and then followed Louis as they headed back to bed.

Soon they were both tucked back under the covers and enjoying their breakfast.

“Where’d you learn to cook like that?” Cade asked.

“I had to learn to fend for myself once I was no longer living at home, so I took a cooking course while I was at university.”

“I stayed with a friend when I went to university and my course was only a year to become an EMT. I was then recruited by the security department and the rest as they say is history.”

Their conversation was cut off when the phone by the bed started ringing.

“Clinton!” Cade snapped out as he answered.

“The council require your attendance by 9am today Mr. Clinton,” the familiar voice of the council receptionist said in clipped tones.

“I understand, I’ll be there,” Cade answered calmly.

“Oh, and I have just been informed you are to bring a Mr. Courts with you.” She hung up before Cade could reply.

Cade looked at Louis and repeated the conversation. Louis just shrugged. “It’s lucky I brought some good clothes with me.”


An hour later and they were walking into the council building hand in hand. Louis was looking around in awe, the building was made mostly out of mirrored glass and the sun was reflecting in all directions.

Cade led him over to the reception desk. “Hey, Carly, My partner and I got a call the council wanted to see us. Do you know where we’re meant to meet them? Oh and can I get a visitor badge for my partner too?”

Carly grinned at Cade. “Cade Clinton, long time no see. Partner you say? Work? Or you finally found someone to put up with you permanently?”

Louis chuckled as Cade blushed. “No not work, this is my life partner Louis Court.”

Carly waved to Louis and Louis nodded in response.

“Well your cutey here can definitely have a visitor badge and you’re both required on the fourth floor conference room.”

Cade accepted the badge and led Louis to the elevators.

“Right,” Cade said as the doors shut. “If we’re before the full council there will ten people in total at this meeting. Thomas is the head of the council and my boss, he’ll have his second with him, Harold. Below them is Edna and her second Hayley, then Peter and his second Lee. Next is Tomas and his second—and life partner—Jeff. Lastly is Darren and his second Jessica.

“They make up the entire council. With Thomas retiring he can either name one of them to the position or he can name someone else, but he must give a good reason. When Thomas steps down Harold will step down with him. They’ve worked together for as long as I can remember and are both due for retirement.”

Any more explanation was cut off as the elevator arrived at their floor and the doors slide open.

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