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This week I used the prompt:

“Say that again and I’ll put my foot up your ass.”

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Chapter 17

Cade had been right and they entered the conference room to see ten people seated round it. Cade nodded to the room in general and kept a tight hold of Louis’ hand, he could feel his mate’s nerves and it raised his protective instincts.

“Good Morning,” Thomas said from his place at the head of the Table. “Please take seats and let’s get this meeting going, shall we?”

Cade held a chair for Louis and then sat himself, but he didn’t relax.

Cade watched as they were studied like specimens in a jar until he’d had enough and let out a low growl that had everyone blinking.

Louis patted his shoulder. “Calm love. Give them a chance to talk before you attack them,” Louis’ tone was soothing and only partly joking.

Cade nodded and refocused on Thomas, ignoring everyone else. “Why have we been called before a full council? My mate and I only arrived late last night. Couldn’t you have at least let us have time to get settled in?” he made sure to send what he was saying along their link as well, seeing as he was sitting beside Louis and not where his mate could see his lips clearly.

“Mate?” The question came from several people.

Cade saw Thomas smirk. “Okay, so now we know who didn’t read the memo calling for this meeting and the reasons it was being called.” After glaring round the table he turned to face Cade and Louis as he continued. “One of the reasons for this meeting is Cade has found his mate. Louis is an accomplished healer if his reference is anything to go by. As you all know our witch healer has moved on and we need to replace her as soon as possible. It looks like fate has landed the solution in our laps. And to answer Cade’s question on the timing of this meeting, things have been happening that need immediate action.

“So, first things first. Louis can only communicate through lip reading and projecting his thoughts into your mind, an injury left him mute and deaf. I take it we have everyone’s approval here for him to communicate with us all?” he waited for everyone to nod, a few looked curiously at Louis. “Good, welcome Louis, would you like to introduce yourself?”

Louis looked at Cade and after Cade nodded Louis sent out to all in the room. “Hi, as you know my name is Louis, I have been deaf and mute for years and I can read lips so please speak normally but make sure you’re facing me. I graduated my from the City University healing course with honors and feel I would be a good fit from what Cade has told me about your community here.”

There were several startled faces round the table but Thomas was already nodding. “Thank you Louis. Now I’m sure Cade has already given you a rundown of who’s who, but just in case…” Thomas went round the table introducing each person to Louis. Louis nodded to everyone in turn and Thomas ended with himself. “As you probably know I am Thomas and I am Cade’s boss.

“Now the first order of business is the landslide. The damage caused by this has finally been fully reported and a copy has been sent to each of you—including you Cade, it should be in your office—the main area of concern are the number of injured have left the hospital at full capacity and so we need to approve Louis for duty as soon as possible and hopefully he can help get the more minor injuries back home.”

Louis nodded as Thomas continued, “Another area of concern is the damage left by the landslide itself. At least ten houses were either destroyed or are now unfit for occupancy. This has meant some people have had to be put up in the town hall or by friends. Someone needs to coordinate a rebuilding and repairing crew. The last major area of concern is the looters. It seems a group of individuals have gathered together and are looting anywhere that has had its security compromised. So far five small shops have been hit, two mall shops, and over fifteen houses. Cade that’s where you come in. I would suggest you head a team to track down this gang before their behavior escalates.” Thomas clapped his hands and scanned the room. “Right any questions?”

“Right the last order of business is my resignation.” The room became an noise of voices overlapping. Thomas banged several times on the table ‘til order was restored. “As I was saying I am resigning due to ill health. As is my right as Senior Elder I am naming my successor.”

Cade fidgeted as he knew what was coming, he had hoped to talk to Thomas before any or this was made public. He scanned the room and saw Edna’s anticipation, obviously believing she was next in line.

“I am naming Cade, as the next senior elder.” Thomas finished.

Edna was first on her feet. You can’t be serious? Why would we allow that half breed freak to lead our council?”

“Say that again and I’ll put my foot up your ass.” Came a loud voice in Cade’s head, and by the expressions on people’s face it had been heard by everyone.

Louis had stood up and lent forward to brace his hands on the table. “No one and I mean no one calls a hybrid a freak. If anything they are superior to any of you. They have the advantages of two breeds within them. In Cade’s case he has his psychic abilities enhanced by his shifter side.

“Now is anyone going to show me the way to your hospital? Then I can leave you to your childish behaviors, while I do something important, like getting your citizens healed and back home.”

Cade burst out laughing, after a moment half the room joined in.

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