Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 18

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. Sorry for my absence but edits have been taking a lot of time. I hope you’ll agree they’re worth it when you see the final product soon.

As always comments, suggestions, and corrections are gratefully received. And don’t forget to check out the other great authors posting this week at the end of this post.

This week I used this prompt:

Use: Water, hostile, and everything. In your story. 

Chapter 18

Cade waited while Louis was escorted out by a very excited Carly. Once he was gone he turned his attention to the Council members.

“Let me make this clear right now. If anyone has a problem with me they’d better bring to me personally. If I find out anyone has been saying or doing anything behind my back I will find them and I will speak to them, and I won’t vouch for what form I’ll be in when I do it.

“Of course, if I hear of anyone giving my mate a hard time I will ensure they are taught a lesson that they may or may not survive.

“Have I made myself clear?”

By the time he had finished talking Cade was growling and most people were looking anywhere but at him.

Thomas cleared his throat. “Now that’s all settled let’s get down to details of my handover to Cade.”


Louis followed Carly as they exited her car and headed into the hospital building. He clutched the papers Carly had printed at his request and took a deep before opening the main door and holding it for Carly to enter first.

“Such a gentlemen,” Carly teased him and patted his cheek causing him to grin. “Hi, Susan,” Carly called as they approached the reception desk.

“Carly,” the other woman greeted but she was looking at Louis.

“Oh, this is Louis Courts. He is a witch healer that’s just moved to the area and the Council has put him on a trial period. They want to see if he can get some of our people healed and home to help the hospitals overcrowding situation.”

Susan smiled. “That sounds good. It’s nice to meet you Dr. Courts.” She held out her hand.

Louis shook her hand then handed her one of his papers. It explained his deafness and muteness and how he communicated, it also had a tear off permission slip on the bottom giving Louis the okay to speak to the signatory. Susan read with her eyes going wider. She grabbed a pen quickly and signed the bottom before tearing it off and returning it to him.

“Thank you,” he sent to her and watched as her she grinned.

“You have a nice voice. The kids are going to love this.”

He grinned and breathed a sigh of relief, maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad.


Two hours later and Louis was reconsidering his idea of bad. Three out of four of the other doctors he had met had refused to sign permission slips and therefore he had to write things down if he wanted to tell them something. To make matters worse they would deliberately turn away from him when speaking so he couldn’t work out what they were saying. He hadn’t had to put up with this sort of hostile behavior in years and he didn’t like being reminded of what it felt like.

By the end of the day he was exhausted and had had to use a restoring water potion several times to top up his energy reserves—which had the disadvantage of wearing off more and more quickly each time it was used. He just wanted to go home to Cade and sleep in his lovers arms.

The only bright spot had been the kids. Susan had been correct about the children loving him. After one parent had signed the form, and the child had been giggling within minutes, more signed at the loud requests of their children not wanting to be left out of the fun. Louis even showed the parents how using mind-to-mind communication made it easier for young children to communicate what they meant rather than their young minds trying to find the spoken words they needed to express themselves.


“Louis.” He jumped at the sound of his name being called in his mind. Jerking his head up from his paperwork he saw Cade striding toward him. Grinning he stood as Cade reached him and swept him up into his arms.

“How was your day dear?” Cade asked as he let Louis slide down his body to land on his feet.

“Ummm,” Louis tried to think of what to say. He didn’t want to condemn his co-workers before he even got to know them, or them him. “I loved working with the children,” he settled for. “I managed to heal five of them with a few simple spells and creams. I’m just glad Jamie and Casey sent a good stock with me, and that your previous witch healer had some ingredients still in stock. Once the parents saw the first child healed they were clamoring with questions and thanks. Susan was good enough to send someone to fetch everything for me.”

“That’s great love,” Cade replied and Louis could feel the pride in the words. “Now are you ready to go home? I know I’m shattered and just want to eat and fall asleep with you curled up next to me.”

Louis melted as Cade echoed his earlier thoughts. “Just let me finish these notes and I’ll meet you at the reception desk.”

Cade nodded and gave Louis a long hard kiss that all but wiped out Louis’ tiredness.

Louis raced through the rest of his notes and printed out copies to file before saving the rest on the server.

Sending out a goodbye to those that he could and waving to those he couldn’t he headed off with the sole purpose of getting his lover into bed as soon as possible.

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