Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 19

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. My hand is sore and I still have stitches but I have managed to get a chapter done so here it is.

This week I used the prompt:

“Your the best thing that ever happened to me”

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Chapter 19

Cade and Louis cuddle up in bed after a big dinner and some very satisfying loving.

Cade was thinking about how much he wanted to bite Louis and claim him as his shifter half was urging him to. But they had discussed it and until Cade was ready to reveal his shifter half it would be hard to explain a large bite scar on Louis’ neck. That reminded him of the rest of his meeting with Thomas and Harold, he needed—

“So how did the rest of the meeting go?” Louis asked from his comfortable spot on Cade’s chest interrupting Cade’s internal debate.

“Well, after I finished threatening them we got down to business…”


Everyone settled down as Thomas spoke.

“Right, I am declaring here and now that I am handing all my power as senior elder over to Cade effective immediately. Louis will be his second but of course Harold and I will stay on in an advisory capacity for a month to make the transition smooth for all concerned.”

Several people nodded but most kept quiet.

“Good, the laws of power transfer have now been met. Now that’s settled, Cade, Harold, and I will go over his duties and responsibilities. I’m sure you all have other things to be doing.”

Everyone but Cade and Harold filed out at Thomas’ dismissal.

“Okay, now we can talk more freely I’ll get down to more details for you.

“Firstly, Cade, as you have seen you are going to meet with resistance from within and outside the council. I still believe you’re the best person for this job, especially now you have Louis as well. Having your mate beside you will strengthen you against your opposition.

“Most of your duties will be fairly mundane. You’ll be expected to chair all council meetings, and make sure to keep accurate records of those meetings. You always vote last on any subject—of course if you’re the one calling for the vote then it is of no consequence but—it allows you to see if there is a consensus or a divide on any particular topic.

“You will have to attend public events and press conferences. It will be up to you if you decide to make public your shifter side. My next bit of information may influence your decision on that…

“Something I couldn’t tell you over the phone is someone has been leaking confidential council information to the press. Harold and I believe someone is selling the information to undermine my position and to get money for themselves.

“Information on the landslide was leaked. Some of which was just speculation and now I have people asking about it being caused deliberately. Also information about Basil Waters was leaked. I now have the press hounding me about allowing a dangerous psychic to roam unmonitored among innocent people and then to allowing him to escape from custody, that definitely caused a stir.

“I think you and Louis should be able to work together to root out the culprit. Using your sense of smell to find liars it shouldn’t take you long.”


“The rest of the meeting was just going over what the rest of our responsibilities would be. We can go over it all tomorrow.”

“But how can anyone benefit from taking down the Council?” Louis asked with a frown.

Cade shook his head. “I don’t think anyone is trying to take down the council. I think they’re trying to just discredit Thomas and Harold. Then whoever this is will try and take over the Council, while Thomas and Harold take the fall. My money is on Edna and her second. They would have thought they were next in line. Now I’m in their way.

“You know, I think we should visit all the Council members at their homes. We can say that we want to get their opinions on how the Council is doing and what they suggest we could do to improve things. It’ll put them at ease and maybe we can get a read on them to see who the mole is.”

Louis leaned up and kissed Cade softy on the mouth. “You know you’re sexy when you’re plotting?” he whispered silently.

Cade blushed and covered his emotion by giving Louis a kiss that left both of them panting.

“Let’s get some sleep,” he sent. Turning out the table lamp and cuddling Louis close under the covers.

Just as he was sliding into sleep he heard. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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