Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 20

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. Today is just a short one for you and a mystery for you to contemplate.

As always comments, suggestions, and corrections are gratefully received. And please remember to check out the other authors briefing this week at the end of his post.

This week I used the prompt:

“Penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the rest of you…”

Chapter 20

Cade woke to dim sunlight filtering into the bedroom and his cell ringing. He pulled the covers over his head and snuggled closer to Louis until the ringing stopped. Sighing with relief he started to doze back off, until the ringing started up again. Then the landline phone joined in too.

Huffing he reached over and grabbed his cell. Seeing it was Thomas he answered.

“This had better be important,” he growled. “It is barely light out.”

“Get your iPad and bring up the local newspaper. Check out the headlines and you’ll see what’s so important.” Thomas sounded furious and Cade couldn’t help a shudder going through him at what could have happened to make his friend so angry.

Sliding out of bed he rushed to grab his iPad from the kitchen. Loading the newsstand app he selected his local paper and waited for the download. The headline and subsequent article that flashed up nearly had him dropping the device on the hard floor.

Half Breed To Take Control Of The Council!!!

Information from within the Council says, Psychic Security Officer, Cade Clinton, is to take over the position of Senior Elder, effective immediately. Our source went on to say how Mr. Clinton is actually half shifter and threatened Council members at their introduction meeting yesterday. Mr. Clinton is said to have brought his mate, a witch healer named Louis Courts, with him. An informant at the hospital says that Mr. Courts is disabled and has an attitude to match his apparent mate…

“What’s wrong love?” came Louis’ voice in his mind, interrupting his reading. “I can feel your shock and anger, where are you?”

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Putting his phone back to his ear he growled, “When I find out who leaked this shit I will personally beat them to within an inch of their miserable lives and then banish them from this community. What do they mean my mate is disabled? And for that matter, what does apparent mate mean?” He didn’t even want to touch the fact that the decision on whether to tell the public about his shifter blood or not was now taken out of his hands.”

Cade ran a hand through his hair and relaxed when he scented Louis rushing into the room. He felt his mate run soothing hands over his back and relaxed more with each pass.

He passed the iPad to Louis and turned his attention back to Thomas.

“Where and when, should we meet you and Harold? Cade demanded, he knew Thomas would want to get a plan in motion quickly to try and mitigate any damage that may have been done to their original plan.

My office, in two hours,” Thomas replied before hanging up.

Cade moved to the kitchen window and stood looking out at the view. Was it really worth it? Why should he try and help a community that may not want him? Why should he help people who were willing to insult his mate?

Penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the rest of you,” Louis’ voice whispered in his mind.

Letting out a laugh he turned and swept his mate into his arms.

“Let’s talk about it while we take a shower and I make very sure you’re clean enough.”

Louis just wrapped his arms wound Cade’s neck and held on as he headed for the bathroom at full speed.

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