I’m sleeping in a cardboard box for the night!!!! Plus Giveaway!!!

big sleep

Friday 25th September 2015 – 7:30pm till 7:30am.

I am spending a night sleeping in a cardboard box on the streets of Hastings. I am also shamelessly begging anyone who can to sponsor me and help me in this mad idea.

The event is called The Big Sleep, and is run by an organisation called Seaview.

For 30 years Seaview has been supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Hastings and St Leonards, most of whom experience problems with their accommodation.

They work with more than 1,000 people a year, and in the last year alone served more than 6,600 hot, affordable meals.

Seaview finds 8-12 people sleeping rough each week on their outreach sessions, and in the last year they have worked with 211 homeless people, including supporting 91 rough sleepers, aged from 18 to 60 plus and helped house over 65% of those.

To secure my ticket I have to raise a minimum of £25 and this will ensure I get a small dinner and breakfast – supplied by a local charity as they would give to any homeless person. I of course would like to raise as much as possible to help this worthy charity.

If you can help please click to go to my online fundraising page.

I know that not everyone has money to spend – if you cannot help financially can I please ask that you share this page on your Facebook, twitter, google plus, and any other site you can, to spread the awareness.


I will be giving away a £5 Amazon giftcard to a random person who sponsors me.

I will also give a £5 Amazon giftcard to a random person who helps me by sharing this post as much as possible.

Just leave me a comment below to tell me which giveaway you’re entering – of course you can double your chances by doing both *hint*

Thank you everyone and please wish me luck.



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