Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 21

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Hi, welcome to another Wednesday Brief.

This week I used the prompt:

“We’ll figure something out, don’t worry”

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Chapter 21

“What are you going to do?” Louis asked.

He could sense the anger rolling off Cade. He was afraid that all this had blown up because of him. Maybe if he had kept his mouth shut and not shouted—albeit silently—at the council, the mole wouldn’t have gone to the press. Maybe if he’d stayed home Cade would have been able to…okay so he didn’t know what Cade could have done, but he was almost certain Cade would be better off without him there. Maybe he should—his thought were interrupted by Cade clipping on the back of his head.

“Hey, what was that for?” he asked, as he rubbed the back of his head.

“You weren’t listening,” Cade stated. “As I was saying. What we will be doing is, having a shower and waiting for Thomas and Harold to arrive. Then we will all sit down and work out a damage limitation strategy.”

Louis blushed when he realized Cade must have caught at least some of what he was thinking. It seemed the longer they spent together the closer their minds got. Louis couldn’t say he was sorry for that but it was going to be inconvenient at times.

He let Cade pull him toward the bathroom and helped get them both naked and into the shower.


Thomas and Harold arrived via the back door. Thomas assured them they hadn’t been seen by the reporters that had arrived while the mates were in the shower. Cade had unplugged the landline phone and turned his cell phone on to silent to stop the noise of them going off. Louis couldn’t hear anything, but, even he could see the door moving from the banging of fists. Reporters were determined to get some sort of response from them.

“Okay.” Thomas was sitting at the head of the dining table, Louis had drawn all the drapes and blinds to ensure they couldn’t be seen. “We need a plan of action and we need it quick. My advice would be to go on the offensive. The mole has only leaked the information that you’re a shifter hybrid and that Louis is maybe your mate. What we need to do is reveal all the work you have done for the council. How you’ve used your shifter senses to help in search and rescue, in interrogations, and in lots of other ways. I have already had families ringing me and complaining about the description of Louis as ‘disabled’, they are already ringing the papers too, to tell them how much Louis has helped their children. Not only has he healed them, he gave the parents pointers on how to better communicate with their children to better understand when there was a problem.”

Cade was looking at Louis in admiration. “Babe, you never did get round to telling me about your day yesterday. Seems I missed a lot while I was in my meeting.” He spoke and sent his words which caused Thomas to chuckle.

“Oh, you haven’t heard the best of it. The parents caught a few of the staff disrespecting Louis and they decided to make a complaint to the head of the hospital. Those staff have been ordered to retake a few classes regarding team work and how overcrowding in the hospital is usually helped by working to together to heal people rather than ganging up on one person…” Thomas trailed off as everyone turned their gazes onto Cade, Louis followed their looks when he saw Thomas stop talking.

Cade was growling, but he couldn’t stop. He had known Louis was trying to stall talking about his time at the hospital but he hadn’t realized how bad it must have been for him. How dare those fuckers disrespect his mate. When he found out who they were, they would the ones needing the hospital.

“Calm down love,” came Louis’ voice, soft and calm in his mind. Taking a deep breath he finally managed to calm himself enough to look around at the others.

“We’ll go with what Thomas suggested, but with a bit added,” Cade snarled. “After we tell them exactly what Louis and I have done for this community we’ll point out that we don’t have to stay here and that if people really don’t want us we’ll return to Chapmistres View, where we’re welcome and have jobs if we need them.” He wasn’t sure he could get work there but he knew the twins would take Louis back no trouble.

“No,” came Louis’ voice. “You can’t leave your home because of this idiot. If you do then they win.”

“Love,” Cade sent soothingly. “If the public don’t trust us then the mole has won anyway. All we’re going to do is make clear what’s going on and tell the people to choose who they want to lead their council. Two people who have done all they can to help the community. Or someone who has done everything they can to spread discord and chaos.”

Meeting everyone’s gaze until they all nodded Cade stood and pulled Louis with him.

“Go tell them we’re ready,” he told Thomas and turned to pull Louis into passionate kiss before they had to face the firing squad of reporters. “We’ll figure something out, don’t worry,” he sent as he panted for breath and they both headed for the front room.

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