Wednesday Brief – Let Me In, Chapter 22

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief – we are starting to get near the end now, only a few more chapters, so if anyone has any ideas for what they want to hear about next just leave a comment.

The prompt I used this week was:

He saved me from myself

As always comments, suggestions, and of course corrections are gratefully received. And don’t forget to check out the other authors briefing this week at the end of this post.

Chapter 22

“Listen very carefully, I will say this only once,” Cade addressed the crowd of reporters standing in the small front yard.

“My mate is deaf and mute. He can read lips and either sign to you or send his thoughts into your mind. If anyone here doesn’t wish for him to ‘speak’ to their mind leave now.”

No one moved so Cade continued, “Now, this is how this is going to work. I am going to give you a statement, then my mate will. Then and only then will we be answering your questions. As you can see Senior Elder Thomas and his Second Harold are with us and they have given us permission to reveal more information than you would normally get, so ask your questions wisely.

“So let’s start at the beginning. Yes, I am half shifter, my father was the alphas son of the Tomlin pack. As you probably remember that pack was disbanded after an illness wiped out all the male shifters. My mother was the designated pack psychic healer. She brought me here when the pack disbanded and the council took us in.

“When I reached sixteen I shifted for the first time into a wolf-and no I am not going to demonstrate. I have superior sight, hearing, strength and I have a great sense of smell. My psychic abilities have remained at basic level. I can sense unshielded emotions and can project my thoughts a fair distance, but other than that my talent’s sensing lies. I can sense as well as smell a lie.

“I was recruited by the PPF at eighteen and quickly became the best tracker and interrogator. I moved up through the ranks to team leader. I most recently just returned from helping in the hunt for Basil Waters. That was how I met my mate and so I will hand over to him.”

Louis took a deep breath and stepped forward. He thought over what he was going to say again before sending his thought out to everyone in the yard.

“I’m sure the first thing you want to know is how I became deaf and mute. Well, the answer to that is simple. I was beaten by a father who didn’t want a faggot for a son. He crushed my throat enough to permanently damage my vocal cords and hit my head until the part of my brain that controls hearing was damage beyond repair.

“An elder of my community and a psychic healer helped teach me to read lips, sign, and project my thoughts into people’s minds.

“At eighteen I started learning with our healers and I found a special aptitude of making and creating healing potions.

“When I met cade he had to work hard to gain my trust. But as I got to know him I found him to be kind, loving, and protective. When he was called back home I didn’t hesitate to drop everything and follow him.

“He had told me about his home. He told me how wonderfully welcoming everyone was and how I would easily fit in with everyone despite my differences, as they were all so friendly.

“Well, I’m still waiting to be welcomed by anyone but Elder Thomas, Second Harold, oh and the Receptionists Carly and Susan. So far all I’ve got are whispers, name calling, or I’ve been ignored and generally been mistreated by people I came here to help but they wouldn’t take the time to get to know me.

“All I’ve done since arriving is what I’ve been asked. I’ve healed your children. I’ve tried to help with your hospital overcrowding problem, and I’ve tried to use my abilities to help your doctors heal their patients quicker. And what thanks do I get?

“I will continue to help where I can or where I’m asked, because that is my calling and it is what Cade would want me to do.

“Cade is my mate and I love him. But more than that he saved me from myself.”

He stepped back to Cade’s side and was pulled into a claiming kiss.

The reporters immediately starting shouting out questions and Louis was surprised that they were aimed at him.

“Can you really communicate with babies and young children?” one asked.

Louis nodded. “Yes, it’s true. Of course, babies can’t talk for themselves and children can’t always find the words they need to explain how they feel. By letting them show you in your mind, they can show you their emotions and you can find the problem a lot quicker.”

“How do you perform magic if you can’t speak the spells?” another asked.

Louis smiled. “Like this.” He moved his hands in the signs for a simple spell. A bouquet of roses appeared in his hands and he turned to offer them to Cade, who blushed as he accepted them to the clapping of the assembled reporters. “Sign language works just the same as the spoken word when used just right.”

“What’s it like being mated to a shifter hybrid?” a woman shouted out. “Are the rumors true are they big in all the right places?”

Cade flushed red but Louis laughed. “Well, I don’t know about other shifter hybrids…let’s just say I have no complaints and leave it at that.” He added a wink and a kiss to Cade’s still red cheek.

“And I think that’s a good place to stop for now.” Thomas said calling attention off of the couple. “Both gentlemen will be available for more questions after they have competed a few duties. Your offices will be contacted with times and places, if you would be so kind as to leave your contact details with Harold.”

Louis and Cade gratefully headed inside and left Harold to get everyone’s names.

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